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  1. Deleted. Not LSA related.
  2. FastEddieB

    With the new day...

    Tab closed. Have fun you guys.
  3. Bear in mind, I have not pointed any fingers at anyone in this thread. Members are free to guess who I might be referring to. I was just suggesting I felt it was a single person causing most of the dissention. But why start a thread, supposedly seeking feedback, if said feedback is apparently going to be ignored out of hand?
  4. From this user's perspective, there is one primary culprit. Which makes the solution patently obvious.
  5. Bear in mind we have a member here who actually boasted of trollish behavior on another forum after being banned - or encouraged to not renew his membership - there. I think that speaks volumes and should carry some weight as the admins decide once again the proper course of action.
  6. Since my name came up... My working solution has been to de facto ignore a member. What I mean is I still read their posts, but refuse to engage them directly, even when I'm referenced in a post. If their post contains incorrect or hazardous advice, I will just PM the person who asked the advice. A recent example? The advice to pump high pressure air into a pitot tube. I felt a need to warn against such advice, but again did not wish to get dragged into a back-and-forth that experience tells me virtually never has a good outcome. Similarly, I read the NASA thread with bemusement, but choose not to post there - seems like a colossal waste of time. I have no problem with political threads - it's easy enough to just not click on them. Anyway, that works for me. YMMV.
  7. That's what I did - I have separate ignition switches and it was not clear which switch was connected to which module. I did a Google image search for "rotax 912 color wiring" and came up with lots of good schematics and photos. Here's just one: Sorry, I can't help with anything CT-specific.
  8. FastEddieB

    4 camera angles vs 2 at 24 mega pixels - Mornin Coffee flight

    Thanks for clarifying that. I really had no idea what you were talking about!
  9. FastEddieB

    New Non-Aviation Toy

    Do it! Probably be able to find you a hangar and you can stay in our travel trailer if you don't mind roughing it. Looks like a fun car, Andy! Let me know if you need any guidance or help with the E-LSA conversion - I can't imagine you'd ever regret it.
  10. FastEddieB

    4 camera angles vs 2 at 24 mega pixels - Mornin Coffee flight

    Beautiful - as always. A small thing: maybe just choose one transition and use that almost exclusively. Otherwise a viewer can start to wonder, "What transition's coming next?" which is distracting. I tend to like the "Cross fade" or "Cross blur" for most transitions. Other's preferences may vary, of course.
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    Garmin GPSMap 396 Updating Cable

    Glad that worked out! Mark that cable and keep it in a special place!
  12. FastEddieB

    New 915iS Engine

    My Grumman Traveler had one. O-320, that is. I think my second Citabria did as well. I wonder what 35 extra hp would do for my Sky Arrow? 100 kt+ TAS? One can only dream!
  13. FastEddieB

    Garmin GPSMap 396 Updating Cable

    Let me reiterate - in my experience, not just any cable will do. I've tried many that will not "see" the GPS when plugged in.
  14. FastEddieB

    Garmin GPSMap 396 Updating Cable

    It's basically a USB to mini-USB cable, though from my experience not all will work. My Garmin cable has a thicker, cylindrical portion that may provide a clue as to why some simpler cables may not work. Might I suggest eBay? In an emergency I could send you mine, but I'd want it back when you're done.
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    CT photos

    Birds of a feather...
  16. I was recommended this book by my ex-brother-in-law: http://www.arvindguptatoys.com/arvindgupta/tonyawareness.pdf I've enjoyed it many times, and Doug's post above reflects on thoughts contained therein. An easy read when you gave the time, and well worthwhile. Oh, and as a Twilight Zone fan, I got the reference in the thread title immediately!
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    Recent S FL trip in Sky Arrow

    Here's a quick trip report of my trip to S FL to renew my CFI certificate. On the trip down, I had 5 to 10 kt headwinds. They increased with altitude so I stayed low, below the bases, mostly between about 1,200' and 2,500'. Chose KAMG (Alma, GA ) for a first fuel stop based on fuel prices, but since I was just getting under 1/4 tank I figured it couldn't hurt to stop just a little short at KAZE (Hazlehurst, GA) for fuel (click on images to enlarge): On the way to Daytona, there were some showers to circumnavigate. My avionics are pretty crude compared to some, but I am still amazed at the amount of info I have at my disposal. Compare the 496 view with the view off the right wing: KDAB (Daytona, FL) for fuel, which was pretty hectic, then down to X59, (Valkaria) just south of Melbourne, where we stayed with friends. Some pretty views: But some IFR (I Follow Roads) as well: In this case I-95! Best not to neglect obstacles! Anyway, got down to HWO (Hollywood, FL) and did the check ride on Monday, then headed home yesterday. Had about 5 kt tailwinds but a scattered layer with pretty high cumulus tops again kept me low. Chose FIN (Flagler Executive) as a less hectic stop for fuel on the way back. Got a nice view of Daytona with its track as I flew by: Stopped again at AZE for fuel on the way home. Convective Sigmet along my route and had to detour east over Athens, GA to get around storms. One of the smaller storms provided a nice rainbow as I went by: Hard to see here, but I love it when the mountains just come into view, near Gainesville, GA: And, again, the joy of arriving home: To be summarized in the next post - there appears to be a limit as to how many images can be embedded in a single post.
  18. FastEddieB

    Recent S FL trip in Sky Arrow

    Look for a PM or call from me later.
  19. FastEddieB

    Recent S FL trip in Sky Arrow

    Well, that could work out then. I would need some guidance getting it working on my iPad. Would not be a problem so long as you can act as PIC of the aircraft you provide. If you have no medical, it would have to be a Light Sport, of course, and your BFR would have to be current. Let me know when it's convenient. As an aside, another hidden benefit to being an active CFI again is I'll save about $75/yr on WingXPro7, since they offer it for free to CFI's.
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    Recent S FL trip in Sky Arrow

    Sounds like that could work out well for someone. Too bad you're so far away.
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    Recent S FL trip in Sky Arrow

    !amabO sknahT
  22. Maybe next it will be Kenya?
  23. FastEddieB

    Recent S FL trip in Sky Arrow

    Thanks. That was actually off my right wing - the wing is so far back it can fool you! Sometimes I use fight following, other times not. From the mountains to Hazlehurst I didn't bother - probably should but sometimes its nice to just fly along and not need talk to anyone. I did pick it up north of Jacksonville, due to all the military activity and parachute jumping in the vicinity of Jacksonville. Later I was looking at two storms I could fly between, and Daytona Approach told me the coast itself was clear - as it often is on FL afternoons as the storms build up inland. Getting ready to go between the two storms: Bear in mind, the general rule is to give mature thunderstorms a 20 mile berth, but these smaller FL air mass thunderstorms tend to be a bit more benign. On the trip back, I always try to view it as "leapfrogging" from one airport to the next, always having an out - or two. IOW, deviate around the big storms SE of Atlanta east to Athens, and if all else fails I can land there and overnight. By then, Gainesville GA looked doable. By that point, it was clear over to Jasper, GA, and so on. If everything clicks you just might finish a trip as planned! I'll research the Skyguard units - thanks again!
  24. As an aside, it took me a day to "get" your screen name. Just a little slow, I guess.