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  1. Prop Issue -- Cosmetic or Serious?

    Any chance someone was cleaning the leading edge while wearing a ring with something sharp on it? They look like they could be tool marks rather than cracks.
  2. Flat tires

    I made a similar swing-down stand in about 15 minutes using a piece of 2 x 8 wood, and a 1/2" bolt. Put a couple of fender washers on either side of the wood, and tighten the nut. Not as elegant as the welded steel assembly, but it works exactly the same way.
  3. Tire inflation problems with Leakguard tubes

    Roger- I think 90 psi pressure would be enough, but I don't think valve stem on the tube is depressing the button in the chuck to let the air out.
  4. I recently installed Desser 400-6 main tires with Leakguard tubes, and am having trouble inflating them. I have a little pancake compressor with a standard dual air chuck, and have found that I have to reduce supply pressure to just slightly above existing tire pressure to get any air flow. So if the tire is flat, I have to reduce supply pressure to 15 or 20 psi, then slowly raise it as the tire inflates. PITA. Apparently, the valve stems can't overcome line pressure and depress the button in the chuck to get air flowing. I never had this problem with the cheap tubes. Any ideas?
  5. Recycling wheel balance weights?

    Thanks, Dick. I used all my new weights on the last tire change, but still have all of the old ones. I'll look for the 3M foam tape. I noticed after I'd completed the tire change that the Matco Wheels are supposed to be balanced by lining up a chevron on one half with the valve hole on the other in order when reassembling. That may be part of the reason why I needed so many weights.
  6. What is that gunk in my carburetor bowl?

    Definitely not gasket material. Mine are green.
  7. What is that gunk in my carburetor bowl?

    Hi Roger - It looks like Cdarza had some debris, in addition to the discoloration. It's much smaller than the largest chunk I found, and might make it through the main jet & needle without causing any performance issues. Has that been you experience?
  8. What is that gunk in my carburetor bowl?

    Thank you, cdarza - it's very interesting that you're getting this with non-ethanol. Maybe I need to look a little deeper, and inspect more often, as you are doing.
  9. What is that gunk in my carburetor bowl?

    Andy - the flakes I found looked off-white or light tan, but I must admit I was looking at them through 3/4" of fuel. The spots on the bottom of the bowl were very dark, though, and localized, covering a small percentage of the area. Does CorrosionX help limit corrosion on metals immersed in fuel?
  10. What is that gunk in my carburetor bowl?

    I'll leave it to the experts, but it seems alodine might help where the anodize has been compromised. I don't think it would pose another contamination risk, since it's a chemical conversion process, not a coating. I don't think I'd try to apply any sort of coating, though. The post I found on the Van's site did not talk specifically about flaking, but did refer to corrosion, and seemed to come from a credible source: http://www.vansairforce.com/community/archive/index.php?t-82539.html I'm not going to get too crazy about all of this, but I do plan to limit ethanol where feasible, and check the bowls myself every time I do the between-annual oil changes.
  11. What is that gunk in my carburetor bowl?

    Yes, I came to that conclusion today as well.
  12. What is that gunk in my carburetor bowl?

    Oops- the Lockwood work was done in 2016, not 2006.
  13. What is that gunk in my carburetor bowl?

    My carbs were torn down during the "hose job" at Lockwood in late 2006, and should have been during the last annual in August 2017. My airplane did sit for a month last summer, another thing that makes me go "hmmm". I spent several hours today googling things like 'carburetor corrosion with ethanol gas' and there are lots of stories out there, with photos, mostly relating to old carbureted cars, but also some stuff on the Van's site. I'm all but convinced that what I saw was Aluminum Hydroxide in two different forms (gel and crystaline). I think it's very possible that it could be missed during inspection because it's either still adhering or because it's just not obvious unless you look closely. I missed it at first glance. Obviously, lots of people are using ethanol gas all the time with no problems, but I think people should be aware of the possibilities. I plan to limit ethanol as much as possible. There are several suppliers of Swift fuel near my home in Indiana, so I might be flying for gas this summer, not just hamburgers.
  14. 400-4 and 600-4 tubes

    Sorry to add confusion.
  15. 400-4 and 600-4 tubes

    On the Desser web sit, click the "shop by size/ply rating". Select 13/500-6 in the size box, "tube" in the select type box, and n/a in the last one. You'll end up with 2 choices. The ones that cost more are the leakguard tubes.