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  1. https://flightdesign.com/files/Safety Alert/SA-LTUL-CTSW-04-en.pdf old bulletin , but similar subject......
  2. thanks Tom OIL hose sorry 12mm
  3. https://hambydairysupply.com/hose-spring-5-8-9-16/ 17mm hose 5/8´´ (16mm) spring would be fine
  4. Great news.....thanks found this ...in eFlight Journal interessing reading http://www.e-flight-journal.com/1-2019-e-flight-Journal-compl-small-pw.pdf
  5. Jacques


    Your engine has a TBO of '' 1500 hrs or 12 years which ever come first ''. Luckily, it has the 2000 hrs crankcase..according to 3.4.1 in https://legacy.rotaxowner.com/si_tb_info/serviceb/sb-912-057-ul.pdf As Andy wrote, do the '' oil pump plug screw '' change. [ 3.4.2 ] Being a 2006, your engine will reach the 'new' 15 years TBO in 2 years But, [ in USA , I think ] you can go on condition
  6. Jacques

    T Coupler

    here is a screen shot form the 2008 manual
  7. Jacques

    T Coupler

    Yes, it is sideways. First, I installed it forward....reading way too fast,, so tried different orientation and this one was the closest to reality but still reading a bit too fast. Maybe , it is the location, mine is below the left floor compartment. [ As per instruction if I recall well ] . Some years later, a new maintenance manual came out ( Nov 2008) and it says ', ''between the main gear legs '' . ' Might' play with it next summer..
  8. Jacques

    T Coupler

    here is my installation. I had no static port when I got the plane new in 2005. It was sent to me later. It goes form the port to the altimeter and the ASI. I had to chnage the port orientation many time to find the best 'orientation' ( precision) some discussion few ago
  9. https://flightdesign.com/files/Safety Alert/SA-LTUL-CTSW-04-en.pdf 169 kts ( 313 km/h )
  10. 162Kts VNE on mine but no chute installed I stay FAR from there specially since I saw this
  11. https://handiflight.com/en/ In spite of the tragic accident, they are continuing..... now in New Zealand.... soon they will have to go across the Pacific https://handiflight.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Handiflight-RTW-Planning-new-.pdf good luck..and see you in August
  12. a couple of video to explain kickback 'live' and some explanation about the sprag clutch
  13. Aeroprakt A22 Foxbaxt ( or A32 Vixxen ) GREAT visibility, easy access, LOW landing speed http://www.aeropraktusa.com/
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