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  1. Stunning photos! Wish I was there. Maybe next year is the year...
  2. Sigh... my SportCruiser is being serviced and I don't think it'll be done in time for the event. (It's way too hot in Florida for my mechanic to work in a bare metal hangar). I'm going to wait until the last minute to make a final decision. I might consider driving out for the event if I can't fly in, but won't know until closer...
  3. Can a B-Cool fit in a CTLS?

    I have the B-Kool unit also. I know it won't work in a Remos, and suspected it wouldn't work in the CT. I have a SportCruiser and it will work in the luggage area behind the seats. It works very well and, with the 12v sealed battery, I don't worry about over-drawing power from the plane.
  4. Phoenix area CT dual flight wanted

    Not sure if it would sway you, but Bisbee isn't too far from Tombstone (OK Corral), and then there's Tucson not far away and the Pima Air & Space Museum.
  5. Skyview Locked Configuration

    Ooooh, try flying with a bubble canopy! Sorry, can't have something for nothing (I.e. You're going to add 28 pounds) but B-Kool has the ice chest based cooler. I spoke with the owner and I'm going to buy one from him as soon as my aircraft is at KFUL. I could make my own, but it sounds like he optimized components fairly well for efficiency.
  6. Fuel Injection or Carbs on my next CT?

    One thing to consider is that while the 912is weighs 22 pounds more, the 912is does fly more efficiently, and I've heard startling numbers like 3.5-4 gph burn where a carbureted 912uls would take 4.5 - 5 gallons, negating the 22 pound difference in 4 hours of flight.
  7. Prayers needed for Bob Corey

    Sincerest condolences. RIP Bob.
  8. New wide angle lens and Yosemite flight - yesterday

    Doesn't mean that a Mammoth Fly-In couldn't be arranged. My CFI had always talked about teaching a mountain flying course, but was looking at a private airstrip at Lake Arrowhead. I would think a MMT get together and mountain flying course would be stellar!
  9. New wide angle lens and Yosemite flight - yesterday

    BEAUTIFUL! Absolutely stunning!
  10. +1. If you've got it, use it. I'm sure there's plenty of altitudes listed for use, and probably there's some reason (e.g. lawyers) for stating a minimum altitude to deploy. But those people won't be up in the air with you when (touch wood) you have an issue. And if they were, I'd bet they'd rip that red handle out of the bulkhead or panel to get it to deploy.
  11. Prayers needed for Bob Corey

    Prayers and good vibes to Bob.
  12. Funny, all that quilted stuff looks like ballast that I'd probably remove and stow in a dark corner of the garage or hangar. Or if an option, I would be unchecking that box as soon as a first step.
  13. A picture might be helpful to see what a "slight incline" might be. But it also sounds like you're pushing while the tires are on gravel. If so, can you get some planks of plywood to ride over the "slight incline" and perhaps the combination of a smoother surface and some momentum might allow you to get the plane back into the hangar?
  14. CT Fatal Iowa KMXO

    Rest in peace, Pilot. May Heaven's wings allow you to fly to your heart's content.
  15. Dive as you approach the airport until you are around Vne? Change his transponder to 7500 just before take off? Feed him Exlax Brownies before takeoff? Find a faster plane (provided they didn't stipulate that you had to be in a CTsw or CTLS)?