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  1. Cluemeister

    Financial Ownership Maintenance Schedule

    Are you able to find a shade hangar? That might be a good compromise.
  2. Cluemeister

    Favorite weather app for planning?

    Another vote for windy. I like the longer range ceiling forecast for a x country trip. I also like airnet, and wish it would project out further.
  3. Cluemeister

    C4 project is alive!

    I think the 915 could be a great option for that aircraft.
  4. Cluemeister

    GRS Parachute Failure

    I''m guessing it's the first time a chute had been pulled on this specific aircraft. Galaxy has videos on their web page of chute pulls. https://www.galaxysky.cz/rescue-aircraft-s106-en EDIT: Whoops just noticed S3flyer is way ahead of me. Pays to read the whole thread before posting!
  5. Cluemeister

    CTLS Damaged on Landing This Morning

    So true. It's also sobering to watch how quickly things can go bad.
  6. Cluemeister

    Possible CTLS down, Breezy Point, NY

    Sad. Thank you for posting.
  7. Cluemeister

    Helicopter Rotor Wash on Takeoff

    Adam, Do you know what your reaction was? I couldn't see your instinctive inputs in the video. Did you apply rudder or aileron? Do you think you applied the right inputs?
  8. Cluemeister

    Engine failure today and forced landing.

    Wow! Not sure I have any advice, but well done staying calm and landing safely! Very impressed.
  9. Cluemeister

    A glance at the Bristell 915is

    From Dan Johnson's website, an article on the 915is in general, and the Bristell in particular: Here's what early Bristell test flying showed: Maximum Cruise: 280 km/h — 175 mph — 152 knots Eco (lower fuel consuming) Cruise: 260 km/h — 163 mph — 141 knots Fuel Burn in Eco mode: 23 liters/hour — 6 gallons per hour Fuel Translation: 27.16 statute miles per gallon at 163 mph
  10. Cluemeister

    A glance at the Bristell 915is

    Here's a youtube video of the Bristell with the 915 showing airspeed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=On9CKCrzWzQ
  11. Cluemeister

    CTLS adding a turbo?

    That would be a great upgrade for the CT.
  12. Cluemeister

    LSRI Course

    There are a few experimental guys over on the sport cruiser forum, SCFlier. They might be interested!
  13. Cluemeister

    LSRI Course

    Does it only cover ELSA annual inspection, or would an SLSA apply as well? You notice I'm too lazy to read the linked page.
  14. Cluemeister

    CTLE down

    The glare of late day/early morning sun is certainly a distraction. Combine that with low and slow, and potential for a terrible result. That formula could also describe anyone coming into the pattern just prior to sunset, and turning downwind to base or base to final. Mix in another plane flying in on a straight approach, and you are straining to find him in the glare. Momentarily you take your eye off your speed and pitch.
  15. Cluemeister

    Burping the Engine before starting

    A little pricey, but the hornet heater has worked well for me. Pros: Portable, low constant heat, no permanent connections to plane. Cons: Price.