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  1. If you're like me, you've probably tried numerous USB 'cigarette lighter' chargers trying to find one that doesn't interfere with your radio or that doesn't send white noise to your headsets when you try to re-charge your iPad, phone or other such device. I think after trying about 7 different USB chargers - including ones that had an Apple MFI certified endorsement - I was about to give up the ghost ...................until, I found one that works absolutely brilliantly!!! In fairness, I think I read about it on one of the other American flying forums and decided to try it out. It is completely silent in use, and has dual high-power (2.4 amp) outputs. It is certified by RoHS, CE, FCC (whatever that means!) and has a 1 year warranty. The only problem if you live in the UK (like me) is that you have to send off to the USA for it because I couldn't find any on this side of the pond. The device is actually quite cheap‌‌ ($10.49 - reduced from $29.99) but after shipping charges, I paid about $35.00 (about £25.00). However, all I can say is that if silence is golden to you whilst charging your USB devices, then this beauty is worth every cent. It is made by SKIVA and here‌‌ is the link to the relevant webpage: https://www.skivatech.com/products/powerflow-4-8a ‌Skiva PowerFlow Duo C-3 (4.8 Amps / 24 Watt / Fastest) Car Charger with Two Universal USB Charging Ports (AC116)‌ I ordered one and paid by PayPal and it was delivered within a week‌‌. I wired a 12-volt cigarette lighter socket into the panel of my CTSW and then inserted the SKIVA charger. With a bit of engineering, I recessed the 12V socket so that the SKIVA charger lies flush with the face of my (RH) panel. It looks very neat but more importantly, it works totally silently when charging my iPad running SD and charging my iPhone. PS: I do not work for SKIVA!!!‌ Paul
  2. gorilla

    CAMBRAI Aircraft Covers

    Yes, I know that sounds expensive but that price is for a complete full set and it's their outdoor covers. They do cheaper covers for inside hangars, etc. The price also includes VAT (our purchase tax). And over this side of the pond, were always jealous of the much lower price you usually pay for things!! ????
  3. gorilla

    Refuelling My CT

    Thanks Mike!
  4. gorilla

    CAMBRAI Aircraft Covers

    I bought my CTSW new in 2006 together with a full set of outdoor covers for it costing £1,700. These covers made by Cambrai Covers in the UK have been excellent over the years at keeping off the UV and elements. Some of my plane's life has been spent in hangars but a lot has been spent outdoors in very hot, sunny places like Lagos, Portugal and Tallard in France where I was an instructor. http://www.cambraicovers.com/ Earlier this year, I decided to send the covers back to Cambrai for their full refurbishment service which includes a thorough wash, re-water-proofing, fitting new straps and buckles, carrying out any necessary repairs to stitching and re-embroidering of my aircraft's registration. Full details are on their website. I have to say that the covers had got very dirty, stained and green (due to parking my 'plane under some tall Leylandi trees) over the years and the water-proofing had practically disappeared. It's a shame I have no 'before' pictures because they truly were awful but I have some 'after' pictures - see below. I was in a hurry when fitting them so there are a couple of wrinkles but they do fit as snug as a hand in a glove when I'm being a bit more fastidious! When I got the covers back, I honestly thought they'd given me a brand new set! They were amazing. All the staining and green had totally gone; there wasn't a mark on them. They were 'stiff' again with the re-proofing agent used and all the straps and buckles had been replaced. Cambrai even supplied a new bag for me to keep them in. I negotiated with them on the price but considering a full set is now £2,700, I paid less than a fifth of that for my refurbished covers. All in all, a fantastic after-service from an excellent firm making a top quality product. Thank you Cambrai!! Paul
  5. gorilla

    Refuelling My CT

    Well, after 11 years of fantastic CTSW ownership and of humping 20-litre jerry cans up onto my cloth-covered wings, shaking a jiggle-tube up & down to get the fuel flowing and then waiting nearly 10 minutes for each can to empty, I have finally decided enough was enough!! I did some research and found a great little 12-volt pump certified for pumping mogas, avgas, etc, with spark-proof fittings and wiring and earthing wires running through the hoses. The pump is made in the good ol' US of A by a company called Fill-Rite. It was a bit hard trying to find a UK importer and dealer but I managed it and purchased a complete kit (pump, hoses, wiring, nozzle) for £218 (including VAT) which I didn't think was a bad price. I would imagine that in the States, you would pay a lot less than this. The pump, wiring, fittings and dispensing nozzle are all first class quality and I'd highly recommend it to anyone thinking of buying one. I bought the RD8 model which pumps 8 US gallons a minute - which is about 30 litres. I have 20 litre cans which should equate to one being emptied in about 40 seconds. In practice, with the can on the ground and having to pump the fuel up into my wing-tanks, each can emptys in exactly one minute flat. This is brilliant. Besides saving me shedfuls of time, it is just so convenient, too. I have a small motorcycle battery that I use for power but the other day, I decided to use the CT's battery via the emergency jump-start lead which sticks out underneath the engine cowling. I emptied 6 x 20 litre full containers (6 minutes of pump running time) and then went and tried to start the engine. It burst into life immediately with no difference in starter motor speed or power. I made a bit of a mistake with the model I ordered as I chose the model with a flexible inlet hose rather than the model specifically designed with a rigid stainless tube for jerry cans. The flexible rubber inlet hose was larger than I envisgaed and had a brass fitting on the end which wouldn't fit into any of my cans so I cut the fitting off but the hose was still too big in diameter. I then found a length of stainless tubing which was a lovely tight push-fit inside the rubber hose. I drilled a small hole about an inch from the end of the tube so that I wouldn't be sucking up the absolute dregs of fuel in my cans in case of contamination. Job done!! Paul (aka "Gorilla") Here are some pictures of the pump in action - and of my lovely CT's interior!!:
  6. gorilla

    A new CT Owner here

    As you know, UK CTSW's are fitted with Warp Drives and I haven't heard of any bad reports regarding them from our side of the pond. Personally speaking though (!), after about 400 hours, one of the nickel inserts on one of my blades started to just lift a little bit on the underside. I managed to find a 'phone number for Warp Drive direct (as opposed to their distributor) to discuss the issue. A very helpful man told me to clean the area thoroughly with acetone and then use 24 hour epoxy. I did this and clamped the insert whilst the glue was drying but after about 30 hours it started to happen again. The other two blades were still in as-new condition. I contacted Warp Drive again who told me to send the complete set of blades back so they could do a repair and rebalance them all. Naturally, I was worried about how long this would take! I needn't have worried as I sent them on Monday morning (using their shipping agent and contract number so at no cost to me) and I got them back on Friday of the same week! Incredible service and I'm convinced they gave me a completely new set of blades. If they were the original blades, they certainly sent them back looking like brand new! They said that when they checked the serial numbers, they'd had one or two in that batch with a similar problem. And all this at absolutely no cost to me! I was so impressed that I wrote a 'proper' hand-written letter of thanks to the the boss telling him how grateful I was with his customer service. I would recommend that American company to anyone!!
  7. gorilla

    Heated Seat Covers

    Hi Roger, I've cured all my 'above head height' air leaks but I'm curious as to how you seal your door aperatures with the draught excluder strip in addition to the black rubber/plastic moulding. Please could you post a picture of what your 'system' looks like? Thanks. Paul