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    Connemara, Co. Galway, Ireland

    Rare spell of good Wx! A Day to Treasure.
  2. hhobbit

    OSH 2011 !

    Seeing as I trained for my FAA ticket on a C152 and have 280+ hours made up in my CT, what would you think would I stand a chance of succeeding with a checkout in a 172? Because I have possibly more than one relative that may want to arrive at OSH in a plane. Is this realistic?
  3. hhobbit

    OSH 2011 !

    Hi All I live in Ireland but now find myself in Chicago due to a family bereavement. I was wondering about the practicalities of making Oshkosh? any ideas anyone? Whats the ideal way to do it? should I camp or do you have to be in a plane for that? I would love to meet up with other CT owners there.
  4. yep, that was a pipistrel virus. we are thinking of swapping aircraft.
  5. What are the chances of picking up a secondhand noseleg? Anyone know of a CT getting cannibalised for spares? It might be worth having even while I get the original checked out.
  6. Sometimes I land into 270m grass strips less than a wingspan in width, even as little as 10-20 feet, but the runoff either side might be not very rough. Be ready to go around:) I did an extra 9-10 hours with instructors on grass after North Perry's 3000ft by jumbo width:) There are just a few WW2 strips In Northern Ireland. Then there are fairly good 400m RWYs which are pretty easy to get into. We have two guides for private flying which may give a flavour of the scene here: http://www.vfrflightguideireland.com/VFR_Flight_Guide_Ireland/Welcome.html http://www.flightguide.me/ BTW you should be able to drill back up to other scenic albums on my picasa link, some are as good or better for scenery. If they do not work please let me know, and I will post the links. We party but at my age I pay for it next day; my flying skills go to sh1t. I forgot to check, and had the door blow open at 70 kts over Mizen head. That's why the pics are so clear What a time to think "are my straps tight?" with the sea 800 feet below and a dizzy view down. Slowed her to 45-50 kts, a bit of right foot and the door came back into my hand. No further drama. Just another reason to celebrate!
  7. yes people, I will report back. Hi Roger, yup still alive beautiful weekend flying mizen head to malin head, entire length of ireland 300 miles, coastl scenery, partying etc etc photo album: https://picasaweb.google.com/jm2833530/20110703JMizenToMalin?authkey=Gv1sRgCPSghtC4vqKlqQE
  8. these are pics of the top of the noseleg fork. I am now thinking to ground my plane until sure its only superficial: https://picasaweb.google.com/jm2833530/20110703CTSWNoselegShowingPaintStressCracking?authkey=Gv1sRgCJCR7vWCq_iE6AE My link Sorry cannot get pics inserted off this PC. Anyone have any relevant knowledge of cracking like this? It's hard to tell from these pictures whether these cracks are just due to some yielding or if there are material cracks. The only way to really tell is to remove the powder coating ( e.g. by grit blast) and use high magnification and/or dye penetrant to search for cracks. If none found, providing there's no obvious deformation of the leg it can be repainted and put back into service. Any cracks would require welding by a FAA/CAA/IAA (US/UK/IRL) approved welder. above copied from factory advisor, all perfectly reasonable advice.
  9. Not aware of anything larger, so I would say the pencil one. BTW am writing to FD for advice. One desirable solution might be an adaptor to pass two pressure lines past the narrow hole in the wing. There can't be all that much to fabricating a secondary pitot head, but it would require a bit of cut and try to see if there was a reasonably smooth pressure curve for increasing angle of attack. It appears it is possible to run a second line down the pillar, but I still need to hear that unambiguously from FD.
  10. Roger your description of that inner metal sleeve inside the wing is of concern, it sounds a no-no for anyone without a specially made drilling jig. If such a tool was available for hire from FD then the job would be straightforward enough probably. But there is the question of threading an extra air line which in fact should be ascertained before widening the wing opening. I would not go ahead without a factory LOA on this one! Now if Dynon had a probe that was the same diameter as the present one, then it would be simple enough.
  11. Hi all, I have a D180, and am considering installing the AOA probe from Dynon. Can anyone say if it is difficult to instal, did the extra nylon air line go through the wing and pillar easily, and did the wing have to be slid out or removed, stuff like that. Finally does there exist any LOA from the factory for this equipment?
  12. Has anyone else noticed that the Odyssey is not holding its charge as well as it's said to do in the manual? There are two documents on their website, a service application and owner manual. Both specify the battery will run down by about 5% every 9-10 weeks when stored at 25degC. However I had to return two of them because of rapid fall off in terminal voltage. Now the third one dropped by 0.25V to 12.2V in 8 weeks; this is about 25% of capacity from a read of Fig. 3 in those publications. Could I have three duds in a row? The first was 2 years old when delivered new, the last one is a couple of months out of the factory.
  13. Hi Roger Very interesting to read your observation. No I don't use loctite on the panel screws, nor was there any there from the start AFAIK. If the factory does not use it, then as I read it that contradicts what section 1-12 says. They should be more clear and state do not use. And that would be a great relief!
  14. Roger I hope you are not actually recommending not to use any form of threadlock, because by my reading of the manual they say you must. We are all aware of the problems of using too much of the stuff and I like your idea of letting the 243 dry out before installing. I think there is merit in oiling the mating surfaces to reduce the bond strength, but would like to prove it by careful experiment first. If that worked it would be possible to follow the mfr's guidance without slowing up the job. I have a damaged spinner which needs reinforcing around the holes, and maybe this thread will prevent some unwary soul messing up when he inspects the prop bolt torques or whatever. BTW this could be of use: rivet "burrs"
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