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  1. rdeurloo

    How many hours on your CT?

    1,358 2005 CTSW
  2. rdeurloo

    Good deal on CTSW?

    You can't put a full size bicycle in a CTLS, because of the hat rack. But you can put a bicycle in the CTSW.
  3. Rich, My flight plan on ForeFlight did show a direct flight over Lane Erie, but in practice, I went the long way over land. The souther route to SD seems the most attractive to me. The winds are usually strong in Oklahoma, and there are some high mountains in central New Mexico. If you stop in the Tucson area, you have plenty of fellow CT pilots. Marana is a nice airport, and if you do get through here, be sure an give me a call. I will meet you at the airport, show you around, take you to lunch, whatever works for you.
  4. Dick, I landed in Plymouth, which is a nice little airport. I'm familiar with your part of the country, as I've exhibited in the Ann Arbor Art Fair in July for the last 15 years. My siser-in-law lives in Northville. You live in some beautiful country. I was only familiar with some of the Yellow CT's that Harold sold. He was a dealer for Flight Design, and lived in Boise. He had a ranch on the Milddle Fork of the Salmon River in the wilderness area, and the landing strip was a little hairy. You had to go around a corner, and you couldn't see the strip, until you were right on it. Also, no go-around. If you send me the picture of your plane, maybe I can identify where it was taken. Then again, maybe not. Rocky and brushy sounds like Idaho.
  5. Rich, Leaving Saratoga Springs, NY, early in the morning, I was planning on stopping in Hazeton, PA (HZL), but when I got there, it was covered by low clouds, so I flew on to Cumberland, MD As far as flying across the lake, I didn't! Two reasons; I didn't want to fly through Detroit's airspace, and the lake directly south of Detroit is in Canada. I flew west around Ann Arborm then south over Toledo, and again south of Cleveland to get to Ohio Regional, which was near my college buddy, who lives in Madison, OH
  6. Mac is quite a "Photomeister"! He was actually able to put his head on the photo of the fish that I caught! Bob
  7. I think mine was the last Yellow one produced (2005) I think the concern was differential heating and cooling, which would least affect the white color. I keep mine in a hanger all the time (except when traveling) and haven't noticed any problems. I told them when I ordered my CT that if I couldn't get yellow, I didn't want one, so I got what I wanted, but also probably have to accept any consequences.
  8. It is a full sized Merlin Titanium bike. Took some engineering. Picture attached.
  9. It is a full sized Merlin Titanium bike. Took some engineering. Picture attached.
  10. Brian, I had a great stay in Ames. Rode my bike all around town, including through the campus, and ate at some nice resturants like "Aunt Maudes" On Saturday I went to the Iowa State vs. Kansas football game and rooted for the home team, and thus, they consequently won!
  11. This month I flew my Light Sport Flight Design CT (affectionately known as "Tweety") from Salmon, Idaho to Burlington, Vermont and back to Tucson, AZ. Vermont was the only state that I have never visited, and I also went to see the fall foliage, and to visit come close friends and family along the way. The airplane performed flawlessly, and I learned that with a small plane, a bicycle, hiking shoes, and a little time, you can go most anywhere in this beautiful country. The weather was generally good, but I did have some weather delays; 2 days in Ames, Iowa waiting for the 40 MPH winds to subside, 24 Hours in Valparaiso, IN waiting for the low overcast to lift, and an unexpected afternoon in Saratoga Springs, NY because of rain. With the ForeFlight App, I felt I had almost as much information and capabilities as a 747 captain. I stopped in Hopkinsville, Kentucky and visited Mac and Vicki Brame, who I had met at the Page Fly-In. They couldn't make Page this year, but it worked out well for me, as I had a great visit! They showed me how to catch bass in their private pond. They kept reeling them in, but I couldn't catch one for the life of me. They also have a grass strip on their farm, where they land their CT. I didn't attempt it, as it was fairly windy. It was a great adventure. Bob Deurloo
  12. rdeurloo

    A Sarasota Christmas

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing
  13. rdeurloo

    Neuform 1000 hr. prop Inspection

    About a month ago, I sent my Neuform propeller to Flight Design for the 1000 hr inspection. I received an e-mail back from Dave Armando asking if my plane was always hangered, because the prop was in such good shape. I has one small nick in the trailing edge. He said the would perform an inspection, and repair the small chip. About three weeks later I received my prop back along with a $1,300 dollar bill for the inspection and to resurface all 3 blades. No pre-authorization or anything. Maybe it did need it, but I was quite surprised at this bill for a prop that was in "good condition".
  14. rdeurloo

    1st CT fly-in photos

    This is a picture I took leaving McMinnville on Sunday morning. It was raining in Portland. Once I got to the east side of the Cascades, it cleared up, but soon became very turbulent. It was really rough over the Idaho Wilderness, and the ground in the valleys was obscured by clouds. Being a low time pilot, I kissed the ground when I arrived safely back in Salmon, Idaho.
  15. rdeurloo

    CURRENT BRS repack time

    $975 to repack a chute. No wonder there a lot fewer pilots than there use to be.