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  1. I duct taped some cutouts from clear plastic sheets (old overhead projector slides) over my fuel sight gauge holes. You can still see but it cuts the wind and noise down, which my wife appreciates. WF
  2. 207WF

    Flat Left Main Tire

    I have had 3 flats on landing in my 2007 SW over the past 13 years. Always carry a spare main and a couple of tubes, plus the wrenches to change tire and tube. It is easy to pinch a tube. Maybe I let the tires wear too much, getting maybe 100 hours on a 6 ply smaller tire. My 8 ply nose tire looks like it will last forever. Now I have 8 ply mains so hoping for better outcomes. WF
  3. When loaded for a trip with no pax in my ctsw, if when I push down on the tail it doesn't want to come back up, it means the weight is too far aft. That's the only WB issue I have ever seen with it. WF
  4. Remember the LSA rule limits to 120 knots cas at sea level and maximum continuous power. That could allow 141 true at 10,000 feet. WF
  5. Here is an old rule of thumb that works pretty well. Take IAS and add 2% for each 1,000 feet of altitude. WF
  6. A former mechanic glued on a stall strip, like from a wing stoll kit, on the bottom backside of my wheel pant to help control the shaking in cruise. He aimed them a bit off center but not sure how he figured out how to aim them. WF
  7. I have been on since about 2007, Duane, starting when the forum was called CFlyer and run by a different crew. You might be chronologically older than me, however! WF
  8. Ed, sorry to hear of your mishap! Most pilots know that a quartering tailwind is challenging, but I have seen little discussion of the proper technique if you have to land in a quartering tail wind. We don't want the wind to "get under" the tail. My guess is to use lots of flap and make sure the stick is in your lap on touchdown. Slower than normal would help with the visual sensation of higher speed. Does anyone teach students about this? WF
  9. 207WF

    WingX Bulletin

    My Wing X pro started saying that the sectional, charts and Aopa data bases are "unavailable" when I try to update, although my subscription is good to August 2020. Called Hilton Software tech support, and I was told that my ipad mini is "too old" to be supported. It has IOS 9.3.6, and the tech guy said I have to buy a new ipad with IOS 11. or newer. The ipad otherwise works like new, so this is pretty frustrating. Any suggestions? WF
  10. A practical feel for CG can be developed by pushing down on the tail and noting how much force is takes to lift the nosewheel. If it takes something, likely you are good on CG .WF
  11. One trick is to check on final how much rudder you have left. I think I run out of rudder with flaps 15 when the crosswind is 25 knots. Anything less than that is pretty easy. WF
  12. Also want the glider tape in that area to be in good shape. WF
  13. Wayne is coming in N207WF, but not until Thursday. Phone is (310) 374-5030. See 'yall soon! WF
  14. hope the new guppy mouth helps it run cooler. WF
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