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    CTSW Weight & Balance

    Here is a weight and balance file for CT Weigth_Balance.xls
  2. funtogo2000

    Audio plug, strange feedback noise in headset

    Kentucky Net I just encountered the same issue in my 2008 ctsw. While on a flight, I got a steady squeal in my headset like an alternator might make when going bad. As I touched down, the squeal stopped and has never returned. Might have been a grounding issue. Nothing was plugged into the audio hole during this issue. But recently when I tried plugging in an ipod into the audio receptacle, I got the same sound as you reported. It had previously worked correctly. Same with just plugging in the cord and no Ipod. An intermittent squeal or beeping sound that lasts a couple of seconds, stops a couple of seconds, then repeats. I don't know if the two incidents are related, but I have the feeling its a capacitor somewhere that's gone bad. Haven't had time to do any exploring of the electrical system yet.