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  1. rhanson

    Phoenix area CT dual flight wanted

    Well how was the the CT adventure in Bisbee ?
  2. rhanson

    Phoenix area CT dual flight wanted

    While you are at it, log some Skymaster, C337 time with Eric. Not too many log book entries with that experience. RH
  3. rhanson

    Odyssey Battery PC310 Cheap

    The code was presented to me in the sale info, ( oh BTW, I opened an acct. w/ APEX ); and I think that I saw sales tax before I joined, but not after, only the shipping.
  4. rhanson

    Odyssey Battery PC310 Cheap

    Thanks folks for the input. Here's is the latest: August 25, 2017 6:08:34 PM PDT Item Sku Qty Subtotal Odyssey PC310 Battery APX-PC310-ABX-55201 1 $140.88 Subtotal $140.88 Shipping & Handling $12.30 Discount (APEX5) -$7.04 Grand Total $146.14 code APEX5
  5. rhanson

    Odyssey Battery PC310 Cheap

    Am shopping for a battery also, mine is a 2012. Amazon is surprisingly high, maybe prime is less. I have noticed some offers are not dry cell, and someone on forum mentioned a size / fit problem with their new battery. What is the latest and greatest ? Thx, RH
  6. rhanson

    A glance at the Bristell 915is

    Looks like a nice ride; with a great way to haul extra gas. I have 2 tuff jugs. RH
  7. I just ran across this on youtube: "Off to the paint shop" Premier 1 Driver is taking his plane in for a paint job, with a guy named Owen at Sureflight, in Coatesville, PA. Those looking for a composite paint job may be interested. RH
  8. Jnowak, Since you are EU, see if you can find the Swiss pilots Yannick Bovier and Francisco Agullo, who, in 2010 flew from Sion Switzerland around the world, in 2 CTs. They should have all possible rotation options for you. RH
  9. rhanson

    Handling turbulence questions?

    Someone here once advised that, in turbulence, the autopilot set for zero vertical speed is better than setting it at a specific cruise altitude. That may help. Also, the AIRMET forecast for turbulence, is a good pre-flight step. RH/135CT
  10. rhanson

    electronic POH?

    Rich, I presume that you are referring to the requirement to have a POH (ARROW) with the CT, and available when the inspector comes around. Don't know whether the hard copy is a must. RH
  11. Recently there was some discussion on the flat tire problem. But, I did not get the procedure for handling the matter, before you fix the tire. -Understood: If it occurs on the runway, clear the CT from the RWY. - then should you taxi on the flat ? - If no towing is available, can you DIY, say with a rope/line attached to your auto at one end, and the other end slung around the main gear legs ? - Pull backwards with the horse collar ? - Do FBOs have tools or dollies for the job ? My airport slopes uphill; makes it hard to push the CT by hand. Thanks, RH
  12. rhanson

    Gas cap vent

    Good info to ponder. Here's something: if only one vent is working, how would you know that ? Does this condition prevent cross-feed as well ? RH
  13. rhanson

    SW at KFAR

    Might be from Crystal MN, 476CT, sale reported. The TV series implies that Fargo is a suburb of MN. Now you are catching up with SD, 2 to 3 per state Looks like the norm. RH
  14. rhanson

    Bruce's Window Heatshields

    How about some shields like those in the youtube "Cessna Citation St Paul to Aspen" RH
  15. rhanson

    Bruce's Window Heatshields

    Thanks FM / AW, If someone with the materials and tools produces 10 or more sets, I'll bet they can sell them all to forum members. I'll take one set (2). RH, SEZ