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  1. Fly Boss

    Passenger Foot Rest

    Put me down for one. Danny Arkin
  2. Fly Boss

    11th Annual CT/LSA Fly-in, Page AZ Oct 17-21

    Sorry too, but Danny and Jamie Arkin will have to cancel due to unscheduled surgery.
  3. Fly Boss

    11th Annual CT/LSA Fly-in, Page AZ Oct 17-21

    Andy and Bill I see that you and Bill will be travelling west together. I'd like to meet you at a starting point and travel with you in my CTLS. I don't remember where Bill is located but I see you are in GA. I'll be travelling from Richmond, VA. Do you think we can arrange something? Danny Arkin (Flyboss) 804-320-3424
  4. Fly Boss

    11th Annual CT/LSA Fly-in, Page AZ Oct 17-21

    Olav / Tim I have just made reservations for the October Fly-In in Page. My wife and I will be flying from Virginia in our 2007 CTLS - tail number 9929T (originally 860LS). What other information do you need? We'll be just coming for the Page event. We will be coming out that way also, from Virginia, in our 2007 CTLS (the original 860LS). Would be interested in flying out with another aircraft from this part of the country. Who else might be making the trek? Danny and Jamie Arkin
  5. Fly Boss

    Wiring Diagram

    I'd like a wiring diagram for my 2007 CTLS if there is a source. Danny
  6. Fly Boss

    Wiring Diagram

    Where would we go for this file? Thanks
  7. Thanks all. Well said Tom
  8. I see where people reference grabbing on to the support bar to get in and out of the CTLS/SW. I use that method myself. I want to do some touch up painting on the mushroom, without leaning on the mushroom, or removing it. Can that support bar support someone who is 150 pounds in a trapeze kind of arrangement leaning over the mushroom? Danny
  9. Fly Boss

    Loud Periodic Creak While Taxiing

    For the wheel pants, I noticed it was rubbing into the paint on the gear legs. I took some clear fuel line, cut it down the length of the hose, and put it around the upper edge of the wheel pant to create that barrier as well as tightening any wobbling between the leg and the wheel pants. Danny
  10. Fly Boss

    Mounting of GPS antenna for ADSB in.

    Has FD issued a fleet wide authorization for the GDL 82 in our planes? Did you each have to request an MRA or are you all experimental? Danny
  11. Fly Boss

    Sun N Fun 2018

    You flying down?
  12. Fly Boss

    Garmin SL40 problem

    I'll check the wires on back before I proceed further. Thanks
  13. Fly Boss

    Garmin SL40 problem

    My aux music jack toggle switch seems to, all of a sudden, be causing background buzzing in a repeating pattern (on off on off) in the headsets. I don't use the aux music jack at all. When i turn the toggle switch to off (down), the sound stops but so does the side tone. Flipping it back up causes the buzz again, but sometimes not. It is becoming more frequent. The sound does not appear to be going out the radio. I guess I want to replace the toggle switch but I can't find a reference as to a part number / source. Can anybody assist in this resolution? Thanks Danny
  14. These guys are indeed arguing for the sake of arguing. One-up-man-ship at its best, or worst. The points have been made and we have all learned about as much as we can on this matter. We had someone on the list a couple of years ago who did that all the time. He finally left the group when no one fell for the taunts. This makes me wish we had a button that allowed us to say "i'm not really reading this thread anymore, and i'd like it to stop appearing in my list of threads to read."