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  1. John Vance

    Awesome new seat in my CTLSi

    105 kt true, or indicated? Mine cruises at about 119 to 120 true, but obviously indicated is lower. If it’s true AS, I wonder if something’s not right in the way the its being calculated. Could whip out your E6B and check it.
  2. John Vance

    Hurricane Florence

    This is my home field as well. Fortunately, my CTLS is in Elkhart, IN right now, 800’ ASL. Oliver, sorry you’re going through this. Hoping your gear is wet but the rest is OK.
  3. John Vance

    LSA rules changing??

    I had always thought that the elimination of -12 for the American market was needed to comply with the 120 kt limit. Not so?
  4. John Vance

    LSA rules changing??

    Maybe we could get -12 flaps with a couple of minor modifications. Ten extra knots (??) at cruise would be lovely.
  5. John Vance

    Oil Change instructions

    OK, thanks Tom.
  6. John Vance

    Oil Change instructions

    Roger- after pre-filling the 825016 filter, does it make a mess when you tip it to horizontal to align the threads?
  7. John Vance

    Flaps and stab question.

    Probably come out smoother, too.
  8. John Vance

    Aeroshell Sport Plus 4 - black bottle

    Thanks, Roger. Someone’s selling it for cheap, but I’m going to pass.
  9. John Vance

    Aeroshell Sport Plus 4 - black bottle

    The image didn’t come through. ....here it is.
  10. Is this the same stuff that comes in the red bottles? It may have been sitting for awhile, which probably isn’t an issue. But I wonder if it’s the same formula.
  11. John Vance

    Prop Issue -- Cosmetic or Serious?

    Any chance someone was cleaning the leading edge while wearing a ring with something sharp on it? They look like they could be tool marks rather than cracks.
  12. John Vance

    Flat tires

    I made a similar swing-down stand in about 15 minutes using a piece of 2 x 8 wood, and a 1/2" bolt. Put a couple of fender washers on either side of the wood, and tighten the nut. Not as elegant as the welded steel assembly, but it works exactly the same way.
  13. John Vance

    Tire inflation problems with Leakguard tubes

    Roger- I think 90 psi pressure would be enough, but I don't think valve stem on the tube is depressing the button in the chuck to let the air out.
  14. I recently installed Desser 400-6 main tires with Leakguard tubes, and am having trouble inflating them. I have a little pancake compressor with a standard dual air chuck, and have found that I have to reduce supply pressure to just slightly above existing tire pressure to get any air flow. So if the tire is flat, I have to reduce supply pressure to 15 or 20 psi, then slowly raise it as the tire inflates. PITA. Apparently, the valve stems can't overcome line pressure and depress the button in the chuck to get air flowing. I never had this problem with the cheap tubes. Any ideas?
  15. John Vance

    Recycling wheel balance weights?

    Thanks, Dick. I used all my new weights on the last tire change, but still have all of the old ones. I'll look for the 3M foam tape. I noticed after I'd completed the tire change that the Matco Wheels are supposed to be balanced by lining up a chevron on one half with the valve hole on the other in order when reassembling. That may be part of the reason why I needed so many weights.