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  1. I traded the CTSW today for a Grumman Tiger. It is with mixed emotions that I watched the airplane fly away. The new owner is a super guy and will make a great member of this fine organization. I wish to express my sincere appreciation to all who have contributed to this forum with such valuable input, which I constantly relied upon. Best wishes to everyone at CTFler. Blue Skys Jeff Hesoun
  2. I removed the old paper air filter, along with the three wire ties & gave them the permanent heave-hoe. I was glad to read in another thread that the wire ties are no longer needed (will make servicing the air filter so much easier). I installed the K&N filter and walla, the engine runs perfect at every power setting! That settled months of aggravation, chasing the gremlin. A big thanks to Roger & Corey for their valuable input.
  3. Thanks Roger. Will do. I acquired a Carbmate a few weeks ago and tried it. It was very cold and my helper wasn't the best. I found they were off but I'm sure I can do a better job now that it's warm. I know it he Carbmate isn't everyone's favorite but it was the simplest route at the time. My K & N filter comes in Thursday so I'll give that a try first.
  4. I have a 2006 CTSW. A few months ago, I noticed when reducing power from cruise RPM (over 5200) to between 4300 and 5200, I immediately get a slight roughness in the engine. If I apply carb heat, which bypasses the air filter, it immediately smooths out. Below 4200 RPMs or above 5200 RPMs, it runs fine. I have checked the carb bowls & made sure the cross tube equalization lines are hooked up properly. Nothing changed so I can't figure out why this is occurring. If I apply carb heat in the 4200-5200 RPM range, there is no problem. I checked the air filter, which isn't dirty and appears not to be restricted, however it is the original style paper element. I removed it and ordered a K & N 33-2092 replacement filter. Could it be the paper filter getting old, or any ideas? I thought about changing the mixture on the middle jet, but I haven't changed a thing and it ran fine before. Thanks in advance.
  5. Price lowered to $59,500. Consider trade for Grumman Tiger AA5B or Cessna 182.
  6. YesI live in Surgoinsville, TN at Hawkins County Airport (KRVN) near Kingsport, upper East TN, have the CTSW for sale listed on items for sale.
  7. I live in Surgoinsville, TN at Hawkins County Airport (KRVN) near Kingsport, upper East TN, have the CTSW for sale listed on items for sale.
  8. N147CT. Not uncrated or flown until 2011. 650 total time. Like new clean. TruTrak Glass EFIS, auto pilot w/altitude hold coupled to panel mounted Garmin 796 GPS. XM weather and ADS-B in via Garmin GDL39. KT76A with mode C. Garmin SL40 radio. Intercom w/ music in. ELT. Matco wheels & brakes. New high back leather seats with inflatable lumbar. Aveo Ultra Daylite LED position/strobes. LED landing light. Spare parts- oil,filter, seals, hoses, ect. 5 year rubber & parachute repack due next annual (12-2018) & priced accordingly. Hangared in TN at KRVN. May take the right Comanche for trade. (423) 358-6007.
  9. Yes. I just switched them out. Email me your address to Aeromut@aol.com.
  10. If you're adding strobes & want a separate switch for them, you need a third wire to power the strobe from that switch and a 4th wire to synchronize the strobes so they flas together.
  11. Excellent. Thanks Corey & Roger. Any experience with the EPTA-LSA or Ultra lights? Big price difference. I hate not being able to compare or buying sight unseen.
  12. I want to replace the weak wingtip nav lights with upgraded types that have strobes on my 2006 CTSW. I've narrowed it down to Thiesen EPTA-LSA for about $395 or Aveo Ultra Daylite (new for 2017-replace Aveo Ultra) for $778 from Spruce. Anyone familiar with either?" EPTA-LSA as bright? Then I need to run 4 wires to the wingtips to allow for the strobes to be added to a separate switch. Does anyone know the best way to do it and do the wings have to be pulled?
  13. I too would like to upgrade from the MR16 landing light, to a PAR36, such as the Whelen Parmethius or Teledyne Aphabeam. Has anyone done it?
  14. I have decided to go LSA and am looking to trade a nice Cessna 182 Skylane for a Flight Desin CT. Can e- mail pics if interested. Call/text Jeff 423-358-6007 or e-mail me at aeromut@aol.com. Located KRVN, East TN.
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