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  1. Well - learning from my previous post that the old rocket can be disassembled, I did so - not that hard. So now I no longer have an old rocket to dispose of , but still have two chunks of propellant to dispose of. I have disassembled the old igniter and burned the few granules of propellant from it. Has anyone tried to burn the rocket propellant?
  2. The BRS rocket is required to be replaced every 12 years. Thus I just did so on my 2006 CTSW. The new rocket comes as a kit since it cannot be shipped assembled. The old rocket cannot be shipped or disassembled. Since it is labeled as an explosive I wondering how best to dispose of it. Anybody else dealing with this problem?
  3. Bought a 2006 CTSW about 2.5 years ago. Tom Jr. took me up for a couple of hours then arranged for a CFI to check me out as required by my insurance. All went well, no complaints.
  4. I have a 2006 CTSW, Rotax 912ULS S/N 5.646.169 with 660 hours on the engine. The original Line Maintenance Manual specified the TBO as 12 years, 1500 hours. The 12-year requirement has now run out. However, Service Bulletin SB-912-057UL gives instruction for extending the TBO to 2000 hours, 15 years which doesn't look too onerous. However, at the bottom of page 6, the Service Bulletin reads reads: "Replacement of a crankcase part no. 888364 (to S/N 27.811) through part no. 888368 or part no. 892654 (from S/N 06.0010) is required for TBO extension. Following engines are affected 912ULS from S/N 4,427.533 to 5.646.559" My question is: Does this mean what I think it means, that my entire crankcase has to be replaced to have the TBO extended? If so what options does this leave me ---- replace entire crankcase, buy new engine or go experimental?
  5. Thanks for the help Roger and Cory. My plan now is go "on condition" or as Roger says, keep Trucken. Jack Hickman
  6. I know, I know! This has been discussed many times, but I seek an update. I have a 2006 CTSW with a perfectly good 912ULS with 650 hours and manufacture-date March 2006. However the engine is an early serial number with an 1800hr/12year TBO. Thus the TBO question is no longer an academic question for me, in a year I face TBO! As I see it I have three choices: 1. Continue flying after TBO “on condition” 2. Convert to ”experimental” before TBO 3. Sell the 912 and replace with new. I have three questions: 1. Has the FAA ever clarified their position (as Roger has often asked them to do) as to whether the Rotax so-called “mandatory” TBO deadlines are considered “mandatory” by the FAA, or are they okay with going “on condition”. 2. If I pass TBO and go “on condition”, will this affect my ability to convert from S-LSA to Experimental at some time in the future? Said another way, will passing TBO affect the safety of the aircraft or “air worthiness” as seen by the FAA in such a way preventing a transition to Experimental? 3. Roger – What do you teach in your CPS class about the TBO requirement? Thanks for any help.
  7. I just finished wrapping my headers with the same stuff. Found a 15' roll. Just barely enough if you cut it evenly in 4 pieces.
  8. Nice pictures Roger and timely, I have just removed my muffler as part of my 5-yr rubber replacement. But I don't understand the rational for the RTV on the springs, mine had none when I removed them. Enlighten me.
  9. Corey Not sure what they mean "Someone has to take responsibility for ongoing airworthiness" ----- or what? I suppose we just hope FD or some new owner will always be there These are interesting times.
  10. To return to the original topic. Is FD still issuing LOA's, and if they go belly up, where does CTSW flight, maintenance, modifications etc. guidance come from? Do we all go Experimental?
  11. Am I correct that the NTSB said there should have been a bypass around the fuel flow transducer? I have a fuel flow transducer in my Cessna. The arrangement is via an STC. No bypass around it. I'm not sure what they are talking about.
  12. Andy I forget what row I am in. But if you walk east toward Basler, I am on the north end of the last row before you get to Basler. I am staying at UWO, plan to start home Friday morning.
  13. Welcome to Oskosh. I arrived Friday from Albuquerque, one day flight in my recently acquired 2006 CTSW. I taxied even further, nose wheel covered with grass stain. I am parked on the last GAP row next to Basler FBO. My first trip to Oshkosh in a CT. I was tied down well and survivied the Saterday morning storm that did some local damage.
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