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  1. Seems that most students are going the PPL route and all of the foreign students are after an airline career. There are sport pilot students, but probably a far fewer percentage than the PPL students. You may want to speak with Sling Pilot Academy at KTOA to see what percentage of students are looking for a Sport Pilot certificate vs. Private. They sell the Sling Aircraft (very nice!) and have their own flight school.
  2. Wow, sorry to see the CTLS incident, and to read about the Titan Tornado also. Glad everyone walked away, and I hope insurance is taking care of both pilots. Fabulous photos! Gorgeous as always. One day I'll make this trip!
  3. Thanks for posting, Olav. And thank goodness that nobody was hurt in the two incidents. I hate the thought of anyone losing a plane, but certainly better the plane (replaceable and now insurance owned) than a life (irreplaceable at any cost). I'm looking forward to photos or video of the scenery as it's always mesmerizing and magical to see flights over Page and the Colorado river.
  4. Hi Steve, we chat a little about this on the Sportcruiser forum (SCflier.). There is a SB that modifies the lower cowl to help with engine cooling. I understand that it is very effective and allows for longer taxi times...though in our canopy, 15 minutes in the sun and I sweated off at least 6 pounds! 🤪😂 https://czechsportaircraft.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/SB-SC-056.pdf
  5. 😮 Wow, that sounds pretty scary! I’m glad to read that you were able to figure out how to keep the engine running! The 912is should have the fuel under pressure at all times due to fuel injection. I didn’t think the 912is would be susceptible to vapor lock or poor grade fuel. Does the auxiliary pump increase fuel line pressure higher than the standard fuel injection fuel pump? Please fly safe and let us know how it turns out.
  6. Do you have, or can you borrow, a fuel pressure gauge? Are you sure it isn’t a faulty sender and fuel pressure is actually OK? I had similar issues on my Sportcruiser and replacing the fuel pressure sender solved the issue. I believe the fuel pressure sender is a VDO unit and can be had from Aircraft Spruce.
  7. 51” wide cabin is really spacious, and the elongating of the cabin (and the engine cowling) gives it useful space and a less “stubby” look. Overall, I like it. Despite LSA pricing going through the roof, $185K seems pretty competitive for the equipment and useful space (and presumably load) you get.
  8. I know of a DEP in Southern California that is friendly, fair (but thorough). PM me if you need his info. He’s in the outskirts of Los Angeles (high desert).
  9. I have a Jupiter Bike that I bought for my Sportcruiser, but it would take up the right seat if I took it. But it’s a great little folding bike (no pedaling), but does demand lighter riders and no major bumps in the road (small wheels.) From this, I bought an Admotor M150-P7 bike that I really like a lot . It is way too heavy and bulky for my Sportcruiser, but it’s great for throwing in the back of the SUV or car and riding around wherever I want to go at a national park, etc.
  10. Glad that you are OK, Ed. So terribly sorry to hear of the nose over. Most important is that you’re safe.
  11. Congrats on the weight loss, Ed! And thanks for sharing the awesome aerial view of Bodie! I love walking through there in the summer, but never could make it there in the winter. (Snowmobile I think was the only way?). Gorgeous photos!
  12. UAE - OK. Your location translates from Chinese to English as: "Dubai passenger plane crashed in Russia."
  13. Wow... no words here. Very sorry for the loss of the CT, but hopefully insurance will fully cover the loss and you can pick up another.
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