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  1. Those have tabs that are accessed from the top to remove the connector assembly for further disconnection.
  2. It will have been done at overhaul. The only out of round part that we can do is the front part that drives the gearbox. The rest can only be done with complete disassembly and we don't have the information for it (such as checking journal out of roundness) Distortion is done with a rotax tool placed in the plug slot, and the use of a flowerpot gauge. The crankshaft components are interference fit, instead of one piece. You're checking to see if the crank managed to twist. There's a table that states the allowable degrees from zero.
  3. The 20 dollar chargers suck. Either they don't float charge, or they don't fully charge an AGM battery.
  4. Is the stick shaking from slop or can you feel it when you put a very slight pressure on it?
  5. I'm not sure how I had missed this topic, because this is a subject that I know about. Air and surface tension in lines is well documented. An air obstruction requires more pressure to dislocate than it takes to simply cause fluid flow in a hose.
  6. Since the matco front wheels are deep groove ball bearings, I am in agreement with roger. They can take some sideload, being ball bearings, but too much will accelerate wear on the sides of the races.
  7. If there's no basis for the bad press, then they could very easily start a lawsuit with Rotax. Rotax did the same thing to Silent Hektik's voltage regulator. Silent Hektik responded with a cease and desist and threatened a lawsuit, and Rotax backed down. Source: Silent Hektik when I suggested they try working with rotax to replace the crap ducati regulators, and the response was definitely one which they said have zero desire to ever work with Rotax because of what happened a couple years prior over this.
  8. I have one of these. Works quite well.
  9. NOTAR or not? Piston or turbine driven? How many rotor blades? There's always an argument to be had
  10. Static electricity is also governed in part by capacitance, and CT's are not exactly capacitors. So any charge that may be built up will be gone before you even realize you've touched the exhaust as well.
  11. I would like to be clear: I am not implying libertarianism is about being inactive, just demonstrating one of the more extreme ends, just like the use of force can be excessively applied on the other end of the spectrum. Regarding your example of interpersonal vs government proxy for mandating who pays for college, or really any such example like that: indeed there are similarities. However, I will place in front of you a bit of history. Once upon a time, the idea of education for all was scoffed at. It was said that it was impossible. No way it could ever happen. Then during the enlightenment era, public education became a thing. We saw dramatic growth in the decades following, as it expanded horizons for everyone. It raised the financial floor of what was possible for the common man. But it had to be funded, and thus taxes were enacted. There's lots of examples of good intentions gone bad, and lots of good intentions that turns out great. I'm a person that does feel that it is actually justified to use /some/ force to solve social crisis. It does seem backwards sure, but it's going to come down to whether your highest values are placed in the individual or in the collective. For me, the answer is somewhere in the middle. Aye, utilitarianism can also be used to justify atrocities, which is why earlier I specified that a person's needs, the collective good, then a person's desires would be the ideal order of priority for distribution of resources, but I also recognize that it's also incompatible with a lot of human tendencies and drives, which is why I also threw in "reasonable". That in itself would start a great debate, but I'm pointing it out to help you understand my position a bit better. While typing this up, I was reminded of a philosophy that i think is much more appropriate to my view than utilitarianism: Social Liberalism.
  12. Unfortunately, and this is another reason for eminent domain, individuals will price the value of their property knowing full well that the government has the fiscal means to pay nearly any price they name. I'm NOT libertarian. I take some of the concepts of it, but I also believe that inaction is also harmful to a society, and thus to myself. I believe some of the problems we have right now stem from the general "it's not my problem" attitude. I strongly, strongly believe that represents one of the worst views our culture has developed. That's what leads me into altruistic egoism. If my neighbor is suffering and I chose to ignore the problem, and he steals from me to survive, I will not judge his morals any less. I will still be upset with him, and I will still seek recourse. But if I have the means to lend assistance, and he becomes a better person as a result, then we both are better off. His decisions which lead him to his suffering are indeed his, but ignoring the problem will not help, and tossing him in jail just means that now I'm paying for his room and board /anyways/. It's why I also believe in social safety nets. We're fallible individuals. We're not perfect. But either we need to be helping people be better individuals, or take up eugenics instead of half-assing it like we are today. In the current system of just passing the buck (it's not my problem!), it is costing us a fortune in partial solutions.
  13. I understand the implications and it definitely fits under that category of "this sucks". However, it would absolutely NOT be healthy for a society to have vast swathes of land to be owned by only a few individuals who choose not to do anything with the land they own. Property tax creates an incentive to develop property for occupation or production. Land is an incredibly, incredibly valuable commodity. Wealth IS often is tied to the amount of land controlled, be it observed from the perspective of an individual, or be it by government. Developed land is even more valuable to a society. That's a big reason why eminent domain also exists. The good of the society should, to a reasonable degree, come before the desires of an individual (but not their needs), and eminent domain is an avenue that the government can use in the process of development. Yes I know it's abuseable and brings a whole new set of problems of its own, and we could go back and forth for days over this, but I really don't want to open that can of worms. I do believe when used properly, everyone benefits. Most tools we have, when used properly, could benefit everyone, and also why I so passionately hate abuse of said tools... it's destructive not only physically and emotionally, but also in faith of the system. Anyways, we also have zoning laws, ordinances, etc which also dictates what you can do with your property. It's not just property tax that dictates what you can do with it. These are all strings that come attached with "ownership" when you purchase something. To help you understand my thought process as well: I am a proponent of Utilitarianism, because I believe in altruistic egoism. Ultimately, I am in the interest of myself, but I strongly believe that I can't reach the best I can be if those around me are not benefiting as well. So again, I DO agree, property tax sucks. But I do believe it's a necessary evil.
  14. No one actually owns land, taxes or not. The person who "owns" it is the person with the biggest guns laying claim to it. This can change from day to day. So taxes or not, you still don't really own it if someone comes along and says that now they do and you can't fight them off. As said, one of the issues in regards to a lack of property tax is that said tax is a discouragement from buying land and squatting on it without developing it. I'd love to see better systems and better ways of taxation and funding public service, but it's what I am aware of at this time.
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