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  1. Sun N Fun 2018

    You flying down?
  2. Garmin SL40 problem

    I'll check the wires on back before I proceed further. Thanks
  3. Garmin SL40 problem

    My aux music jack toggle switch seems to, all of a sudden, be causing background buzzing in a repeating pattern (on off on off) in the headsets. I don't use the aux music jack at all. When i turn the toggle switch to off (down), the sound stops but so does the side tone. Flipping it back up causes the buzz again, but sometimes not. It is becoming more frequent. The sound does not appear to be going out the radio. I guess I want to replace the toggle switch but I can't find a reference as to a part number / source. Can anybody assist in this resolution? Thanks Danny
  4. These guys are indeed arguing for the sake of arguing. One-up-man-ship at its best, or worst. The points have been made and we have all learned about as much as we can on this matter. We had someone on the list a couple of years ago who did that all the time. He finally left the group when no one fell for the taunts. This makes me wish we had a button that allowed us to say "i'm not really reading this thread anymore, and i'd like it to stop appearing in my list of threads to read."
  5. WTB Neuform Prop complete

    My prop is coming up on 1400 hours. From what I'm seeing about the upcoming inspection, there really is no good reason to get the inspection. Therefore I'll be thinking a Neuform or Sensenich also. Danny
  6. Wingtip Repair

    Or how about a number of us chip in and have Frank come over and do a class.
  7. 2007 CTSW $63,900 Off Market!!

    I'd like to go to Roger's place and have him train us for the LSRM Maintenance 3 week class. Plus I'd like to stay in Buckaroo's trailer.
  8. 2007 CTSW $63,900 Off Market!!

    I wouldn't be happy feeling isolated with no other repair/maintenance services nearby. I have taken the Rotax class and still want help to be nearby. Have you considered that for annual inspections flying it to someone elsewhere? Should you end up in a repair scenario where you can't take the plane to someone, then you could coordinate with a repair person so they know what to bring with them, and then pay their airfare to come to you. Hopefully the annual can be worked into a trip and the repairs would never happen. Hate to see you give up a plane you have worked so hard to come to terms with. When I got my CTLS, I read somewhere that for the first year, you will fight the plane for who is in control. In the second year the plane will decide if you have earned the right to be boss. Danny
  9. Replacement Seat Belts

    I don't see this part number in Scroth's catalog. Anyone else have a more up to date number or even an alternative seat belt that would work in a CTLS? Danny
  10. Other than the seats, that is some seriously ugly stuff.
  11. Strobe Lights

    Thanks Roger and Tom. As much as it will drive me nuts, I'll continue to fly with one flash and one solid for now. Danny
  12. Strobe Lights

    I have a CTLS (860LS) with one red and one green wing tip light. The red one flashes but the green one stays on solid. I assume they are both supposed to flash. If true, where would be the best place to get the green one to replace it (since I figure the flashing part is busted). I can see they are LED lights. Danny
  13. Stripes

    Added some stripes to the CTLS propeller in a matching blue to that on the plane. Immediately noticed an increase in rpm and cruise speed. Who would have thought that possible? Danny