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  1. Everybody loves Halfdome

    OK, now you’re just showing off, Ed. Gorgeous photos! I’m envious! Hope to be able to fly over Yosemite myself one day.
  2. I almost purchased a hail damaged LSA, but passed since I wasn’t ready to make the financial commitment. Wish I had as it was an amazing aircraft and the dimples didn’t hurt performance. (Maybe it made it even faster?). Someone got a smoking deal on that aircraft. But I passed on other aircraft because they had been used in a flight school. Especially the ones that didn’t disclose its use as a trainer. I don’t mind some damage that can be repaired to an aircraft. But an aircraft that may have had a series of hard landings from student pilots just would be too difficult to overcome. The suspicious ripple along the aluminum skin on the firewall or along the cowl? Yup - that was an instant “no.” But the aircraft that had a wingtip scrape and replacement? No issue. As JohnnyBlack stated above... every aircraft should be evaluated on its own merits.
  3. Merry Christmas from Mammoth Lakes

    Amazing photo (as always) Ed! Merry Christmas to all!
  4. Everybody loves Halfdome

    Breathtaking! Gorgeous photo!
  5. Falcon 9 Launch

    My wife caught this during her walk around the neighborhood in Huntington Beach. Spectacular.
  6. ISO CTLS 2008 - 2012

    Or he may not be serious about selling, and has it listed to satisfy someone (wife?) who wants him to sell it. I dealt with a few folks that really didn’t help at all when looking at their aircraft. One answered questions cryptically, sent partial log books, and only after I paid to have a visual inspection by an A&P on the field, did I find out a lot more about the aircraft, such as its use in a flight school, never hangared (in Florida), two replacement nose gears, etc. The seller was extremely rude with me on the phone after I pointed out those deficiencies and lack of disclosure, refused to discuss anything less than asking, and stopped responding to me. Point of all this is: There is absolutely nothing you can do to make someone sell you their plane. So if you don’t get cooperation up front, just move on to the next plane. (BTW, I did find a great plane for a lot less, so it worked out for me in the end. I’m sure it will for you as well.)
  7. BRS deployment from unrecoverable spin

    Turns out that a forum poster in another forum also identified this aircraft as the Chinese made variant of the Bristell and SportCruiser called the Triton Skytrek. It appears that the same pilot is the PIC for this video. But the dash layout is identical at around 1:32 mark of the video.
  8. BRS deployment from unrecoverable spin

    I think it's a Bristell. The center stack looks like a Bristell, and when the 'chute deploys, you can see the tethered hatch flopping around the cowl. (Sportcruiser's hatch just blows out and is not tethered.) The pilot looks like he might have been a test pilot. In another forum, I noticed that he had his right leg extended (right rudder) but the aircraft didn't respond to the rudder and aileron input. I wonder why? But the pilot almost waited too long to deploy. The 'chute's cords (belts?) had tension on them just seconds before touch down. Pretty scary...
  9. Anyone using a Avmap EFIS?

    Congrats! And great to hear that Flight Design is so responsive! Sadly not all LSA manufacturers are this responsive.
  10. Roger, would you mind sharing what the FAA advised?
  11. I wonder if this will change when ADS-B comes into play in 2020 (or now if so equipped?) FAA will know it's a LSA over 10,000 foot altitude, but won't know who the pilot was. But a check of the logbook will bear that out. This has me concerned if overflying areas where minimum altitude is over 10,000 feet. I would *LOVE* the ability o receive an additional endorsement for night flight and higher altitude flights. But I to believe this might be nothing but a dream...
  12. Stunning photos! Wish I was there. Maybe next year is the year...
  13. Sigh... my SportCruiser is being serviced and I don't think it'll be done in time for the event. (It's way too hot in Florida for my mechanic to work in a bare metal hangar). I'm going to wait until the last minute to make a final decision. I might consider driving out for the event if I can't fly in, but won't know until closer...