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  1. I had this problem 10 years ago and would drive me crazy.
  2. I sat in the F2 at Airventure (the electric version). Much more leg room and a huge space behind the two seats. You lose the ability to put stuff in the tail. With a constant speed prop it should move pretty fast.
  3. Finding light sport mechanics to do annuals and repairs. Hell, finding people that will work on Rotax engines is hard enough. Cessna 172 owners can change their oil without taking a 2 day class.
  4. I had drained a PC310 down to zero volts and was able to recover it. It spent the next 10 years in my scooter (Vespa type, no moving wheelchair type). They are great batteries.
  5. The F2 is looking like a great option, if certified. The LSA thing has been a PITA from day one. A 155 kt IFR bird with chute for $200K seems like a deal. It's the same wing essentially as the CTSW, so it should fly the same. I'm wondering if the F2 could land on the ultralight strip at Oshkosh.
  6. Talked to Tom at FD, and put in a Earth-x yesterday. It took about 20 minutes. I tested it by starting the engine. Usually after a month without starting it would crank for about 5 seconds and then start and run rough (like 3 cylinders) for about 30 seconds. This time it started instantly (faster than my car) and ran smooth right off. A huge difference. $400 down the drain, but I think it will be worth it.
  7. The Odyessy product manager said it could be 6 months before they get any more. The one I had won't go over 6-7V. Is there a replacement? I suppose I could get a smaller AGM battery but the posts are larger than the PC310
  8. Hello.  I would like to apply for a LOA from Flight Design to do the AVEO position/strobe light as you have done.  If I can refer to your installation, it would speed up the process.  Any information you might be willing to provide me such as your tail number, etc., would be appreciated.  I have not found your first name in the Forum.  I like to use first names when sending notes such as this.  If you would rather not provide the AVEO install info, no worries.  Thanks.


  9. I'd buy a CTSW again with a 100 HP or greater engine, but not a CTLS
  10. Can we have that stupid 5 year rubber replacement done on condition, also?
  11. Because the 496 feeds my radio frequencies based the waypoint, I once landed at an airport (untowered) on the wrong frequency (only one in the pattern). I like to update every 2-3 years. Obstacle DB is kind if important because cell towers are going up all the time.
  12. A normal mid-day there has about 50% sky cover of cumulus, so I'm thinking of flying at 8000 ft and enjoying the view. Anyone else doing something similar?
  13. I have a Victory motocycle, so I'm starting to notice a pattern. I hope Hyundai is still around 5 years from now.
  14. An in-flight adjustable prop would be nice, though.
  15. No mention of the pins in the carb bowls working their way out and causing fuel leaks? I have/had 3 leaking pins on my two carbs.
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