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  1. Why would stabilator axis bend?

    Pushing on the elevator to move the plane about would be my guess.
  2. landing tail draggers

    Now that the landing full flaps / min speed discussion has died down, this is not a CT topic but may start a new round of posts. I don't 3 point land my tail dragger. Feel free to jump in because there are two schools here as well. Both camps are valid but do not normally see eye to eye.
  3. landing tail draggers

    Thank you for the intelligent discussion. I use a tail low wheeler for my Skyfox because the wing tends to mask the rudder, not so nice in a crosswind. Also I agree some aircraft are better using 3 pointers and heavier ones it does not seem to matter.
  4. Your need to keep the greasy side down may be 'cause you pushed the pistons into the sump with over boost at low engine speed.
  5. Also as has been mentioned the 914 is quieter and very smooth. I believe this is because of the slightly lower compression ratio but I could be wrong on that.
  6. It is true that the 115 hp is available for five mins. but 100 hp continuous. When you get up a bit higher your 100 hp non turbo will be making probably about 60 hp but the turbo is still making sea level hp up to about 16000, after that it drops off a little.
  7. Mystery Device

    Thanks for the encouragement Ed. I have fond memories of over 1000 hours in the SW all trouble free.
  8. Mystery Device

    Unfortunately this is getting off thread. My tail dragger is a SKYFOX, it is an Australian version of a Kitfox but is certified. I sold it 10 years ago when I got the CTSW then purchased it back a year ago to keep flying whilst waiting for the new CT. A bit challenging as tail draggers go but rewarding when you get it right. It has it's limitations and compared to a CT it is a piece of crap in some ways but very capable if handled well. By comparison if an average pilot could land a SKYFOX then a drunken monkey could land a CT.
  9. Mystery Device

    Thankyou but it will be a while before mine is resolved. At least I still have my old tail dragger to keep drilling holes in the sky.
  10. Mystery Device

    Thanks for the question Ron. See the storey posted in CT's in the news / new CT's arriving from Germany. In short mine assembled but has problems, the one that came in the same container as mine so far is very good , and the one from AEROJONES is not assembled yet but looks also very good.
  11. Mystery Device

    This one is the softpack BRS. Yes it is a sight tube made of soft tubing. Yes it takes a bit of space in the baggage area but not as bad as you might think. The header tank is under the BRS so the space rearward is still there. Kinda good idea having a bright red light in your face to yell at you for empting the main tanks and you have 1/2 to 3/4 hour to land before the fan stops.
  12. Mystery Device

    The sensor on this one is on the side and is about 1.6 usg from alarm to empty. some have the sensor on the top and is about 2.5 usg from alarm to empty.
  13. New CTs arriving from Germany

    Just an update on the new arrivals in AUS. My CTLS -HLt was assembled first and had a few problems. Fuel leak from the left tank, not feeding fuel to the header tank properly, display problems that we cannot correct because of being locked out of some functions. My tail no. was given to someone else and a heap of other frustrations dreamed up by our regulators. The CTLS jubilee we assembled today we have so far found no problems and it looks great. So far so good. The aircraft built by Aerojones also has arrived but we have not assembled it yet. The finish and fit and workmanship that I have looked at so far is brilliant. This is one very nice bird. Update Just received a text that says that Germany is sending an engineer out from Germany to fix the problems with my aircraft as soon as he can get a visa. This is real support, and is an indication of how customer focused the new Flight design system appears to be. Looking forward to posting more positive news soon.
  14. Wheel pants vibration

    I had this problem on my sw on one side only. It was not properly aligned with the airflow so I loosened all the screws then re-tightened whilst holding the thing straight. I also had to slightly bend the bracket a bit. It appears that it does not need to be out much to cause this flutter.
  15. BRS deployment from unrecoverable spin

    better not to go into details I believe the matter may be subject to coroner inquirey
  16. BRS deployment from unrecoverable spin

    The Sportscruiser and Bristell and a couple of others appear to come from the same family so they look pretty much the same to me. Here in AUS we lost an instructor and a student flying a Bristell during a pre licence check ride when they spun in and did not pull the handle only a month or so back. I have flown a Bristell and was impressed but did not try any stalls etc.
  17. CTLS landing for beginners

    I am in the full flap camp because that allows you to carry more power all the way to the ground and so have very good rudder authority, but that's not why I am sticking my oar in here. Turbines take quite a while to spool up and it is unsafe to have no power available. eg - a go around is virtually impossible. Different situation to our aircraft where power is more or less instantly available and a CT is quite happy to go around with full flap unlike a lot of GA types. Try it in a C150 with full flap and it will not get off the ground. A CT will leap into the air the moment you open the throttle ( and will need a bit of elevator control ).
  18. New CTs arriving from Germany

    As promised see some photos arriving ready for assembly and in progress
  19. New CTs arriving from Germany

    Our two new CT's have arrived in Aus. and are being assembled in the next couple of days. I will post photos soon.
  20. BRS 1350HS Rocket Kit

    No it goes in the tail and is renamed JATO
  21. Alternator light

    When you start up after sitting for a while the battery charge state will be lower and so the generator will be suppling higher current till the battery charges. What this means is that any resistance at the terminals will limit the charging circuit capacity and change the voltage drop, the system is then unbalanced and the light is more likely to come on. If you want to prove this then put a charger on when you shut down and the problem will not be there when you start up again.
  22. Alternator light

    Another point I should have mentioned is that if the connection is bad the connector itself gets hot and so the spring tension of the connector onto the spade lug gets lost.
  23. Alternator light

    Following from Corey's more detailed description of how the charging system works, when you get a bad connection from the generator the resistance goes up and so you have a voltage drop across the bad connector which will limit the current available for charging.
  24. Alternator light

    I have had this same problem exactly as you describe. It ended up being a bad connector onto the regulator. The two yellow wires are the ones that carry the current for charging and are mounted in the black connector block. You can remove these wires / terminal spade connectors by pushing down on the small tab inside the connector block to slide them out, then just crimp on a new spade connector to the wire and just push it in till it clicks. You may also need to give the spade lugs a good clean up in the regulator.
  25. Wing Inspection

    You did very well doing a wing job on your own, I would suggest that it easy with three people, a bit harder with two, and a real challenge on your own.