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  1. markus

    Garmin 696 as an EFB

    Picture is in my gallery now. Did you try customized Checklist on the Garmin 695? I do and I really love it. I can send you the example file for my CT LS if you like. Markus
  2. markus

    My baby

  3. markus

    Garmin 696 as an EFB

    Hello, I'm also new, so let me tell you my experience. I use the garmin 695 and I also ask myselfe, if it will be possible to see pfd-files on the display. this is not possible yet. I thried the Jeppesen Chart-View and I must say this is what you propably need. First of all you need onetime the Chart-View-Key for your device. Than you can order the georeferenced Charts from Jeppesen. Not very comfable to order as you have to call for ordering. But than you have all the approach charts available on your Garmin. Not very cheap, but usefull. Not very cheap because the Charts expires in some month. I have to say, that I use the europe coverage, so maybe it is different in US. I try to post a example picture of the chart...
  4. markus

    CT Pilot needs help

    Dear all, thank you for all the helpfull posts. I will try to contact Flight-Desing by phone as there was no answer to my email. Yes, I'm from Germany and I will fly with my own CT-LS across the atlantic. I found the visa procedur in germany (interview required...). But I did not found information about visa-waiver. Onother question you sure can answer is, which charts do I need from greenland, canada to the US? And will I need a special permission from FAA for the US-aircpace (and what about canada)? I heard this is only possible for ferry flights, e.g. for an exhibition plane at Oshkosh. Does anyone knows about that? Please keep on with all your very kind information! Thank you again! Markus
  5. markus

    CT Pilot needs help

    Dear CT-Pilots, I'm a german CTLS-Pilot and I plan to fly from Europe to USA and visit Oshkosh 2016. I urgently need personel contact to Flight-Design USA. Does anyone of you have a direct contact or a phone-number? The other thing is to organise my visit at oshkosh. What do I have to organise in advance? Best regards from Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany Markus www.sorgatz.org