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  1. you are quite the artist, Ed! WF
  2. hope the new guppy mouth helps it run cooler. WF
  3. Where do you order a rocket? Mine is coming up too. WF
  4. 207WF

    Port Clinton 2019

    Sounds fun. I often go to Traverse city after OSH. What is the time frame? WF
  5. This will depend a lot on how your prop is pitched. Go up and open the throttle at a normal cruise altitude and see what you get. I assume if Roger set you up its about 5600 rpm. WF
  6. I am with Tom. Try power off a bit before you are abeam the numbers, flaps 15 and trim for 55-60 knots depending on weight. Turn base about 700 agl. Easy as pie! WF
  7. I get 115 true at 5300 rpm, but the airspeed indicators are usually optimistic and need to be calibrated by flying some triangles. I doubt you were getting 124 true. WF
  8. My wife got me some metal wheel chocks from sporty's, and when we put them in front of the rudder pedals it is a perfect footrest for her. WF
  9. You can order the paper grand canyon chart from Sporty's. WF
  10. Big bear is great. No fees to park overnight and two cafes on the field. The coffee shop makes the best tuna melt in memory. WF
  11. Nothing sets this group off like a question on landings! WF
  12. Reluctantly, Wayne Ferson is cancelling in 207WF. Sure hope to see you all next year! WF
  13. Wayne Ferson is coming in N207WF. Plan to fly in on Thursday (have to teach Wednesday) and leave on Sunday. Looking forward to this! WF
  14. They straddle the control sticks on the floor, wire out of the way so the next entry won't mess with them. WF
  15. Did you ever resolve your high oil temps in the climb Ed?
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