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  1. ZZ Top

    Replacement Seat Belts

    Thanks, will be ordering a set today. Sopoke on the phone yesterday with company. They are very professional and polite. Again, thanks for your help.
  2. ZZ Top

    Replacement Seat Belts

    Rich, Did you have to make any modifications to the belts or attachments?
  3. ZZ Top

    Pulled top end off today

    Roger, I have flushed the engine clean on seven different occasions. Would fly and check again, you are correct with your statement. The last time cleaned cleaned engine again and would run the engine, after the engine was warm, for one minute at 2000 RPM! Shut off and checked for leak. On third attempt found where leak is originating. Engine has just turned 600 hours
  4. ZZ Top

    Pulled top end off today

    Have read about the cracked case issue. What would I look for? This engine does run hot. On warms days in climb, oil temp wants to bump red line and would go there if I continue climb at Vy, always level out and let engine cool down, which does not take to long. Oil leak seems to be coming out at the top where cylinder is bolted to engine. Would have a certified mechanic look at it, but do not have any in the area.
  5. ZZ Top

    Pulled top end off today

    Thank you both for your suggestions. Engine is in a 2006 CTSW, 912ULS Answers from to reliable people. The leak started about forty hours ago with a very small amount of oil and was difficult to locate the source. Several owners on this site said to live with it. The leak has become much worse and is now something that needs to be addressed. Wanted to tighten the head volts to see if this is all that is needed before any seals are replaced. Right or wrong?
  6. ZZ Top

    Pulled top end off today

    Is there a sequence in tightening the studs? Have an oil leak that is getting worse. Think this may be the problem. Right side back cylinder. Engine has not overheated, however it has been in the high yellow often. On warm days during a long climb have to level off to let the engine cool down.
  7. ZZ Top

    Rotax running rough

    Thank you to all, will be going to airport this evening to fly. Will check this out then. It is remarkable how well the engine runs with the new modules. Starts immediately. The seat belts are still a pain the behind. Have tried some of your suggestions. Still not a happy camper.
  8. ZZ Top

    Rotax running rough

    Thank you Tom. Did check the line through the air box, connected. If the slide is not moving freely, why would this happen only midrange between four and 5 K? Plus this does not happen all of the time and at times much more severe than others. Did check the carb bowls for contamination, clean.
  9. ZZ Top

    Rotax running rough

    My 2006 CTSW with 912ULS, 510 hours. Engine starts great, runs great, especially with the new soft start modules. Problem, after take off, climbing to altitude, going to cruise all is well. When I throttle down to about 4500 RPMS the engine runs very very rough, almost to the point that it seems to be starving for fuel. If I go back to full power the engine will smooth out and run well. Lower the RPMS to 4100 engine runs good. Have the carbs rebuilt and balanced. Any ideas? Thank you in advance for your input.
  10. ZZ Top

    Failed ignition modules

    Is anyone receiving any modules yet? Ordered mine two months ago. Called Leading Edge, they said they are not even manufacturing any yet. Was told maybe they will have some in December. What really is happening? Why is Rotax not doing anything about this situation? Would think they are using them on the new engines they are producing. If they ordered, let's say a two or three hundred batch at a time, one would think they might help out the owners of these great engines.
  11. ZZ Top

    Inside the Ignition module

    Hi Guys, This is my first post. Being a newbie in flying, want to thank you all for your input in many situations. It is very obvious that you do not all agree with each other, but as long as you do not come to blows, this can be a good thing. Wish to share my first incident. Purchased a 2006 CT a four months ago. Three days after taking possession could not get the engine to start. Figured it was the battery. With a strong battery, engine started. Problem, engine would not start after sitting for a few days. Skipping ahead, was gone for two months on a project. Had an annual done while gone. Upon arrival home, went to fly. No start. From reading your posts, tried the ice bag remedy. It worked. With this happening, let the engine run longer before take off to make sure all was OK. On mag check, there was absolutely no drop at all. Did a normal take off. At 800 FT on left cross wind the engine quit. This was the day I was to solo. What an experience. Had an A&P come to the field to find the problem. Both ignition modules bad. He said that with the extra time on the ramp and with high temps the module will fail under high demand or something like that. The good out of this is that as a student can say that I experienced a dead stick landing. Now know that an emergency does not give you any warning. It happens now. A priceless experience that could save a life in the future. Feel that Rotax really needs to be addressing this situation. Any input?
  12. where to have carbs rebuilt