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  1. Lsapilot

    Shaft bearing

    Good to know. Thanks! My tail number is 665DG. Sound familiar? bought it from Dick J. I'm on cape Cod, MA. Flew it back from Tucson. Flying it to OSH. Great x country plane.
  2. Lsapilot

    Shaft bearing

    Tom, Thanks for your response. I think it's gear lash. I was mistaken with my analysis. I returned to the plane and discovered that I was wrong thinking that the movement was for and aft. In fact it's rotational. by moving one blade back and forth in a rotational direction, (of course nowhere near turning the engine over), the other two move in unison. It's very slight, fraction of an inch., and I only need one finger to move the blade. What do you think...
  3. Lsapilot

    Shaft bearing

    1. How does one check prop shaft bearing? 2. When moving each blade for and aft I get a slight movement. Is that normal? Neuform prop
  4. My plane sat in the hangar for a month due to bad weather. Recently I checked the fuel and noticed that there was only 1-2 gal. in left wing and 8 gal. in the right wing. When I checked fuel after the last flight they were mostly even. So somehow fuel drained to right tank while just sitting in the hangar. The wings looked level but I didn't use a carpentry level to measure. I would appreciate any suggestions as how to avoid this and what would cause this to occur. thanks....
  5. Lsapilot

    Mounting of GPS antenna for ADSB in.

    I'm preparing to install the Garmin GDL 82 ADSB in for my CTLS. the installer had some questions concerning where to mount the GPS antenna. He also has some concerns whether a composite expert would be required to install the ground in the fuselage. Any suggestions would be appreciated from anyone who has upgraded to ADSB. Thanks..
  6. Lsapilot

    Battery charger

    I have a Battery Minder model 2012 (Not the AGM 2012-AGM). The company web site notes that it is not for use in Light Sport Airplanes. Are they just trying to get me to buy another charger? there was no mention of this precaution when i first purchased the 2012 model. It doesn't seem to charge very well and occasionally I get a light showing dead cell. But the battery is new. When the plane has been down for a few weeks the voltage in the Dynon reads only 11.00 to 11.3. After flying it reads about 11.8. Second Question. I have a cheap BATTERY TENDER I PAID $50 for. Would that hurt the odyssey 310? It seems to charge much better. Thanks for any help.
  7. Lsapilot

    Aileron trim wheel is loose.

    Thanks. I'll have a look.
  8. The aileron trim wheel has suddenly become free wheeling and doesn't seem to be connected to any cables. It's loose and turns freely on its axis... What do I need to remove to gain access and attempt fix the problem.. Second question...how to get it back on track. Appreciate any help in this matter. thanks....
  9. Lsapilot


    thanks for your response, guys.....
  10. What type of lubricant would work well on the side window sliding fresh air vents?
  11. Lsapilot

    Door lock problem

    I did try locking the door unlatched, but no joy there. the locking mechanism works freely when door is open, so no lubricant is needed. it's just when the tab drops down as I turn the key, it doesn't fit into the slot in the frame. The locking tab in the door is not aligned properly with the slot in the frame. I've tried pulling and pushing on the door as I attempt to lock it, but no help there.
  12. Lsapilot

    Door lock problem

    Sorry i didn't explain this properly. My question is about the key lock not the pins and insert into the frame.
  13. Lsapilot

    Door lock problem

    Having a new problem with locking one of my doors on my 2008 CTLS. The metal lock tab no longer inserts into the opening in the door frame. I close the door all the way using the latch inside the cockpit and even push on the door and still it won't slide into the opening in the frame. Any thoughts?
  14. Lsapilot

    Weight and balance

    Would someone be kind enough to share with me a weight and balance spreadsheet for my 2008 CTLS that I can use on the iMac with all the proper arms. I'm having difficulties finding this information for pilot, baggage, etc. POH doesn't help. Thanks!
  15. Lsapilot

    Flap settings

    Yes, I'm using the flap controller switch. thanks for your input. I've decided not to use this setting as there wasn't much of a speed increase.