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  1. Anyone have a source for these bearings for the CTSW? WF
  2. One way to check for a static leak is to accelerate while staying right over the runway. At higher speed the pressure in the cabin is lower, and if your static system is exposed to that the altimeter will think you have climbed. WF
  3. A knowledgeable instructor giving me a flight review once opined that visual reference to the surface is satisfied if you are on top but can see the distant mountains. WF
  4. x2! Did you take this analysis to the impossible turn on takeoff conclusion? WF
  5. I have two airspeed indicators and I think Tom is right. The two often differ by 10 knots (but they agree at zero). WF
  6. A common problem, more so with the CTSW. When these birds first came out, a writer for Flying magazine noticed it and really hated the CT. I am so used to it I don't notice it any more. Might check to make sure your wheel pants aren't loose. WF
  7. Is a dry silicone spray lubricant OK for these bearings? WF
  8. If they used port and starboard people would be asking what that meant. WF
  9. I used to chase a target rpm with throttle, cruising over the SW desert with all the up and down drafts. Now I move the throttle less, letting the rpm drift between 5000 and 5500 with the drafts. Don't want to wear out the throttle cables, and its easier to fly her that way. WF
  10. Ethanol can cause problems if you let it sit long enough for the alcohol to separate out. I had problems, only let it sit 2-3 weeks, but the alcohol attacked my fuel tanks. Now I run all 100LL. WF
  11. I get a small rpm increase in my SW when I use the brakes. WF
  12. I use rubber cement applied with a toothpick. WF
  13. I use the window cleaner, plexus. It has some wax in it and will lube without any mess. WF
  14. If I had my medical I would sell my CT and buy a 180 hp 172. Then the dog could ride in the back instead of on my wife's lap! WF
  15. Years ago a mechanic put VGs on the back undersides of the wheel pants. I think it reduced the burbles a little bit. WF
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