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  1. Jacques

    Intro, Canadian!

    there are 5........ sent you a Private message...
  2. Jacques

    Intro, Canadian!

    Hello Moranimal, welcome...I have the 1st CTSW in Canada (2005 ) as (Advanced Ultra-Light Aeroplane - AULA ) ....which limit us @ 1232 lbs(560 kg) ,,,,a LS is a heavier plane and you have to be carefull on the payload..it is easy to be 'illegal'... here are some answers......flying these in Canada..? surrrre...since 2004, there are 2 CT2K, 2 CTLS and 15 CTSW according to Civil Aircraft Registery ( available online). ...Importing......from the States..? or Germany...yes as new one$...a$ AULA a used one from USA........theorically no... as you can not transfer LSA/AULA vice/versa. ...but a guy did it. A used one in Canada......limited choice.....but possible ... you're Lucky most are in your area. ....I know of one...locally. here we go...owning a CT could be easier than you think..
  3. Jacques

    Light Sport Expo. DeLand Fla. Nov. 3,4,5 2016

    thanks for the info.....FDUSA is not on the list...so far.. http://sportaviationvillage.com/showcase/exhibitors/
  4. Jacques

    FD Website Hacked

    the title says...''FS USA website hacked '' which is not the case that FD Germany that was...... one more error mister....
  5. FredG, on 28 Aug 2016 - 11:30 PM, said: Concur totally. plus ONE
  6. Jacques

    Airspeed error on the Skyview

    the Maintenance manual says 9.4.3 Procedure At every 100 hrs inspection inspect the system for obstruction as follows. Take the Pitot tube C9997455Q (Pitot tube) out of the wing (Fig. 1), clean it (remove insect, debris and so on) using a stick. BUT,, CGRBU pitot is stuck in the wing .(we spoke) ..is there a way to get it out (twisting ? , pulling hard?, else ? ) thanks
  7. Jacques

    Road Trip

    good trip Dave I notice that you have a 2003 model ....without the tie down rings .. so.....how do you tie down the plane ?
  8. Jacques

    Vapor Lock

    some reading here http://www.lightaircraftassociation.co.uk/engineering/Mogas/OPERATING%20INFORMATION%20Iss%205.pdf specially,,paragrah 5 and 7
  9. Jacques

    CT photos

    my home town..flooded the river is 'usualy' , under the bridge
  10. Jacques

    CT photos

    Québec City area from the Québec CT
  11. Jacques

    New Oil Radiator SB-912-024

    NOT on my plane but looks like that
  12. Jacques

    New Oil Radiator SB-912-024

    here is the Setrab cooler installed on the amphib CTSW in Québec.
  13. Jacques

    CT Pilot needs help

    The 2 German pilots flying to Oshkosh are now in Groenland. You can follow them here: http://yb.tl/prepare2go 2 pilots 2 planes Markus is flying his CTLS and Wolgang a FK Polaris Martkus web site is : http://www.sorgatz.org/ Wolfgang web site: https://wulfwings.com/ more info there good luck guys and see you in Oshkosh
  14. Jacques

    Bing 64 choke assy.

    you will have to fly backwards /inverted to have them right
  15. Jacques

    Bing 64 choke assy.

    you may find some info here http://legacy.rotaxowner.com/si_tb_info/serviceinfo/si031998_r1.pdf