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  1. John Vance

    retracing the route of 1919 transcontinental air race

    Hi John - if you’re planning an alternative to the Chicago stop, I keep my CT at Elkhart, IN (KEKM) from mid May into September, and might be able to help with ground transport to hotel, auto gas, etc, depending on your timing. I-80 passes within about 1/2 mile of the airport, so it may be close to your planned route. If you’re looking for other alternatives to 100LL, KPPO carries Swift 94 unleaded and may also be very near your route.
  2. John Vance

    How much are you guys spending on ADSB parts?

    It was not intended to be a comment on anyone’s situation, sorry if it was taken that way. I can’t do my own work. So in my situation, my local shop was forced to charge nearly 7% for both labor and materials. A flight over the border reduced that to zero. That plus a few other savings made it possible for me. That’s all.
  3. John Vance

    How much are you guys spending on ADSB parts?

    Granted, but if you are paying say 5% sales tax for both hardware and labor on a 6k tab, that’s $300 that may be avoidable. I found that the labor costs varied tremendously from shop to shop, and some quoted what seemed to be punitive pricing b/c it’s 1) composite 2) S-LSA. For anyone who happens to live in the Southeast, I was very happy with South Carolina Avionics Services at KOGB. The installation price cost was well under 50%, of the total, more like 25% for my install. The point of all this, for those who may be on the fence, is that there are several small savings that can add up to make the total cost of the 345 a bit more within reach.
  4. John Vance

    How much are you guys spending on ADSB parts?

    I forgot to mention that I sold the GTX 330 for about $700 on eBay, bringing my total down to about $4600, including professional installation.
  5. John Vance

    How much are you guys spending on ADSB parts?

    It pays to shop around for this installation, and it can be well worth the cost to fly a couple of hours to a state with more favorable sales tax laws (some don’t tax avionics hardware). I had the same installation done in South Carolina (December 2016) for $1500 less. Total cost for me was $5300 after the $500 Gov’t rebate and $100 “Garmin Bucks” coupon. Well, OK, add a cheap motel for 1 night plus a couple of flying hours. My airplane actually lost a little weight, because the 345 is lighter than the GTX 330. Granted, it’s not cheap but it a clean installation and it works beautifully, just as KentWien says.
  6. John Vance

    Flaps not working correctly

    I had a similar issue a couple of years ago during flight in cold weather. Lubricating the flap actuating mechanism with Inox worked for me, and I haven’t yet had a recurrence. This is the the telescoping assembly located between the baggage areas.
  7. John Vance

    ADS-B out/in upgrade

    FD can provide a drawing detailing the installation of the antenna on the cabin roof. Arian provided that along with the MRA approval for my installation. Takes the guess work out.
  8. John Vance

    Port Clinton 2019

    I’m in.
  9. John Vance

    having Flap problems? check this out!

    The reason I mentioned it is that I once posted a drawing to ctflier showing the FD drawing for installation of the GPS antenna for ADS-B and got called on it, and rightfully so. Arian provided it to me free of charge, so I figured it was OK but it had the same note at the bottom of the drawing, which I missed. Maybe this case is different if it’s in the maintenance manual. I’m all for free flow of info but don’t want to see anyone get sued for a copyright violation. Merry Christmas everyone!
  10. John Vance

    having Flap problems? check this out!

    OK, if FD has provided an agreement in writing that it can be publicly disclosed, there’s no problem. If not, then just being in the ‘download section’ does not make it legal.
  11. John Vance

    having Flap problems? check this out!

    Shouldn’t be sharing proprietary data (see note,lower right). I should know, having made this same mistake.
  12. John Vance

    Question on Matco nose wheel

    Could stay overnight at 0oh5, Freeman Swank Farms, Butler OH. It’s tent camping, with 3000 ft grass strip, toilet, shower, elec power, short walk into town to restaurants/bar. This is 1/2 hr South of Put-in-bay.
  13. John Vance

    Question on Matco nose wheel

    If you’d like to make it an even half dozen, let me know when you’ll be going. Phil Wade would make 7. It’ll look like an invasion.
  14. John Vance

    New Aero Classis 4.00-6 Tire @ Desser

    Dick - is this the tire that shows up when you search online for the 400-6? I notice that the price has gone up a little this year.
  15. John Vance


    For the 4.00-6 tires, search for tube size 13/500-6. You’ll find both the heavy duty and regular tubes. Pick the HD.