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  1. tespn

    Fuel Trailer

    Interesting you can store fuel vapor but not fuel. Good news about that is: after the explosion it won't burn long.
  2. tespn

    Fuel Trailer

    Andy, Where did you get your hazardous placard/decal? I built a fuel trailer last winter and would like to put a placard on it. It appears I have the same tank as you. I have already had one fuel station operator come out and inspect mine while filling; glad I bought a DOT certified tank! Both of these trailers are outstanding and look a bit nicer than mine. Are you using a "dip stick" for checking fuel level? I bought a nice 36" aluminum one and it works great. Todd
  3. tespn

    Looking to rent CT in FL

    Thanks all. I will try to contact you all in the next few days.
  4. I will be going to Florida for a few weeks this Feb and but do not really want to fly my CTLS down from Ohio in winter. I would like to rent one while I'm there if possible. Does anyone know of a flight school or flying club that rents CTLS (or CT) in central or western FL? I have owned my 2011 CTLS about 30 months and have about 400 hours of CTLS time. Thanks.
  5. I'm certainly not an expert and my comments were simply to highlight it took me some time to feel really comfortable in my CTLS. I think my perceived differences are generally related to the weight of the aircraft. I find my CTLS to be easily tossed around compared to the other planes and the plane responds pretty quickly to control input making it easy to "chase" the centerline on crosswind approaches. Sometimes, I add ballast when flying solo in windy conditions and find that makes the airplane much easier for me to control. Other than the CTSW and a Searey (once each), I haven't flown any other light sports and I would assume them to be similar on windy days. I have flown my CTLS on a number of cross countries and the avionics package and "button pushing" Corey referred to above is a welcome aspect when covering a few hundred NM or more. Total CTLS package is very good. Windy days aren't nearly as enjoyable as calmer days. All that said ... I wouldn't trade for a 172 and the added hassle to get a medical.
  6. There is a guy looking to trade his 182 on the forum now if you have any interest. Best of luck. I learned to fly in the CTLS and then bought one. I've rarely flown other planes (CTSW, 172, Warrior, GrumenTiger, RV10, RV7, Varga) but I am always amazed at how easy they all are to fly compared to the CT! That said, I'm comfortable in mine now having done about 600 landings and flying it a few hundred hours in the first year. I didn't realize how much rudder I was using until I flew a CTSW and skidded it through the first couple turns. My plane requires a bit of right rudder trim to fly level and when you reduce the throttle for base and final it requires significant left rudder to be coordinated. If I was having trouble with the ball, I would be adding in a little left rudder trim on the downwind leg and that could really help.
  7. tespn

    Anyone installed a 2020 ADS-B system?

    Paul, Great looking checklist. Did your upgrade to V14 go smoothly? I'm interested in do same. Thx. Todd
  8. I am using my factory ADSB-OUT via the 261 and a Stratus receiver to receive ADSB TISB on Foreflight. On last flight, I saw a number of bogeys on the Skyview TIS that were not present on Stratus/Foreflight and very little traffic from my Stratus/Foreflight combo. Has anyone with a factory 261 transponder seen their ADSB IN reception diminish in the last month? Dynon states that the new ver 14 software must be installed to change SIL & SDA value to 1 (from current value of 0) to continue receiving ADSB broadcasts triggered from the 261. This is a problem for us FD people as we do not have authorization from FD to do so. Are we locked out of ADSB IN information for the foreseeable future?
  9. tespn

    Franz Oil Thermostat

    Kevin what was FD price? I heard a rumor FD wants ~ $1200, is that accurate? I believe mine needs replaced and my European friend ordered one that turned out to be wrong part (#10700) ... now a $450 paper weight after shipping, bank transfer fees, etc. I might order from FD or have my friend order me the correct part number (I think the #10720 fits the CTLS radiator). BTW - If anyone needs the M18 x 1.5 (#10700) I'm open to any reasonable offer.