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  1. Recently, was the 40th event of ULM Blois, in France. ULM Blois is an ´outside ´ exhibition of light recreational aviation I wanted to go as 2021 is also my 40th in ultralight aviation....but COVID ....... here is a video showing what's up
  2. https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/pnpages/0585-107.php
  3. something with a strong landing gear the SW or the LS are great cross country planes, but for training ,speed and range are not that important. a CH701 or Savannah are good for training and easier ( and less $$ ) to fix than a composite plane . = = = = for the ' curious' out there , we're talking here of ULTRALIGHT training in Canada with a max gross weight of 1232 lbs (560kgs)
  4. CTSW and flight school don't fit together
  5. good luck......myself .I rather have 2 fuel valves
  6. Jacques

    13,2 volts

    hum... not sure ... here is what Chanik wrote in his previous post ....'' You use a 1 amp 200V diode which is available at any electronics store if you read 13.1V - 13.2V at the battery while it is running. The number for the diode is 1N4001 thru 1N4007. If you only need a .4V increase then a 1N5817 SCHOTTKY 1 amp 20V (http://www.allelectronics.com/make-a-store/category/205/Diodes/1.html). Do not use any other brand as when I tested the others they were off by . 3V -.4V too high. This 1N5817 seems to be good for most Ducati regulators in a CT. The band on one end will face up. It goes between the Regulator Rectifier "R" slot and the "Charge" slot. There is a small white wire already between these two slots and this is what you are replacing and then that small wire needs to be clipped in half. This will raise your output charging voltage .4 volts with the 1N5817. He specified the SCHOTTKY brand ..and this is what Dick ( Runtoeat ) installed with success. I will go with that myself...
  7. https://www.cps-parts.com/catalog/rtxpages/15-03762.php 963230 would be the right #, according to the latest (2018) Parts manual same # as the 2016 manual , but different from the 2011 manual
  8. congrats for the upgrade....let us know how you like it
  9. could you share them Jim ? thanks
  10. Original hose (on mine) was Wurth fuel hose 7.5 mm some will say that 5/16'' would do , but that's 7.93 mm . so, I ordered (locally) the Wurth when I did the hose change. also,, I recently flown a CT with this modification ( which I like) : two(2) fuel filters on engine side of firewall , between the T and the A pillar outlets
  11. Jacques

    13,2 volts

    it's n my July 31st post above..
  12. Jacques

    13,2 volts

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schottky_diode Hi Dick how (where) did you install it ? thanks
  13. Zara Rutherford is her name.. This 19 years young women is amazing,, She's doing an around the world flight, solo. ..yes at 19.. She left Belgium on August 18th,, went North to Greenland , then south to Columbia. Tonight, she just landed in Albuquerque,NM after leaving Veracruz ,Mexico....this morning all that with a carburated 912 100hp pulling an amazing Shark microlight. her web site : https://flyzolo.com/ tracking: https://yb.tl/flyzolo?fbclid=IwAR3gPpGKmLDTea6AcucTsgQa2Kqs-BFg__wY2b829VnRmFtfBwe21PjjND4 Go Zara GO
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