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  1. Cluemeister

    Charlie Tango got published

    Incredible. Love the pictures!
  2. Cluemeister

    LSA Proposed Rulemaking - Jan. 2019

    Reads like a bunch of cold water being dumped on the earlier reports!
  3. Cluemeister

    LSA Proposed Rulemaking - Jan. 2019

    It's unclear if it's 150mph or 150 knots. Pelton is quoted as saying 150mph, but perhaps he meant 150 knots. On Jan. 19, 2019, Pelton said, the FAA will publish a notice of proposed rulemaking that seeks to raise the weight limit for light sport aircraft from the current 1,320 pounds to 3,600 pounds. โ€œThat will allow you to fly in a 172, have four seats in the airplane, and fly 150 mph,โ€ said Pelton, who also anticipates a rule change that would allow professional builders to construct experimental amateur-built aircraft.
  4. Cluemeister

    Rotax Upgrade to iS?

    Good reason to upgrade to a new(er) plane. ๐Ÿ˜€
  5. Cluemeister

    Airventure 2018

    We were on the grounds the first Sunday and the arrival situation was a giant mess. Glad you were able to avoid that situation.
  6. Cluemeister

    Shedding Electrical Load in a CTLSi

    Of course, fuel injected. Oops! Thanks for the response.
  7. Cluemeister

    Shedding Electrical Load in a CTLSi

    So on a CTLSi, if you have an alternator failure, how much time before the fuel pump stops working?
  8. Cluemeister

    Shedding Electrical Load in a CTLSi

    Is the fuel pump electrical in the CT or is it engine driven?
  9. Cluemeister

    Financial Ownership Maintenance Schedule

    Are you able to find a shade hangar? That might be a good compromise.
  10. Cluemeister

    Favorite weather app for planning?

    Another vote for windy. I like the longer range ceiling forecast for a x country trip. I also like airnet, and wish it would project out further.
  11. Cluemeister

    C4 project is alive!

    I think the 915 could be a great option for that aircraft.
  12. Cluemeister

    GRS Parachute Failure

    I''m guessing it's the first time a chute had been pulled on this specific aircraft. Galaxy has videos on their web page of chute pulls. https://www.galaxysky.cz/rescue-aircraft-s106-en EDIT: Whoops just noticed S3flyer is way ahead of me. Pays to read the whole thread before posting!
  13. Cluemeister

    CTLS Damaged on Landing This Morning

    So true. It's also sobering to watch how quickly things can go bad.
  14. Cluemeister

    Possible CTLS down, Breezy Point, NY

    Sad. Thank you for posting.
  15. Cluemeister

    Helicopter Rotor Wash on Takeoff

    Adam, Do you know what your reaction was? I couldn't see your instinctive inputs in the video. Did you apply rudder or aileron? Do you think you applied the right inputs?