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  1. Doors Unlatched in Emergency?

    Latched over land- Unlatched and opened if ditching in water. Over water Id also pop chute.
  2. Which gas now?

    God Bless Mexican Coke with good old fashioned sugarcane! Can't get ethanol free gas in CA, or 93 octane but I can get Mexican Coke at Target!
  3. My new landing techniqure

    Ed, I wonder if you have tried your new technique at sea level? (Wondering if your home base altitude 7000+ has any impact on the performance)
  4. Which gas now?

    Ed and I live in California. You cannot buy gas in this state that does not have ethanol in it. Our two options are 91 octane premium with up to 10% etanol (we also dont have 93 octane) or 100LL.
  5. Bringing an old plane back to life.

    Beautiful job... Reminds me of a classic Stephen King thriller (book made into movie) called "Night Flier". A vampire that flew from town to town in his blacked out Skymaster searching for his next victim. (At least he was an accomplished pilot) haha!
  6. Pr-purchase inspection - Dallas

    If no one surfaces a candidate, a thought you might consider is jumping on a plane with Roger Lee and inspecting it with him in Dallas. I have flown Roger out to work on my bird. I think you could do a day trip (AZ not too far). It adds some expense (ticket and some additional time) but its an important aspect of the purchase to make sure you get a good one that has been properly maintained.
  7. Which gas now?

    In California I'm not sure it matters all that much Ed, all gasoline is refined in just a handful of places (at least for summer blend). The question is really who is dumping in what additives. I often wonder about gas v 100LL and is it really worth all the hassle to go get my gas trailer filled and then pump it in my tanks (wondering about quality) or just do more frequent oil changes and use 100LL. I'm currently using 91 mo gas that I buy up at the closest station (think its a Citgo). Knock on wood, no water and no issues.
  8. Low-hour CTLS/CTLSi wanted

    There are several listed for sale on Controller. What's your budget look like? I see a CTLSi at $140k (but its been sitting a while so perhaps could be had for a bit less). https://www.controller.com/listings/aircraft/for-sale/list/category/433/light-sport-aircraft/manufacturer/flight-design
  9. Can a B-Cool fit in a CTLS?

    I think on an E-LSA version, a compromise could simply be a larger window in the Plexiglas (with larger fold out vent). Keep the door closed but have a larger airflow capture. Once upon a time you could get a photography window that was much larger. Seems with the door staying shut, you have room to play with the window area.
  10. Can a B-Cool fit in a CTLS?

    For the first time in 9 years, just a few days ago I taxied with the pilot side door open (after removing the maps from the door pocket of course). I have to say, I was amazed at the difference. I'm sold... no more closed door on a hot day! I too had considered a B-Cool... Not anymore!
  11. Newbie needs advice please

    Every 5 years a Rotax 912 (ULS or iS) requires virtually all rubber hoses to be replaced. This includes fuel lines, and water hoses. Its an extensive job that will set you back ~$2,000 to ~$2500 parts and labor. This is required on any LSA with a Rotax engine. (Its not a CT thing).
  12. Newbie needs advice please

    If you go used. Get the bird inspected by Roger (In AZ and highly visible here on the forum). Roger has been a CT owner for years and is an expert CT mechanic. I once flew him to CA to work on my CTSW! The big maint item at 5 years is the rotax rubber replacement. If your bird is near or just past 5 years you either have an expense looming or you want to make sure it was done right! (~$2000 to $2500). make careful inspection of landing gear and attachment points inside baggage area. Carbon Fiber fractures suddenly, not slowly. If the plane has had hard landings more apt to have a gear collapse. Look for any signs of stress cracking or fracture lines where gear attaches. Thats my 2 cents on what to look for
  13. Newbie needs advice please

    Thanks! Not sure if its wisdom or dribble but its based on my 9 years flying all 3 models of CT :-)
  14. Newbie needs advice please

    OK - I will bite... I have owned an flown a CTSW, CTLS and CTLSi. I have flown the SportCruiser and the RV-12. Each of these planes has its pros and cons. Since I have bought 3 CT's, I guess that makes me a CT guy. CTSW - Excellent Useful Load - What an amazing feat to have 600 pounds of useful load. I never really noticed all that much difference between the handling characteristics of the CTSW versus CTLS. That extra 14" of boom length may help but I just can't say that was a big deal to me. In any CT, you become a good stick and rudder pilot. CTLS - Useful load declining. The reason I like the CTLS over the CTSW is mainly the improved landing gear. The weak link in my opinion on the CTSW is the springy and relatively light landing gear. Its not a deal killer, useful load should guide the decision but if you really don't need that 600 pounds of useful load, I'd probably go CTLS just to have landing gear that is a little more robust and forgiving. CTLSi - Useful load all but gone. The CTLSi I own weighs in around 850. Nice airplane, lots of toys to play with but they all weigh a lot. Since my mission is short hops, fair weather burger chasing I get by with the lower useful load. If I were to be a long distance hauler with 2 adult males or a heavier female, I would want the useful load of a CTLS or CTSW. In my opinion - which one is all about useful load. Another thought - I think no matter what you buy I'd go for Tundra Gear (larger rear tires). They add just a little more flexibility to landings. As for flying a CT (any of them) the biggest thing to master is learning how to land one. I don't care how many hours you have in fighter jets, SR22's, Mooney's or Cessna's - learning to land a CT is where you should focus some quality time with a competent CFI (many right here, Eric in AZ since you mentioned AZ). You need to spend quality time doing some dual transition training focused mostly on landings. You should then do a couple hundred landings solo and continue to log landings by the dozens every chance you get. There are more arguments here on this forum about landing technique than any other topic. If the CT has any finicky attitudes - they all center on landing! Why not SportCruiser? RV12? If you land off airport given the very light weight landing gear on any of these you'll most likely flip over. Can't open a bubble canopy when its upside down. In an RV12 you'll be drenched in gasoline and roast like a fine tom turkey. In a sportcruiser you'll just be trapped since the fuel is on the wings, maybe you don't roast as much or as quickly. That CT has a very strong occupant cell. Flip upside down in one and you'll just undo the door latch and climb out. On speed, I typically only see about 105 but I'm usually not at as high an altitude on my short burger hops. The CT likes to fly fast. It takes an act of congress and a dive to get a Sportcruiser over 100. 120? Not too many LSA's can do that... If Ed is getting 127 - he is doing great! In a CT, you need to SLOW IT DOWN in the pattern (it likes to keep going 100+!)
  15. Skyview Locked Configuration

    I have been considering one! My right seat is open quite a bit. A nice ice chest cooler fan would be a potential for me! Let me know how you like it. They should make a mini LSA version.