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  1. Thank you for the excellent advice I've been receiving. I removed the top center panel. I could see the fuel shutoff valve and the rod that controlled it. When I raised the handle to allow gas to flow, fuel began to drip underneath the valve. Arian is ordering one for me to be replaced. Happy new year to everyone.
  2. Thank you for your response......
  3. Upon shut down I noticed a puddle of fuel on hanger floor. There is a small hole in belly of plane, almost directly under throttle area in cockpit, from where fuel is dripping. . I think the openings are for water collecting in plane. Two flights before this occurred I smelled fuel when shutting down but no leak at those times . Maybe the leak is from that area where throttle and other controls are located.. Should I open and expose that panel and take a look? Thanks for help...
  4. I used white vinyl tape 2" wide for my wing gaps. I don't remember the brand name. I ordered it from Arian at Flight Design.
  5. Thank you, Anticept, I'll give it a try next time i fly...
  6. After applying solvent, a good way to remove softened material is a credit card.
  7. Issues have been fixed with the 496 not talking to the autopilot. The data/power cable to the 496 was faulty and was replaced. Still no audio from the 496.
  8. I'm aware the problem is not the transponder. The problem originated during the installation of the new transponder. Along with loss of audio I'm not getting power to the GPS. I have to turn it on manually. The auto pilot is not receiving information for the GPS and won't work properly. Also missing is information that should be appearing on the Dynon PFD. l All was working well until the avionics shop got a hold of it. Could it have something do with the data cable?
  9. I recently had a Garmin GTX335 ADSB out transponder installed replacing a GTX330. After the installation I do not hear voice warnings through my headset for "TRAFFIC" and "RADAR NOT AVAILABLE", which I previously did with old Xponder. Installer has no answer. Would anyone know what was changed? The audio connector in back of the 496 is plugged in. I'm not sure which avionics controls aural messages. Hope someone has an answer.. Thanks!
  10. Does anyone have any experience with the uAvionics tailBeacon? Is a modified template needed? thanks....
  11. I have a CTLS. By the way, did you have to make any modifications with the screw holes.?
  12. Thanks for the information. Let me know how things work for you as time goes on.
  13. Coppercity, Can you tell me what modifications you had to make to install the device on the wing tip. How is the unit working out for you? Would appreciate any info you could give me. thanks...
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