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  1. Early on after purchasing my CTLSi, I considered going to the Tecnam P2008. I was having surprising difficulty moving from the SR22 to landing the CT consistently, which some good dual resolved. I heard that the P2008 was easier to land, thus my interest at the time. In my look at the P2008, I heard and saw wonderful things about it. The owners love it. I do think it's probably an easier transition to that plane from one with higher wing-loading like the Cirrus, although I have no issues with landing the CT now. To me, what absolutely disqualified the P2008, was that it's a one-person plane if you have the BRS, and fly it legally. I understand that many light-sport planes are weight restricted by the maximum weight limitation, and not actual performance. Among other reasons that I don't want to break the regs, is that if you take off with a fuel and passenger combination that in no way could be viewed as legal, should you have a mishap it would be a nightmare in many respects, including insurance coverage. I've really enjoyed the CTLSi. As a person with about 2,400 instrument hours, I'd advise being extremely cautious in a light-sport plane for ice avoidance. I wouldn't worry about the instrumentation...in many respects my Dynons are better than the Avidyne in my Cirrus. A rule to never fly in clouds below the freezing level would go a long way. The thankfully few times I've wished I was on the ground mostly came from icing encounters, and that was with lots of power, TKS, and heated pitot-static systems. I'd expect my CT would be in a world of hurt with just a little ice. Good luck on your decision. Andy
  2. Eric Swisher (Copper City Aviation) might be worth contacting. He’s not in Chandler, but you might be able to work something out with him.
  3. I can't speak to the plane specifically, but I purchased my plane from Airtime and had a very good experience with them. I'd trust that they oversaw the repair was done properly. Andy
  4. andyb


    I would think that if retarding the throttle caused a right-turning tendency (mine does this too), then absence rudder correction, on a right pattern it would cause a skidding tendency, and on a left pattern it would cause a slipping tendency. Is that correct? Andy
  5. As one data point, I have the Tanis, in the fuel injected engine. Actually installed by Tom. Works beautifully. Without the heater, if it was below freezing, the engine seemed very unhappy for the first few minutes after starting. Andy
  6. Ed, Fellow COPA member, welcome back! Will that Sky Arrow make it to KSUS with the two of you? Lunch is on me! Your static port covers survived my Cirrus ownership. Please keep up your informative posts, for us amateurs!!! Very best, Andy
  7. Mine, done a year ago (CTLSi), was about $3,000 more than my normal annual cost. This included parts. Given what was involved, I thought this was a very fair price. Andy
  8. Here's a picture of the engine that I believe Tom was referring to. Like he said, it's a 90-degree fitting. Been there for over a year without any issues. Andy
  9. 2.5 gallon Tuff-jugs work beautifully. Andy
  10. I realize many people have systems that work. What I do, learned from this forum, is to use 2.5 gallon Tuff-Jugs with the rubber collar (from Amazon). They're plenty light to carry on a step-ladder (about 15 pounds), and they drain in about 30 seconds with the internal vent (I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but it does work). Not a drop spills. Andy
  11. You are so very right. 4 grandchildren, local school board president, I flew much more before I retired. Working on it. Andy
  12. The anal side of me had me develop an Excel spreadsheet that keeps track of how much leaded fuel I've consumed, since my last oil change. It's a more complicated computation than meets the eye, as it's based on what goes through the engine, not what goes into the tanks, which is different. It allows me to assure that I'm not exceeding the 30%. Attached is my current version. To use it, first delete what I've filled in on the green cells, then fill them in as you go. Hopefully it uploaded here ok. AndyFuel Mix 5 DB.xlsx
  13. Perhaps heavy-handed wording on BRS's part, but I'm hard-pressed to think of any reason not to contact them, as it's in our interest that they know about deployments be they successful or unsuccessful. With that said, I'm still very interested in what happened here and why it didn't deploy. To me that's the important issue. Andy
  14. Andrew, be sure you look at the liability limits, and the sublimits (no sublimit, a good thing, is sometimes referred to as "smooth"). They are very important considerations. Good luck! Andy
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