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    Sport pilot and fly from Gainesville, GA (KGVL) airport. I have a CTLSi that was delivered October 2016.
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  1. I had heard about this app for weight and balance and was pleasantly surprised they had all CTLS models loaded as templates, which made this simple to use for my CTLSi. Wanted to share to others on the board and see if anyone else experienced this as a nice surprise. Makes my life easier to use iPhone or iPad as I set up for proper weight and balance, either alone in the plane, or with a passenger and baggage. Thansk.
  2. jcbrzusek

    How often do you fly your CT?

    100 hours average a year so far and with my CTLSi I got last fall I am right on that target. Love the plane.
  3. jcbrzusek

    Maintenance costs per item.

    Andy, who in the area can do the 100 hour and general maintenance since I am at GVL ? Where did you take training to get so familiar over time. Thanks a ton, you are a wealth of knowledge.
  4. jcbrzusek

    Labor Day Photo

    Wow, that is so amazing. There is a God ! Thanks for sharing that one.
  5. jcbrzusek

    CTLSi Sold

    Congrats. On your fuel trailer, how much does it hold ? Can you send the Ebay link as well ? Jim
  6. jcbrzusek

    Flight Design insolvency

    First of all thanks to all the kind replies welcoming me to this forum. Second, the advice was very helpful. I did reach out to the company who accepted my deposit, and they informed me about the plane and that it is on time for delivery in May, and the commitment of FD-USA to parts, servicing, focus, and many other reasons I had read about the distribution and service here in the US. I do believe they will be honorable, as the person I put the down payment with has been extremely good about communication, and he got back to me today within 15 minutes and went thru everything with me. Most people would duck when things are tough, he did not blink. Anyone who owns a CTLS in Georiga, I would love to make personal contact and know the best service operators in the area and just get to know you as well as a fellow neighbor. I fly out of Gainesville, GA airport. Thanks to all for being so kind to me. Jim
  7. jcbrzusek

    Flight Design insolvency

    Question, I recently put a down payment on a new CTLSi about a month ago with someone who sells them out of Florida. Really nice people and very helpful, however I am concerned this may have not only an effect for my expected delivery of May, but a refund if a plane can't be delivered. Any advice here from the group on how to approach this properly ? I loved the plane when I did a test flight back in January. I live in the Atlanta area. Thanks, Jim