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  1. Presume Phil B has long since had a Flight Review - my post just for reference Ben
  2. I am a CFI and train in a Flight Design CTLS with Dynon flight deck. Located at KVPC Cartersville, Georgia, 20 miles north of Atlanta. Email adakb@aol.com or phone 770 315 6244. Ben Methvin.
  3. Roger Lee, Ben and Jackie Methvin will be joining the group. We are from KVPC near Atlanta in a CTLS 32CT. Weather stopped us last year, hoping better this year. currently working on reservations.
  4. It is now June, does anyone have any news on the Skyview update from 6.2 to anything ? Europe at 12.2.
  5. Roger - Adaksct again with phone 770 315 6244 in Woodstock, Ga a suburb of Atlanta. CTLS 32CT planning to join group Wednesday and staying Holliday Inn through Sunday. Not planning on Raft trip but hope to participate all other activities. Sorry you can't make it Andy we could have had a flight of three GA boys. Any advice on flying from Albuquerque to Page with CTLS and RV12 this time of year - will be appreciated. Ben
  6. Roger, we have a flight of two wanting to join the group. I and my wife in our CTLS N32CT and two friends in a RV12 are making reservations this week. We plan to join the dinner Wed night. Please add our names: Ben Methvin pilot and Flight Design dealer for Atlanta, with wife, Jackie Williamson/Methvin. My wife will arrive Page on commercial air Wednesday 15th. The two a/c hope to arrive not later than noon flying from Albuquerque. Weather, winds etc could affect our schedule but we plan to depart Atlanta sunday 12th. Any one with advice for crossing the mountains in these aircraft please feel free to comment as this will be a first for both of us. Jim Madeley and a not yet confirmed co-pilot will be flying the RV12. Regards Ben
  7. My ctls new to me, 10 hours has same problem, red lights are attention getters. Turning off beacon light seems to help even when gen output showing good voltage.. Will tighten grounds and watch this forum.
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