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  1. If you try turbo in cruise manifold pressure is in the red zone and RPM are in the red. As to altitude, I never exceeded the LSA license restriction of 10,000 feet so I have no idea how fast I could fly higher. But everything I've read regarding other planes says they fly faster the higher you go. I also kept the RPM no more than 5,500 as 5,600 is in the yellow. FYI - I'm taking my practical test for private pilot this Wednesday and assuming I pass I'm planning on putting my 2017 Tecnam P2008 on the market in order to buy a used Cirrus SR22T. I'm going to price it to sell fast. If anyone is interested PM me and I'll give more details. I'll post it in the For Sale forum when I'm ready.
  2. My P2008 is easily 5kts faster than my CTLS was. I fly 115-120 on a regular basis. I was down around 110-112 in the CTLS. I had my CT prop set for best cruise and the P2008 is at the factory setting. So I know it could be a bit better. Maybe having a 914 helps vs 912. But you only use Turbo during take off and climb.
  3. Scott Lee

    Cabin heat

    I had the problem and it was because the carb heat vale wasn't totally closed. So the engine was sucking in most of the hot air. Once the valve was closed properly I had lots of heat. I had sealed off the openings and added foam to better seal the pilots door.
  4. Scott Lee

    10th Annual Page CT and Light Sport Fly-in

    I'm hoping to come with my new P2008, but I won't know until the last minute
  5. Scott Lee

    Can a B-Cool fit in a CTLS?

    I purchased a B-Cool and put it in my Tecnam P2008. It's way too tall to fit on the hat rack in the CT plus the slope of the roof line is a problem. As to in the passenger seat - I don't think it would work. It's wider than my P2008 seats when in the luggage area and if it was turned sideways on the seat it would interfere with using the stick. Given what I know about the CT, I don't think it is possible to put it in the baggage compartment. However, next time I'm in Florida with my plane I'll try catch up with a couple CT guys I know and experiment. But don't hold your breath, I won't be back until November and the need for cooling will be past. The remark on how long the ice lasts is incorrect, it lasts at least two hours of running. I flew from Moline to the Atlanta area earlier this summer (~5hrs) in over 90 degree weather and parked it overnight. Typically you run it during the initial startup->climb to altitude and then it's cool enough to turn it off - until you descend and run in on approach and taxi. The next morning I came out to the plane to put in new ice and it there was ice still floating in the cooler! It works amazingly well and i would highly recommend it.
  6. Scott Lee

    2010 CTLS for sale $90,000!

    I hope so, not sure of our schedule
  7. Scott Lee

    2010 CTLS for sale $90,000!

    909KM is SOLD and I took possession of my new Tecnam P2008.
  8. Scott Lee

    2010 CTLS for sale $90,000!

    I'll still be hanging out. I've made some good friends in the forum and at the Page fly-in. I hope to return this fall with my wife at Page.
  9. I've put my plane on Barnstormers at a really low price to move my plane. Someone is going to get an unbelievable deal on a great plane. http://www.barnstormers.com/classified_1227100_2010+Flight+Design+CTLS.html
  10. Scott Lee

    Flight Design struggling back...

    I was at Sebring yesterday and stopped by the CTLSi display and asked Chris if Tom P. was attending. Chris said no, this is an Aero Jones booth, not FD USA. I asked then what role FD USA would play in the future and what would happen to Tom P. He said FD USA would still be around and selling aircraft from the Ukraine and that Aero Jones would be selling aircraft they manufacturer and providing parts. I find this quite confusing and walked away wondering if he knew what he was talking about. You know the old joke - "How do you know when a sales rep is lying? His lips are moving." I've received terrific support from Tom P. and FD USA and hope he isn't getting hung out to dry.
  11. Scott Lee

    Looking to rent CT in FL

    I'm flying my CT down from Illinois in about a week and staying in the st. Pete area and keeping my plane at KSPG. Call me if you want.
  12. Scott Lee

    5 year hose replacement. Years vs Hours

    I was due for a hose replacement and intended to get it done on my way back from the October 2016 Page AZ fly-in. Prior to the trip I took the plane out for a short local flight and a coolant line failed. I was about a year overdue. Lucky for me it happened about 100 yards from my hanger during the inbound taxi. Needless to say after replacing the coolant line, I took the plane to Roger and had the rubber replacement done in conjunction with the Page fly-in. Needless to say I will be sure to do it before five years are up, not after.
  13. Scott Lee

    Student pilot thinking about an FD

    My first 30 hours of training was in a 172 with a Garmin G1000. I discovered I had lots of kidney stones so I went with sport pilot. I was fortunate to have a FD dealer 90 minutes away. First time I went up in a CT I was sold, I simply loved it. I purchased a 2010 CTLS to finish my training and flew it solo to the Page fly-in this year. All the advice given in this tread is good. But I naturally have a few suggestions. First, you can't go wrong with Eric, (Coppercity) I hired him to ferry the plane and we had a wonderful trip coming from California to Iowa. I learned a ton from him. If you are looking for transition training, he is terrific. Flying the CT is so much more fun than a 172, but there are a few challenges that if you are aware of, will make the transition much easier and quicker. The sight picture comment is right on, but let me elaborate. The cowling makes the approach feel steeper than it really is. Having an airport with a VASI really helps. Most problems with landing are rounding out too high, not keeping your airspeed up, and runway alignment. Focus on these and everything else is easy. There is lots of discussion on this forum, just search for "landing" and you can read for hours. FYI - I have my 2010 CTLS plane listed on Controller.com as I'm looking to upgrade. But I'm not in a hurry because I love my CT, I've logged almost 3,000 nm in a year and a half of owing it.
  14. Scott Lee

    2010 CTLS for sale $110,000

    Still for sale and at the lowest price I'll accept, otherwise I'm keeping her. See my ad noted in controller.com in the first post. Just had rubber replacement performed
  15. Scott Lee

    2010 CTLS for sale $110,000

    Thanks Doug! If the plane doesn't sell I plan to keep it and fly up to BRS next year as it is only a 3 hour flight for me.