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  1. New CTs arriving from Germany

    I'd buy a CTSW again with a 100 HP or greater engine, but not a CTLS
  2. 12 year mandatory overhaul

    Can we have that stupid 5 year rubber replacement done on condition, also?
  3. Updates for Garmin 496

    Because the 496 feeds my radio frequencies based the waypoint, I once landed at an airport (untowered) on the wrong frequency (only one in the pattern). I like to update every 2-3 years. Obstacle DB is kind if important because cell towers are going up all the time.
  4. A normal mid-day there has about 50% sky cover of cumulus, so I'm thinking of flying at 8000 ft and enjoying the view. Anyone else doing something similar?
  5. Flight Design insolvency

    I have a Victory motocycle, so I'm starting to notice a pattern. I hope Hyundai is still around 5 years from now.
  6. Going to E-LSA

    An in-flight adjustable prop would be nice, though.
  7. Just came back from renewal

    No mention of the pins in the carb bowls working their way out and causing fuel leaks? I have/had 3 leaking pins on my two carbs.
  8. Gasoline pouring onto the ground

    Note my first post. 2 gph leaking out of one hole. It took a good 5 minutes after the fuel valve was shut for it to stop. That's long enough to fry everything.
  9. Gasoline pouring onto the ground

    If the pins are supposed to be glued in, then Rotax should issue a SA on that. If carb bowls aren't inteded to last more than 5 years, they should be a replacement item so many hours or years. I filled out a form with Rotax and have heard nothing.
  10. Gasoline pouring onto the ground

    I finally got back to Wisconsin and noticed fuel in the drip tray on the opposite side. Sure enough, both pins were leaking. I plugged them with expoxy, did a high speed run, and no leaks. These two had been leaking for almost 3 years and my mechanic at the time didn't find them. To add insult to injury, my D100 backlight went out, so I couldn't fly. So far, I've got 3 out of 4 pins leaking at 9 years, and a catastrophic failure at 10. I would think the FAA would be interested in this.
  11. Desser 10350-4 6 PLY

    I'm flying the 3.5 currently. Couldn't find a 400x4 last summer when i needed one.
  12. Gasoline pouring onto the ground

    What freaks me out is that I have to turn off the engine to shut the fuel valve, meaning that that leak would continue for about 2 minutes (how long it took to stop on the ground). If I could have shut the fuel off and ran the engine until it stopped, I possibly could have starved a fire.
  13. Gasoline pouring onto the ground

    I think plugging the holes with a little epoxy should be a required safety mod. My pin worked out enough to leak but the not enough to affect float motion. For those of you who do your own annuals, checking these pins every year is a must. I could see how hundreds of hours of vibration could cause them to work loose.
  14. Gasoline pouring onto the ground

    I just replaced my left bowl and gasket and ran it up. No leaks. The pin was loose, but not out, of the hole, in the old bowl.. This has scared me so much that I will no longer take passengers or my wife up in my CT. Luckily, I was just on a 20 minute flight to stir up the fluids, around KSUE in Sturgeon Bay. Had I caught fire, I probably would have flown it to within 30 ft of the water and bailed out. This is a serious issue and shouldn't be blown off by Rotax.
  15. What the Rotax "Soft Start" sounds like

    It was better before I got the soft start modules. I had the ones that died in hot weather.