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  1. Anticept

    over shooting 6500 Rpm

    If there's damage, it might not manifest immediately. That's the thing about judging the engine by how it runs. It only tells you part of the story.
  2. Anticept

    over shooting 6500 Rpm

    That is a huge overshoot. Follow the manual. At that high of an RPM, valves can float, and forces on the engine components are very high.
  3. As much as required to keep the cylinders cool. If you're building a testbed, just attach a scoop so that the prop air will blow over and down through the cylinders. Make sure the radiator is straight on with the incoming air flow. If you're going to dyno it, centrifugal fans (known as blower fans or squirrel cage fans) move a lot of air and should be good enough for blowing down over the cylinders and one blowing through the radiator. It's surprising how little air is actually needed. Just make sure you have your temperature gauges hooked up (i'd recommend having them on the other two cylinders as well for testing).
  4. 150 mph is possible in a 172. No chance if it's knots.
  5. Anticept

    Exhaust Departed in Flight

    It's a good thing that it doesn't crack on the weld, it means the weld is done properly. Keep the ball joints lubricated. That's the biggest cause if the joints sieze.
  6. Anticept

    Wind speed arrow and stall warning

    Wind speed arrow is calculated on the D100 and uses a combination of heading, IAS, and GPS track. If you do not see a windspeed arrow, see if you are getting GPS source data. More than likely that's the problem as that wire is fragile.
  7. Anticept

    New Floats from MS

    The floats used in our carbs is different from some of the ones used in motorcycles. We've got two piece foam, many motorcycles have a 1 piece assembly.
  8. Anticept


    If it's not wired correctly, the pass through will not work. It calls for a very specific pinout in the installation manual. Pin 1 is ground. Verify that you have continuity from pin 1 to the battery negative, and make sure the pin is seated and not loose in the connector. If you have continuity (good, clean continuity) and it doesn't work, you need to send the unit in for repair.
  9. It's in the maintenance manual.
  10. Anticept

    New Floats from MS

    Marvel Schebler is a very, very damn good carb manufacturer in my experience. I would trust parts from them. Not in an S-LSA mind you (not worth the legal headache) but I'd recommend their parts to anyone running experimental.
  11. Anticept

    Dynon D120 EMS settings

    The "rotax" engine type preconfigures much of this. Set CHT and EGT according to coolant temp limits in the rotax 912 operators manual, latest edition.
  12. Anticept

    ILS coupled to autopilot.

    Skyview autopilot does support VNAV. Your GPS must output sentences for vertical navigation, however. I doubt the 255 does this.
  13. Anticept

    Oil overheating

    I thought that before, but looked it up. Loctite is owned by Henkel AG & Company, KGaA, while Permatex is owned by Illinois Tool Works. I do believe at one point in the past they were owned by the same company. I know permatex has been bought, sold, bought again.
  14. Anticept

    Marc Ingegno Brake Parts

    Make sure your rotor hardware is good, and purge air from the lines. Marc brakes have a spring return. If you have to pump your brakes a lot, your liners, rotor, or both are worn.
  15. To be quite honest, we sync carbs far more than I think our airplanes actually need. But, we're also talking about airplanes here. Difficulty syncing carbs has, in my personal experience, helped to identify issues long before they became actual issues. It's hard to sync carbs when there's a problem developing. As a result, I often fix issues before they scare the pants off customers.