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  1. gbrasch

    2015 Annual Page, AZ Fly-In

    Actually, the largest copper mine in Arizona, and maybe the US is in Morenci, AZ, makes those outside of Tucson look small.
  2. gbrasch

    2015 Annual Page, AZ Fly-In

    Got the reservation, they still had rooms but she was too busy to tell me how many. Glenn
  3. gbrasch

    2015 Annual Page, AZ Fly-In

    Roger, looking forward to my 1st "Page" if I can get that reservation squared away. You know everything about me except maybe my N-number, it is N194GB. Glenn
  4. gbrasch

    New (Free) Aviation Smart Phone App

    Congrats CT owners and Roger Lee on the story in todays G.A. News. And a quick update, A.C.C's now has over 1350 listings and approaches 6000 downloads. I am also now accepting upgraded memberships for FBO's and small ads for aviation related businesses if anyone is interested. Hey, I have to pay for this somehow! Still free to pilots. Tailwinds, Glenn
  5. From AvWeb: Press Release New App for Airport Cars ReleasedDecember 31, 2014 "Airport Courtesy Cars" is a recently released phone app that lists airports that have crew cars and courtesy transportation nationwide. Currently it lists over 1100 locations, with new locations added daily. Listings are in a state by state format and on a Google map. Phone numbers are shown for the businesses that can be dialed directly from the app. Please note at the present time this is a phone app only, so if you search for it on your tablet it will not show. You can load it on an iPad by searching for iPhone apps from your iPad. Contact the developer directly from the app, or email him at airportcars101@gmail.com for more information.