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  1. Brian Petersburg

    Phone out the window

    Check out the new AOPA Live starting at 15:45. Last year I was flying from Iowa to Wisconsin. I was videoing the Mississippi river out the window in my CTLS. I tilted it to get a better shot and it got into the wind and it was ripped from my hand. It fell 2500 feet into a huge woods. I thought it was destroyed and lost forever. I heard about the find my I Phone app. I brought it up on my I Pad and it was still working. After an hour 1/2 drive to Wisconsin we found it after about a 45 minute search. I have a 45 second video of it falling to the ground. The phone is in perfect shape and I'm using it today. I'll upload the video and photos when I fight pre out how to do it.
  2. Brian Petersburg

    Newbee with landing flap questions.

    I bought a CTLS and did most of my PP training in my CTLS. My flight instructor had about 5 hours in a CTLS prior to my training so we learned together. I struggled but after talking to Roger Lee several times I became proficient and I loved the plane. The biggest challenge was the sight picture. I recommend you as PIC line up the plane on the ramp so you are lined up with a crack in the cement. Ask your CFI in the right seat what he sees. You will be amazed how different the sight picture is. Next change seats and take a look. It is nice to know that you have different perspectives when training. I lined the plane up on the runway and put a piece of tape on the windscreen on the center line. I used it as a point of reference until I became one with the sight picture. This may help. You may not need this because you are a high time pilot but it helped me. Good luck and have fun.
  3. Brian Petersburg

    CT foot rest

    I would be interest in one as well
  4. Brian Petersburg

    Recurring Flat Tire

    Andy, I had a similar situation. Two flats on the same main. I changed the tire after the first one. The pin hole was on a seam both times. I assumed they were bad tubes. Hopefully that is behind me. Good luck,
  5. Brian Petersburg


    I ordered mine from Flight Design USA see below. Brian, Yes, we do. We sell a laminated sheet of placards for $10. It includes all of the placards for the throttle quadrant and other misc placard for around the cabin (trim indicators, fuel level, etc.). If you would like to order one please let me know. I can ship it out today. Best Regards, Mat Fortin Flight Design USA 860-963-7272
  6. Brian Petersburg

    How many hours on your CT?

    340 on my 2010 ctls
  7. Brian Petersburg

    Salmon, Idaho to Burlington, Vermont to Tucson, Arizona

    Bob, I'm glad you enjoyed Ames. I forgot to mention that I've spent time elk hunting just outside of Salmon. Beautiful country.
  8. Brian Petersburg

    Salmon, Idaho to Burlington, Vermont to Tucson, Arizona

    Interesting. I was flying in my home state of Iowa the weekend you were io Ames. A pilot heard on the radio that I was flying a CT. He saw your Yellow Tweety at the Ames airport and asked if that was my plane. I hope you enjoyed your stop in Iowa.
  9. Brian Petersburg

    Summer Evening Cruising

    Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. I received my private pilot certificate in my 2010 CTLS in April. Attached are two photos. One is my home airport in Decorah, IA and the other is overflying the Mississippi River. I am a frequent visitor to this site. Thanks for all of your great information.
  10. Brian Petersburg

    Hangar self-fueling practices

    Thanks to this site I bought 4 Tuff Jugs with adaptors and I love them. No spills. Once you lift the jugs onto the wing filler opening you are not fighting the weight of the fuel. As jbm3 said 45 seconds later your done. Love them.
  11. Brian Petersburg

    Cabin heat

    All the things is did made a difference but The cabin is still cool. I did feel a draft around the pilot door . I will install the foam around the doors and check the heater hose alignment. Thanks
  12. Brian Petersburg

    Cabin heat

    Thanks for the advice. I taped the areas by the wings and insulated behind the seats.There were voids around the leather boots. I think that was some of my problem. I'll seal the doors this afternoon. I adjusted the heater door last weekend. It was only opening half way. Im flying this afternoon. I'm pretty confident these these fixes will make a a big difference. Thanks
  13. Brian Petersburg

    Cabin heat

    Thanks Jim.
  14. Brian Petersburg

    Cabin heat

    Hello all. I purchased a 2010 CTLS this summer. I've been on the forum a lot but this is my first post. This forum is invaluable. Thanks for all of your contributions. I'm from Iowa and I have done all the things mentioned to warm up the cabin. The screw on the cable to my heater door was loose so I corrected that as well. Now the door closes all the way. Quite a bit of cold air is coming into the cabin from the center council next to the throttle and choke levers. Any thoughts on how to stop this air flow would be helpful. Thanks again. I look forward to being part of the CT family. I've talked to Roger Lee multiple times and he has helped me with the learning curve associated with my plane. . Thanks Roger