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  1. Glad that you are OK, Ed. So terribly sorry to hear of the nose over. Most important is that you’re safe.
  2. rtk

    Bodie - a California ghost town

    Congrats on the weight loss, Ed! And thanks for sharing the awesome aerial view of Bodie! I love walking through there in the summer, but never could make it there in the winter. (Snowmobile I think was the only way?). Gorgeous photos!
  3. Terrible news. RIP Mike. 😪
  4. rtk

    over shooting 6500 Rpm

    UAE - OK. Your location translates from Chinese to English as: "Dubai passenger plane crashed in Russia."
  5. rtk

    Hurricane Florence

    Wow... no words here. Very sorry for the loss of the CT, but hopefully insurance will fully cover the loss and you can pick up another.
  6. rtk

    LSA rules changing??

    D’oh! ?? While the proposed increase to LSA MTOW is interesting (especially for those of us who fly heavier aircraft - namely me and my Sportcruiser), the 2020 ADS-B mandate is probably a bit more pressing in my mind. But whatever is decided, it is nice to know (given the above) that Flight Design air frame maximum gross weight limits are likely above what FAA will publish as revised MTOW limits.
  7. rtk

    Airventure 2018

    ? Holy moly, Tom! Glad nothing came of that event. But that kind of lack of separation by ATC really puts me off from wanting to fly into OSH. Yeah, it's something I'd like to do, but not at my own peril.
  8. rtk

    Airventure 2018

    Pilot on another forum posted a video of his 3 hour hold over Green Lake. To say it was a “giant mess” is no understatement. There’s no way to keep your head on a swivel with that much traffic flying around. Wow.
  9. rtk

    Mammoth Yosemite ... Right Base two seven

    Those are some dramatic clouds, Ed! Beautiful photography as always!
  10. rtk

    Vortex Generators

    Not a CT, but a Sportcruiser (or PS-28 in Europe). You can see the effects of the vortex generators not he Sportcruiser’s wings. I would imagine the effects would be similar with the CT.
  11. rtk

    Minaret Lake - Steve Fosset's Crash Site

    Ditto - absolutely spectacular photo!
  12. rtk

    Interesting Rotax engine failure.

    Wow - good that Trent kept his wits about him. And glad he had a good place to put the plane down. I don’t know what extra stresses the big bore kit would have added, but using 23 year old, unknown engine parts was probably a poor choice to make. Had this occurred over inhospitable terrains (badlands of North Dakota or over the Grand Canyon or Colorado River), the outcome could have been very different. Given just the scenario of flying over terrain with minimal (or no) options for landing would want me to have the most reliable power plant available.
  13. rtk

    Whitney Russel Col, scares me every time

    35 knots? Wow... I’m sure you are well experienced in your aircraft. The thought of 35 knots over mountainous terrain just gives me the Heebie-Jeebies! Gorgeous photo! In terms of flying the Col... I’m the wrong person to ask since I tend to be risk adverse in any craft that moves in 3 directions.
  14. rtk

    Grand Canyon Corridors

    I downloaded I-Fly GPS and, as JLang stated, you can see the corridor when zoomed in. It takes a bit more zoom to see these corridors than on ForeFlight though. Here’s a screenshot.
  15. rtk

    Grand Canyon Corridors

    Not sure about the why the GPS doesn't show, but Foreflight on both the iPad and Desktop/PC will show the corridors (as JLang indicated) when you zoom in.) I've not tried I-Fly GPS, but am downloading now. However I've posted a screen capture in case you need the information now for the western-most corridor.