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  1. Hi, I have a Dynon Skyview 10" with SV-GPS-250. Since April 7 I have satellite fix issues and my log now displays Aug 22, 2099. This seems to be related to the epoch rollover that occurred on April 6. My Dynon Skyview GPS system seems to be unusable now. Has anyone else observed this? My firmware still is 11.1, but before I commit to upgrade to 15.3.3 I wonder whether maybe there is additional feedback and any evidence that this is known and fixed, or maybe another issue? Thanks all for any response. Matt CTLS
  2. Hello dear CTers, If anyone has any feedback regarding the upgrade and result it would be great to read. in case there are issues or also successes. I hope to do it in the next couple of months. Thanks and happy flying, Matt
  3. Thanks Duane, I upgraded to V6.2 which sorted the issue re high fuel pressure further above in this thread, later to V11.1, which took a while as I needed Dynon to help given the upgrade package did not work for me. Also have the unlock / lock file for V11.1 from FD and changed to Kavlico. I assume in the future FD will release a new firmware upgrade.
  4. Thank you Roger
  5. Hi all, when installing the Kavlico solid state sensor (P/N 101690-000), is it ok to just replace the VDO one and screw it in, in the same spot with a smaller adel clamp with the pressure fuel line pointing down on the firewall as per factory installation (CTLS)? (This is just a question re installation, not the electrical). And does it need a seal on top of the thread, which is not supplied as per Kavlico documentation? Thanks for any feedback.
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  7. Hi Roger, hi Dick, thank you for your replies. The temperature recently dropped to about 37 deg F overnight and maybe it was cold enough? As cold as it gets here. The clamp seems to sit near the raised part, but maybe it needs reseating. Will have a look at it. Here is an image of where I think the leak occurs. Thanks again. Matt
  8. Hi all, I seem to have a similar problem with cooler temperatures in winter. There seems to be a leak on the constant tension clamp joining the rubber hose coming down from the expansion tank to a metal bent pipe. Does anyone think that this is ok and ignore as during flight it will be warm and hence tight due to expansion or should I maybe consider having the constant tension clamp replaced? I will have it inspected by my engineer but wonder whether anyone has managed to stop it when constant tension clamps are used already, which would be a great guidance. Thanks, Matt
  9. Yes it is now on 11.1. It was achieved by contacting Dynon Technical Support <support@dynonavionics.com> directly who kindly used the actual files on the FD website to supply them to me in a number of parts presumably to unlock, upgrade and relock the firmware system. I think FD still need to modify their release to make it work on all 6.2 installations. I am hopeful that the next release by FD to upgrade from 11.1 to the "latest" will have this sorted without having to contact Dynon.
  10. Hello, I have some tricky fuel pressure issues. 1. On take off the readings now can go down to red (2.2 psi) with audio alerts. Previously they stayed at about 4.9 psi +-2 2. They used to sit aroun 4.8-5 psi during cruise. Now varying between 3.1 and 4.8 psi. On start up they could go to above 5 psi, not anymore 3. I also notice that during taxi the fuel flow sometimes goes down to 0 liters per hour (very briefly) before going up when increasing power from idle. I did not notice this before 4. During cruise I noticed that depsite constant MAP I can see varying fuel flow displayed between say 15 and 21 liters (4 to 5.5 gallons) per hour when I expected it to stay reasonably constant on about 18 liters per hour (5 gallons) - as previously observed +- 0.3 g/h 5. Looking at SavvyAnalysis, previously during WOT take off the fuel flow was arount 8 gallons per hour, now I have recordings of max 6 (one flight) and max 7.6 (other flight) gallons per hour only (I believe recording intervals are 10 seconds, hence maybe it varyies as per cruise) This first occured after a nice and normal 3.5 hour flight followed by parking at remote airfield overnight. When tanks are full to top then both venting pipes on winglets can leak fuel when on ground - I assume normal I have now changed the fuel pump I have now changed the VDO fuel pressure sensor to a new one and it was worse (generally lower on start up and taxi down to yellow caution zone), hence changed it back to the orginal one for time being Could install the solid state Kavlico one but still waiting for FD to give me Kavlico setting updates for Dynon, but no answer thus far I'm not sure anymore it is the sensor alone given fuel flow observation and reading the grounding potential issue above The engine seems to run fine. The low warning pressure state usually appears on WOT when taking off and acceleration is full on just before or when rotating. I'm not sure what else needs checking now. Reading above ("First before any thing else tighten all 5 ground points. Everything in the engine compartment (4) and the 1 inside. Tighten them tight and they are considered hand tight, but wrench loose. In other words you have to put a wrench on each one especially the one that goes from the engine side firewall into the instrument panel side of the firewall.") Where are the ground points I should check please? Can the Fuel Flow and Fuel Pressure readings be influenced by the same issue? Thanks for your help, suggestions, or observations. Matt CTLS, 912 ULS Carbureted, Dynon Skyview
  11. I understand that upgrading would be good. My problem is that the release by FD on their website does not do it. The problem: Loading the update_6.2_ to_11.1_CTLS.duc file as documented in the SI just exits without updating in less than a second (I think it does not extract it). Has anyone used it from 6.2 to 11.1 successfully?
  12. Hi, The reason I'd like to upgrade from 6.2 to 11.1: I fly in Australia and the FAA obstacle and aviation databases don't cover our continent. I subscribe to PocketFMS datasets instead. At some point in the future the software interface between Dynon and av/ob datasets will change considerably requiring to upgrade to latest or later than 6.2 firmware (I believe) I have used the FD advised config download: CTLS LSA SW 6.2 to 11.1 with GTR 225+XPNDR 261 (FD advised that this will work with the Garmin SL 40 radio, which I have) The problem: Loading the update_6.2_ to_11.1_CTLS.duc file as documented in the SI just exits without updating in less than a second (I think it does not extract it). Has anyone used the above to upgrade from 6.2 to 11.1 successfully. If yes, I'm trying to get advise regarding from exactly which firmware version and build and the procedure employed to successfully achive the update to 2 networked D1000 units - thanks Matt
  13. This worked. I pulled out the switch with pliers carefully. Thank you again. The two earth wires were touching inside the switch. I positioned them slightly apart and put it back. Hope it stays set.
  14. Thank you. I think the problem is right near the top of the stick. I can push on the button's surrounds and it changes the "pushed - not pushed" status. Have you taken the grip off the stick before to look at the wiring? With mine it looks like I have to cut into the leather to undo the screw and then presumably I'll have to slide the grip off upwards assuming the wires are long enough to accomodate it.. Is there a method you are aware of?
  15. Hi, I have a CTLS with Dynon SV-D1000 and Autopilot installed as delivered by the factory. The Autopilot disconnect switch on the control column next to the microphone switch seems to be broken and most of the time the indication is that the button has a pressed state. This state seems to change when pressing it or sometimes when just pressing on the grip next to it or when moving the stick. (In the Dynon Installation Manual this switch is also referenced as "Pilot-accessible Disengage/CWS button (Normally open, momentarily). Usually mounted to the stick) I believe it is a "sticky button" and needs to be inspected / repaired or replaced. Question: Is there a manual that explains how the switch can be removed from the stick and replaced? Does anyone know how to remove it appropriately. I can then provide the experienced instruction to my mechanic. Thanks in advance for any replies. Matt
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