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  1. 10th Annual Page CT and Light Sport Fly-in

    Wayne Ferson is planning to come in 207WF, arriving Thursday. Looking forward to the fete!
  2. Student pilot thinking about an FD

    Oh, and lets not forget half the fuel burn of a 172 and using mogas! WF
  3. You are getting good at this photography stuff, CT. WF
  4. cracked brake line nut

    OK, Matco says they have the part. Andy knew it was a "Roger Lee Conversion." (Parker wanted 50 minimum, 40 days and send it for a bid). $3.50 for the nut and ferrel. WF
  5. cracked brake line nut

    Thanks guys. I have learned it is a 12 mm compression fitting, and that the standard hardware/auto store 1/4" is just a bit too large. I will try parker and matco next. I still have my bleeding apparatus so should be able to do that! WF
  6. Was getting the bird ready for the fly-in today when I discovered that the nut that attaches the hydraulic fluid line to the matco brake on the right side of my CTSW was cracked through, almost in two pieces. Looking through my CTSW parts and assembly manual, while they show the nut (its a 12mm) all over the place in the brake system images, I don't see where a part number for it listed, unless it is shown as "Connector, A-Lek-6/4-1/8MSv." I am not sure. Now, if I can get a replacement nut, will I be able to remove the brake line and get the nut over it, or is this going to be more difficult than that? I was hoping that I could do this without getting air in the system and having to bleed the brakes, which I recall is a real pain, and I don't have much brake fluid on hand. WF
  7. Wayne and Nancy have to cancel, argggh. I found a mechanical problem with the brake system today. Questions on that on the appropriate thread. Really sorry to have to miss this year. WF
  8. Mater switch for autopilot?

    You could pull its circuit breaker pre shut down and close it after startup as part of your routine. WF
  9. Wayne Ferson is coming. Not sure yet about Nancy. Plan to join in on the raft trip, too!
  10. AOPA

    Roger Lee, media star! WF
  11. This was clearly not written by a native English speaker, so I don't think one of us can help. WF
  12. Very erratic oil pressure

    Take out the oil pressure regulator ball or cone and look it over. They use to all have balls and later went to springs in order to stabilizer the oil pressure. Having the cone is one of the conditions for the 2000 hour TBO. Over time, the cone can get scored, which might affect the oil pressure. WF
  13. 130kts TAS :)

    CT has one of the lightest planes in the fleet (what is the empty weight?), and prop pitched for 15K density altitude, running WOT, he sure is fast. I like scrapman's challenge, though. Looking forward to the report. WF
  14. How many hours on your CT?

    1250 on my 2007 CTSW. WF
  15. CT photos

    California CoastCopilot