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  1. Skywalker

    Low-hour CTLS/CTLSi wanted

    Have 2008 with everything ,Farmington 696 ,great plane always hungered full cover ,620,hrs.every update including parachute.83000 k 3192308353,
  2. I have a 2008 ctls with 696 dual panel all updates ,custom full cover annual in oct .Always hangared great auto pilot.Never Any mechanical issues .Always starts easily and quickly.Believe I have 700 hrs but need to check log.Dont fly much in winter.Replacing with 182.call Liz interested .Asking 87 k .Extra Tires ,battery maintainer, two stereo top of the line head phones. John Walker 319 234 1766. Waterloo Iowa.
  3. Skywalker

    Sun Visors for Sale

    Looking for the small sliding window for passenger window for ctls.Does anyone have a good source for parts or aftermarket ctls products?
  4. Skywalker

    CTLS Wanted

    100 hamburger I would be interested in your ctlsi with specs and price.319 2308353
  5. Skywalker


    Ran out of fuel at 4500 feet and I assure you the plane flys beautifully without the engine.Fortuantely. Had my Iphone and took a picture of the panel showing 12.5 gal of gas and 2.5 hours of flight time .In Iowa we have a road every mile and simply landed on a black top road and hitched to a gas station and completed the trip.I was mystified as to how this could happen and had laughed at the in competence of running out of fuel in a plane.When I filled the tanks the following day and started to taxi I smelled fuel.When I checked the fuel caps to insure they were tight I noticed fuel flowing off the back of the wing.Comparing the fuel caps and inspecting for damage I noticed that the black o rng under the cap was missing allowing the fuel to flow out of the full tank.When I returned home I found the o ring on the ground where the fbo had fueled the plane.My mechanic replaced them after noticing that the missing one had expanded and could be displaced trying to replace it.I had visually inspected the tubes in cockpit ,turned on the master confirmed 14 gal ,checked tanks fuel in both,with 7 in the right.I am also meticulous about input.Finally the trips are always about the same in usage and yet it was clear fuel had been lost that didnt flow through the instruement meter.Faa suggested that the caps be made part of the inspection process.
  6. Skywalker

    CTLS Wanted

    Looking for a late model ctls or ctlsi .I have a 2008 ctls loaded I will sell if I find something .My ct has 550 hrs
  7. If the bill modifies the cruise limits on sport planes like ctls I wonder whether the neg flap setting could be modified to increase speed.I am also curious to hear from the experts as to what useful load could be accomadated in the ctls.It seems when I am loaded to the gills I dont sense any significant difference in flying characteristics.Of course ,I would never overload my plane but it feels lile the limitations are born from the legal restrictions not necessity.
  8. Skywalker

    Is my prop *too* flat?

    I am curious does this discussion ,which seems a little dynamic, apply to the ctls or only the ctsw.I ask because I assume in my ctls that I cant exceed 5500 rpm which is in the yellow.Are you flying in the yellow above 5500.?
  9. Skywalker

    Looking for CTLS

    I have a 2008 loaded great shape 696 etc .Am looking at ctlsi . You can email me jwalker@beecherlaw.com if imterested.
  10. Skywalker

    2008 ctls for sale

    Loaded , 696 all up todate oncluding brs parachute.500 hrs looking for a used ctlsi 112000
  11. Skywalker

    2010 CTLS ~~ > Reduced to $119,000!

    Have 2008 ctls 500 hrs beautifull with about everything from auto pilot to garmin 696 .all up to date including hoses.Starts easily and quickly 108500
  12. Skywalker

    Tracking a Prop

    Roger, i am wondering if you can explain the variables in how the ctls prop can be adjusted for various pitches that would affect cruise ,climb. ,or max speed..I believe my ctls ,which was purchased From Fla. had the prop adjusted.I have to fly with throttle at firewall to get 5400 rpm 110 knots and 6.4 gph.The plane and engine are perfect no problems new hoses and the engine is smooth and starts with a flick of the key.i thought I saw an adjustment reference to17 degree plus but don't know if that is accurate. Would you mind giving me your expert analysis and anyone else who has an opinion chime in.I would think this to be an important issue since we are all interested in max performance measured by efficiency.I would like to gain max speed without jeopardizing the engine or completely losing climb, which is excellent.Also seems like high gas consumption for 110 kts.
  13. Skywalker

    SL40 Squelch problem

    Any thoughts about stuck mike.Followed the book and turned off the radio a dozen times per book .seems like it could be a ground problem flying through rain .Finally just started pushing talk switch repeatedly on rt and left stick and that did the trick but wonder about a repeat and would like to understand the possible explanation and solution.thnx
  14. Skywalker

    ADSB vs XM weather

    I have the garmin 696 in my ctls along with the dual dynons .What do I need to do to-convert to the ads- b for weather and traffic.
  15. Skywalker

    Audio Jack FUBAR

    Having trouble with mic intermittently cutting out .Im told that it may be shorting out .It is in 2008 ctls and I believe its the 40 .Any thoughts . Also when I bought the plane there was a white strip of what appears to be white tape across the length of the horizontal stabilizer.A small part came up in a heavy rain and there doesn't appear to be anything beneath it . Ideas?