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  1. The LSA weight limit is a great topic for a separate thread - here I am just selling an airplane :-)
  2. SInce I am the poster, I think that makes me uniquely qualified to know what I meant when I said that. In my mind I was thinking of the fact that there are CTLS float planes out there that are legally flown at 1430 lbs. Nowhere in my post did I say a person should fly above LSA limits. Perhaps my words were confusing - not my intent so let me simply restate: "The useful load of N764AC is 466" I'll edit my previous post so as to eliminate the confusion.
  3. Empty weight is 854 - Max Useful Load is 466. Weight and Balance.pdf
  4. Yes - It's a 912iS "Sport"
  5. I wont shed any tears if my phone doesnt ring :-)
  6. Offered for sale is a lightly used (~50 hours) Jubilee Edition CTLSi. This aircraft has a Dec 2015 S/N, but was actually delivered to me in July of 2016. It is a fully loaded CTLSi. Dual Dynon Skyview Touch with ADSB in and out, has the auxiliary knob panel, Skyview autopilot, transponder, Garmin 796 w XM, Garmin GTR225 com, PS Industries PM3000 Intercom so on and so forth. The only option I didn't order was the seat belt airbags. Tundra Gear, BRS parachute all the usual stuff... Plane is up to date with all Rotax and Flight Design SB's. All maint has been performed by California Power Systems "CPS" in Corona. Cost new as configured is $179k, save $30k and take this one that is already "dialed in". You can see more on my website, www.CoffeyAviation.com the plane is based out of Fullerton, CA at KFUL. I go through cars and planes like people change their shoes! No issues or problems with this bird. Going to buy a new plane at a different price point and need to empty my hangar first.
  7. Mark - while I have you on the horn... Talk to me about the Astore v p2008. Which is your favorite (and why)?
  8. So perhaps the right answer is to add 2 more planes to my stable? An Astore with 912iS and a P2008 with the 914 :-)
  9. That would be sweet! Best of both worlds, fuel injected and turbo!
  10. Happy New Year Everyone! Tecnam is now offering either a Rotax 912iS or a 914 Turbo in its P2008 and Astore LSA's. It got me thinking - The 912iS is Fuel Injected, the 914 is turbocharged but is back to dual carbs. Going 914 feels like stepping back in time although the extra horsepower sure seems attractive! Toying with the idea of adding a second aircraft to my stable. I have always been drawn to the fit and finish of Tecnam. Having said that I chose FD 3 times in a row for some particular reason!
  11. I make my own FD hats, polos and tee shirts, coffee mugs etc. Just use these. I included a blank one so you can add a layer and say anything you want. Flight Design doesn't mind free advertising.
  12. No price listed on the landing page. I'll bite - how much?
  13. Doors Unlatched in Emergency?

    Latched over land- Unlatched and opened if ditching in water. Over water Id also pop chute.
  14. Which gas now?

    God Bless Mexican Coke with good old fashioned sugarcane! Can't get ethanol free gas in CA, or 93 octane but I can get Mexican Coke at Target!
  15. My new landing techniqure

    Ed, I wonder if you have tried your new technique at sea level? (Wondering if your home base altitude 7000+ has any impact on the performance)