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  1. New CTs arriving from Germany

    The latest is that our two are on the docks in Singapore. They were offloaded from the TAURUS on the 4th Oct. and scheduled to load on another ship end of month. That would have them arrive in Aus. fifteen days later. We wait patiently but at least they are out of Germany.
  2. 10th Annual Page CT and Light Sport Fly-in

    Thank you for the thought but when you left I was still checking out the insides of my eyelids, we weren't to know.
  3. 10th Annual Page CT and Light Sport Fly-in

    I totally agree, what a great event well run and organised. I am still at the Clarion for another night because our pilot for PGA - PHX has booked off crook, see how I go tomorrow. I get to stay in this fine town another night but it is not the same with every one else gone, still happy though with good memories of our get together.
  4. Aero Classic 4.00x6 6 ply tires

    This is excellent advice and it works. I have done this a number of times on light truck tires because it is hard to get the weights to stay on truck rims when in severe use.
  5. Landing at 12,000'

    Thanks mate you just put a smile on my dial. wish you were here to enjoy the great company.
  6. Landing at 12,000'

    No no bad idea will scrath the paint, also risk damage to the window
  7. 10th Annual Page CT and Light Sport Fly-in

    G'day it's not your fault that the weather gods play nasty sometimes, was hoping to catch up with you and Andy. May bee another time. The wx is good here at the moment
  8. 10th Annual Page CT and Light Sport Fly-in

    just arrived in page wx perfect
  9. 10th Annual Page CT and Light Sport Fly-in

    that's sad news, I am in PHX waiting for the connect to Page expect to arrive at about 1500 local time. The wx in PHX is about 5kt vrb only altostratus. No phone so will communicate via tablet. PS loooong way from AUS.
  10. So long Flight Design......

    I understand that there are exemptions available in some circumstances for MTOW limitations. As you indicate the takeoff and climb will suffer as will the stall speed but this not necessarily hard on the airframe. Contrary to popular opinion it is not the extra weight of fuel in the wings that causes stress or fatigue on an aircraft but the speed that you fly sure as hell does. In fact in turbulence it is better to have more fuel on board as the extra mass in the wings will help protect the airframe from damage. If you look at the VTURB for most certified aircraft it is slower the lighter it gets. LSA generally don't have charts for this. This statement may generate a lot of argument but I will live with that, basically the MTOW limits are more to do with rules than anything else. Other than performance the weight does not necessarily compromise safety.
  11. Box canyon CT flight procedure question.

    If you are flying on the down wind side at reduced speed say 80-90kt when you pull into a steep turn with wings near vertical, the effect of the increasing headwind will tighten the radius of the turn to the extent that you need little room at all.
  12. New CTs arriving from Germany

    Thanks for the note. I have followed the history of your aircraft and it was built on time but certification paperwork and playing games was the problem in Germany. Looks to be sorted out now though, Behind the scenes Leo has made countless phone calls and emails to try to push this along.
  13. Which gas now?

    I use the 20ltr (5 gal) plastic cans and siphon the fuel in with a conductive jiggler hose.
  14. So long Flight Design......

    Yes it is a bit tight for weight but my wife is not very heavy so two up and full fuel we will be on the limit but still ok, minimum baggage though. I would never support flying over weight but the design allows plenty of margin so as long as we skip food for a while we will be ok.
  15. 2018 CT’s

    Be aware that this is the euro spec 472kg. it is the supralight, CTSL not CTLS see other thread for more discussion.