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  1. AZAV8OR

    Thank you and farewell

    Tim, Count on it! Also, as I'm not that much faster in my Archer, I'd like to join you on some of your aviation safaris. Please include me in emails announcing same.
  2. That's what clinched the deal. I told the new owner I'd throw in the airplane if he met my price for the footrest!
  3. AZAV8OR

    Thank you and farewell

    Thank you, Andy!
  4. AZAV8OR

    Thank you and farewell

    I suspect we will "see" each other on COPA regularly!
  5. AZAV8OR

    Thank you and farewell

    Thanks, Doug!
  6. AZAV8OR

    Thank you and farewell

    Greetings all, I'm happy to report that my CTLS is headed to a new home in WI. I will suggest that the new owner join this fine group of pilots. That said, it's time for me to fly my Archer to other venues. I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you that interacted with me over the past two years. You all welcomed me from my first post and have become aviation family. I'll check in occasionally to see wassup with the CT community. Endless CAVU days to all! ????
  7. As usual, your facts are incorrect. Now that my CT has sold, I'm going to head off into the sunset. I will miss the fine people here.
  8. She's going to a good home in WI.
  9. Delusional as always...
  10. It took less than three weeks for the the group dynamic at COPA to permanently handle that problem. I just wish that this site...
  11. Thanks, Bill. I look forward to sharing!
  12. Website moderators: is there a way for me to permanently mute a specific user's posts?
  13. Thanks, Bill. Yes, in fact I have. I now own a '98 Piper Archer III. It just came out of the interior shop and is now at the avionics shop getting a panel-ectomy. I will post photos when she's show ready.
  14. Thanks, Ed. Now that he's persona non grata at COPA, I only have one site where I have to ignore him.
  15. SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!