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  1. Great news.....thanks found this ...in eFlight Journal interessing reading http://www.e-flight-journal.com/1-2019-e-flight-Journal-compl-small-pw.pdf
  2. Jacques


    Your engine has a TBO of '' 1500 hrs or 12 years which ever come first ''. Luckily, it has the 2000 hrs crankcase..according to 3.4.1 in https://legacy.rotaxowner.com/si_tb_info/serviceb/sb-912-057-ul.pdf As Andy wrote, do the '' oil pump plug screw '' change. [ 3.4.2 ] Being a 2006, your engine will reach the 'new' 15 years TBO in 2 years But, [ in USA , I think ] you can go on condition
  3. Jacques

    T Coupler

    here is a screen shot form the 2008 manual
  4. Jacques

    T Coupler

    Yes, it is sideways. First, I installed it forward....reading way too fast,, so tried different orientation and this one was the closest to reality but still reading a bit too fast. Maybe , it is the location, mine is below the left floor compartment. [ As per instruction if I recall well ] . Some years later, a new maintenance manual came out ( Nov 2008) and it says ', ''between the main gear legs '' . ' Might' play with it next summer..
  5. Jacques

    T Coupler

    here is my installation. I had no static port when I got the plane new in 2005. It was sent to me later. It goes form the port to the altimeter and the ASI. I had to chnage the port orientation many time to find the best 'orientation' ( precision) some discussion few ago
  6. https://flightdesign.com/files/Safety Alert/SA-LTUL-CTSW-04-en.pdf 169 kts ( 313 km/h )
  7. 162Kts VNE on mine but no chute installed I stay FAR from there specially since I saw this
  8. https://handiflight.com/en/ In spite of the tragic accident, they are continuing..... now in New Zealand.... soon they will have to go across the Pacific https://handiflight.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Handiflight-RTW-Planning-new-.pdf good luck..and see you in August
  9. a couple of video to explain kickback 'live' and some explanation about the sprag clutch
  10. Aeroprakt A22 Foxbaxt ( or A32 Vixxen ) GREAT visibility, easy access, LOW landing speed http://www.aeropraktusa.com/
  11. « the accident has nothing to do with the power cables » the above is a translation from ORION’s statement in our french forum in Quebec. so, better wait ( and not speculate) , we will know more from him or the Facebook page. ...later... condoleances Daniel Jacques
  12. Hello Easy Flyer, I’m in the canadian ultralight ‘business’ since it started in 1983 and registered the very first Advanced Ultralight [AULA] in 1990. I wouldn’t be too concerned about a factory going belly up. Any registered AULA was first registered with a maintenance manual, ,,,,,as long as the plane ,is maintained according to that manual [ even if the mfg is gone] , the plane is still an AULA. Most of the maintenance and ADs come from the engine mfg [Rotax] ..so no problem there as for ADs for airframe....if the Mfg don’t issue them anymore, well ,you have nothing to comply with..:easy.. But in the case of a Flight Design model, if [ever] , the Mfg goes out, there are so many of them worldwhile and specially in our south neighbourg market , there WILL BE support ..... An AULA is an airplane built and maintained according to the Design Standards DS10441, and as long as it it maintained according to the Mfg(s) (airframe / engine ), it all fine. BUT, many are not,,,, and are still AULA ....on paper. In fact, some never were,,,but were declared conformed by the Mfg at the beginning. [ only a Declaration of Compliance is summitted by the Mfg....that ‘s all that Transport Canada needs to put them on the “ List of approved ...models I’m sending you a private message...... cheers by the way, there are 18 SW and 3 LS....a few ‘import’ in 2018 while there are some ‘local’ available [???]
  13. INDEED, the E-props is NOT like the ‘others’.,,,,,,,,Roger😘
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