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  1. You will enjoy your new location. Did you sell your property in Montana?
  2. ZZ Top

    WingX Bulletin

    Thanks, will do.
  3. What value would a2006 uls have? Developed the smiley 😊 face. Replaced with a new engine. Did not run out of oil. Any suggestions as to where one can sell it?
  4. ZZ Top

    WingX Bulletin

    Just purchased the iPad Air, third generation. Any information on this iPad ?
  5. Here is a jug that works great, $30.00 very easy to fill your plane. Sorry, did not get pic of spout, that is what sells this one.
  6. Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing. What elevation are the peaks?
  7. Stacy, Is there anything the pilots on this forum can do to help you?
  8. Thank you Mike! Takes courage . Need the ball, my butt has no feelings.
  9. With the amount of fuel that our girls hold, there should be almost no reason to carry fuel with you. Plan a stop near your destination and fuel up where there is the nearest airport with services. Much easier and safer. With caution, you can easily put a five to six gallon container on top of your wing .
  10. Try putting some memory foam between the seat and base. It helps
  11. Greetings, any updates on how the unit is working?
  12. Thank you so very much for sharing your honest thoughts. You are representing many pilots on this form, who do not post because of the few insensitive know it all who seem to post just so they may earn another star ⭐️ by their name. There are many great knowledgeable pilots here that take much of their valuable time to help others. To those helping, many of us say thank you. Have you ever noticed how many here can not respond to another person or their opinion without some sort of negative input? Who wins an argument? The person who stops arguing first. Not many argumentative people think this way. Go figure.
  13. Is there any report as to what altitude the chute was pulled? Yes, always fly the plane!
  14. Great job, not all that easy to do this on a printer.
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