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  1. Something to think about is your resale or trade value in the future. My plane had nose wheel damage from the original owner. The damage was repaired by a well known shop who participates on this site. They did a great job in every facet. When it came time to trade the plane on a newer model, Tom , from Airtime, discounted the trade in by at least $20,000. Would only allow $40,000 on a 2006 with 580 hours. The plane is also in extremely good condition. When questioned about such a low value, he said that he was aware of the situation and that it is more difficult to sell a plane with damage history. So if you like the plane, make sure you purchase it at a discount. Just an opinion.
  2. Does any pilot experienced in a situation such as this care to explain what they did wrong from viewing the video.There must be several opinions, maybe we can all learn from this with your help.
  3. You have been and still can be a great asset to this forum. Always did and will respect your very good answers to questions. Remember as you age, “Wrinkles Do Not Hurt”
  4. Thanks for taking the time to help inform us.
  5. Know the feeling. Just try taking off your shoes, still should be able to have good rudder control. It sure helps in the sensitivity of pressure being applied to the controls.
  6. ZZ Top


    Know the feeling. Amongst the professionals here, feel like one is wearing blinders. Oh well, at least we enjoy being above the clouds or enjoying a sunrise or sunset.
  7. ZZ Top


    The ACL is very faded and needs to be replaced. At present, it is very weak and low visibility. Any suggestions on a good bright light to replace with? Thanks for any input!
  8. Thank you so much for taking the time to post photos. It is appreciated my many.
  9. Thanks Tom. How do you know what type of sending unit you have? This is a fresh, out of the crate, engine with very few hours. Would it be covered under warranty?
  10. Have a new engine with 14 hours in a 2006 CTSW. The previous oil pressure has been running between 60 & 70 lbs depending on the engine temp. Upon runup yesterday the pressure went to 100lbs, then went all the way up. Did not notice any difference in the sound of engine, when shut down pressure drops to zero. The oil pressure gauge is original with 600 plus hours. Has always been faithful. checked sending unit connections, ok No mechanic in the area, any suggestions will be appreciated.
  11. You will enjoy your new location. Did you sell your property in Montana?
  12. ZZ Top

    WingX Bulletin

    Thanks, will do.
  13. What value would a2006 uls have? Developed the smiley 😊 face. Replaced with a new engine. Did not run out of oil. Any suggestions as to where one can sell it?
  14. ZZ Top

    WingX Bulletin

    Just purchased the iPad Air, third generation. Any information on this iPad ?
  15. Here is a jug that works great, $30.00 very easy to fill your plane. Sorry, did not get pic of spout, that is what sells this one.
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