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  1. Congratulations now get out there and enjoying the flying!
  2. I have lost track here. Life after 60 is a big learning curve for me ! did any plans get circulated on this design? perhaps I can fined someone locally to put one together for me. I would be very grateful indeed to obtain a set best
  3. Same here.... without skills 😐 If anyone has an interest in make a few extra I too would love to pay a fair price Thanks
  4. AG Did you track down a footrest ? I too am now on the hunt for one
  5. Congrats Chris ! You will enjoy your time with the CT. If you ever find yourself in the Central Valley let me know and I will buy you a cup of coffee. Best
  6. Hi Sully, 

    I accepted a deposit this evening on my LS.

    Thanks, Tip

    1. Sully209


      Congratulations sorry for my d e l a y in responding 



  7. Tip Would you please send me some information on your 2008 Thanks much
  8. Folks I have placed my 2009 CTLS on Contoller for sale. She is a fun little aircraft however, my needs have changed and will be moving back into something a little larger. Beech Bonanza is on the top of the list. Less than 370 hours, chute repacked, new hoses, upgrade to Garmin 796 ADS-B in and out. https://www.controller.com/listings/aircraft/for-sale/19716411/2009-flight-design-ctls
  9. Sorry to say we are canceling our journey from California as the weather is not looking promising. Very sad here hoping for next year. Enjoy folks
  10. Hopefully my shop has placed in eon order for me. I expect with antenna and install to be closer to maybe $1400 No SkyView or GARMIN G3X here.
  11. The A20 is the route I decided to go and have seen a couple of different prices from $850-$1,100 none the less a great option I feel Told my radio shop to order one for me when they are ready to ship
  12. N234Z plus one for my first visit. Also a buddy in a Piper plus one .... for their first trip to the area. Will begin to look for other accommodations in the area which should not be a problem I am sure.
  13. Thanks for the pictures Dick Nice looking install
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