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  1. Engine overheating in the climb in hot wx. This has been the most significant downside to the plane. WF
  2. Mine is 15 years old and has been a good soldier, but I would like an IFR GPS for practice GPS approaches. My 496 mounting hole is 4 1/8 x 6 1/4, with plenty of depth behind I think (CTSW). so it looks like a GTN 635xi, GTN 650 or GNS 430 might fit the hole. Maybe I could get toggle switches for com 1, com2, and since I have an ILS head maybe I could get one for Nav 1, Nav2, and keep the two place intercom. at least that is what I am hoping for. Any opinions? WF
  3. Last month Hawthorne CA to Phoenix to New Orleans lakefront, with 2 stops in Texas, then back. 31 hours in 10 days. Great to be back in the air and going places after such a long time stuck in the world of covid. WF
  4. 207WF


    Not to worry, almost 1700 hours on my SW and I still manage to plunk it down sometimes. WF
  5. 207WF

    SW or LS

    Many XC hours at 5250 rpm in my SW have averaged 4.6 gph at 112-115 TAS. WOT is set to 5550. WF
  6. It's a black rubber O-ring. Does anyone know where to get these for a CTSW? WF
  7. I have found that over time the sight tubes change shape a bit, so your initial calibration of the fuel levels using them will drift over time. WF
  8. 207WF


    well, after going back to 100LL the wing has remained stable. Maybe I have just been lucky! WF
  9. Same pitot static, and I have checked for leaks. It's the FD analog gauge that is so optimistic and it gets worse with age. The dynon D10 is only three knots too high in cruise. Nice to have two. WF
  10. I have seen some CTs that replaced the nose gear bolts with longer ones to which you could attach a simple tow bar. As Tom said, don't turn it to the side too much! WF
  11. Our airspeed indicators are so inaccurate that IAS vs CAS is relatively trivial. I only know that because I have two airspeed indicators. They can differ by 10% at times (although, of course, they agree at zero). WF
  12. A trim stall in my CTSW was the most extreme thing I have done. Trim full nose up, flaps -6, less than manuvering speed, then full power and let go of the stick. You will think you pointed straight up when it stalls. In fact, this is so crazy I will not recommend it. WF
  13. 207WF


    Not worried about water, but I made the mistake of leaving e10 in the tank unflown for too long one time, and the alcohol starting eating my fuel tank sealant. Caught it in time and switched to 100LL only. WF
  14. the 200 hp cardinal RG was my favorite of many rentals over the years, and I have about 600 hours in them. 140-143 knots on 10.5 gph. 60 gallons of fuel plus about 700 pounds, and a really comfortable cabin. NIce instrument platform, and I flew a lot of IFR living in Seattle. The back seat pax felt like they were in a private jet. Dog liked it, too. WF
  15. Anyone have a source for these bearings for the CTSW? WF
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