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  1. 207WF

    11th Annual CT/LSA Fly-in, Page AZ Oct 17-21

    Reluctantly, Wayne Ferson is cancelling in 207WF. Sure hope to see you all next year! WF
  2. 207WF

    11th Annual CT/LSA Fly-in, Page AZ Oct 17-21

    Wayne Ferson is coming in N207WF. Plan to fly in on Thursday (have to teach Wednesday) and leave on Sunday. Looking forward to this! WF
  3. 207WF

    headset hanger

    They straddle the control sticks on the floor, wire out of the way so the next entry won't mess with them. WF
  4. 207WF

    CTSW - climbed to 17,000' this morning

    Did you ever resolve your high oil temps in the climb Ed?
  5. How about the FD logo computer case they gave me when mine was new. Its getting worn out. WF
  6. I have about 100 hours in the right seat. I am not as good from the right, but basically safe and I often put newbies in the left seat for a ride. Can't see the instruments as well from the right, though. WF
  7. 207WF

    Forum upgrade coming

    Thanks for all the work. This has been an invaluable forum for CT owners. I bet my plane is worth 10K more because of it. WF
  8. 207WF

    2018 CTLsi GT - 3 screen Dynon

    A real question here is: what does weight with this equipment? WF
  9. 207WF

    UAvionix install

    Does MRA approved mean FD LOA?
  10. Has FD given us an LOA for uAvionix Echo and SkyFYX ADSB?
  11. 207WF

    CTLS vs CTSW

    One point of comparison that did not come up for CTLS vs CTSW: The baggage bay in the LS is compromised by the configuration of the flap mechanisms to allow that hat shelf. You can put a lot more in the baggage bay of an SW. WF
  12. This was done when new ten years ago in Nevada, allows access to the bin under the floor. WF
  13. 207WF

    Low Cost ADS/B solutions

    Is the Echo control panel needed for the Uat Echo set up with the SKyFYX Gps source? WF
  14. 207WF

    10th Annual Page CT and Light Sport Fly-in

    Wayne Ferson is planning to come in 207WF, arriving Thursday. Looking forward to the fete!
  15. 207WF

    Student pilot thinking about an FD

    Oh, and lets not forget half the fuel burn of a 172 and using mogas! WF