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  1. kentuckynet

    Intermittent flaps

    on my plane and atleast two others we were told by fd to pull the radio panel, then you can see the samll relay board on the firewall and with the flap selector engage to a setting its not currently at with power to the electonics they say to tap ontop of the black solenoids with the end of a screw driver (give it a good tap)...got me from las vegas new mexico to crofton ky! You will instanlty know if this is your problem....two taps and yopu know what its not. Removed the board and resoldered every connections and im two years down the road with not one issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. i need roger lees address

  3. kentuckynet

    Prayers needed for Bob Corey

    OK.......i have the arrangements for bob, visitation 8/20 at rattermans funeral home in middletown ky mass 8/21 at st michael catholic church in lousiville ky
  4. kentuckynet

    Prayers needed for Bob Corey

    im still waiting for cathy to tell me about any arrangements.....i have called and text her,no reply...... have lots of people watching for the obituary in the paper but still nothing
  5. kentuckynet

    Prayers needed for Bob Corey

    Bob and Cathy Corey adrdress is: 1430 clore jackson road shelbyville ky 40065 for anyone that might want to send there condolences still no arrangements as bobs borhter is in scottland and they are awaiting his return
  6. kentuckynet

    Prayers needed for Bob Corey

    Bob passed away early this sunday morning, i will post the arrangements in the event the ct group moght want to send some flowers............ mack
  7. kentuckynet

    Prayers needed for Bob Corey

    Just got back from my visit, it was terrible!!!!! He is at the Louisville ky VA hospital in hospice care, he is fighting for every breath and a fever of 105...they are not hydrating him but at least he is loaded up with morphine. On my trip back home looking at our beautiful blue skies today from a cold front coming in from Canada that the skies looked empty, but I know I don't have to ever be nervous in turbulence anymore as I know bob will be sitting right out there on my wing........... I put a picture of him and cathy and hope this post will forever be viewable, this was where we flew out CTs to the Bahamas........ I hope to see my friend again one day mack brame
  8. kentuckynet

    Prayers needed for Bob Corey

    He is at University hospital, downtown louisville ky ICU unit , 7 west bed 3........................ Bob should not be in this situation, why the best people get such raw deals....................just dont figure No change today
  9. kentuckynet

    Prayers needed for Bob Corey

    im going there as soon as i can to see about them, ill post more info when i get it...he and roger lee are friends please make sure roger knows
  10. kentuckynet

    Prayers needed for Bob Corey

    Not sure if many of you know but Bob Corey (he is a member here) of shepardsville ky has been battling prostate cancer for many years. He had started to loose the battle and had recently had his white blood cells removed sent to a lab and was awaiting there return. During this time he and his wife Cathy were in a minor fender bender in Lexington ky, where bob suffered whiplash, He refused medical treatment due to he was suppose to stay away from sick people during this time, so he went home and collapsed during the night, they rushed him to university medical center i think in lexington, cathy said it was the #1 trauma hospital around. They did emergency brain surgery from a bleed from the whiplash, he as been in a coma for the past 2 1/2 weeks, he desperately needs everyone's prayers, he has made the trip to page with me more than once. He is my friend Just wanted you guys to know mack brame
  11. kentuckynet

    After page, trying to get home.....same as always

    It was really nice seeing old friends......think in the future they may have to come and see me..........my winds aloft for the trip home was the only positive.....we were never slower than 137 to 141 knots ground speed ....we ate up the midwest! you may see me again if youre within a 4 hour trip of crofton ky.........thats my new limit
  12. kentuckynet

    After page, trying to get home.....same as always

    Well we left klvs at 630am too dark to fly but kept going.....went direct to cushing oklahoma kcuh went to sonic ate fueled plane flew the rest of the day and landed at home at 4pm cst 850 miles one fuel stop, was never lower than 10,500 almost complete cloud cover the last 400 miles found one small hole near barkly dam dove under and flw the last 9 miles.....was really getting nervous..... like i said not for the faint of heart or the empoyed...... thanks for your thoughts and prayers.....something worked out... mack brame
  13. Left out at day break, unusually windy for page, flew direct to santafe at 12,000 hit some bumps in places there should not have been bumps....managed to stay in aircraft.(only due to having cutome hooker harness system, purchased from previous experience from this trip) Got around mountain made a huge mistake landing it las vegas new mexico, took a huge beating during the decent , landed with 30 plus knot winds at 10am, could not make myself go back up.....(would be home right now if i had) went back to airport this morning before daybreak only to leave plane tied down and sit in it and blow all over, compleltly dark outside 22 knots winds, airport was saying clear skies ...but no stars??? every once in a while you could barely make out the moon, sat in plane for an hour got out of plane stood out on the runway watching the sunrise wondering why i made this trip....... Called hotel back got another ride to the hardware store bought chains to chain the plane to the ground, winds today up tp 65mph...............rented a car drove around las vegas now back at hotel, being away after tommorow will cost me........................leaving in the morning going to fly straight through..... these are great people and sights you will never see back east but not for the faint of heart or anyone that has to work for a living. this was my 4th trip out if i survive this one.............. well i have said enough. anyone having any open prayer slots throw me one in........................ mack crofton ky
  14. kentuckynet

    9th Annual Page, AZ CT and Light Sport Fly-In

    We called to mske reservations on the rafting trip and the "hateful" lady new nothing of the ct group, she too our reservation of two....faye anderson and mack brame.....so looks like you have 13 now if someone could get this corrected, mack