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  1. The perfect Rotax Oil Filter wrench

    Roger, apparently this wrench is becoming popular in Iowa. If possible, I will purchase three. Thanks, Fred
  2. GravityKnight posts about his Zipper modification on "RansClan", an internet forum for RANS kit planes.
  3. Convict Canyon - CT heaven - or hell

    Ed, thanks for posting these photos.
  4. ICON Fatal Accident

    Dick, I know nothing of this particular pilot. I do know many people who, because they are good at one thing, start to believe that they are good at everything. Like I said, I know nothing of this particular pilot.
  5. Climbed to 14,000' in 15 minutes

    Ed, your photos make my day. Thanks. Fred (in Iowa, where a mountain has a 200 ft elevation)
  6. 12 year mandatory overhaul

    Dick, go Experimental. It will set you free.
  7. CTLS K&N Air Filter model #

    Call Lockwood Aviation. They have a filter on their site with the following description: "3-1/2Dx5Lx5/8FL centered round straight. Used on Flight Design CTLS, Katana, and other 912/912S powered aircraft."
  8. Alternator light

    Larry, no ideas, but did this just start happening for no apparent reason? Also, how old is the battery?
  9. Fuel usage

    I agree with Ed, fuel may be transferring from the wing that is slightly high in straight and level flight to the wing that is slightly low in straight and level flight. This can happen if the slip-skid ball is not perfectly rigged and it makes sense to check for this problem (which results in non-level wings when the ball is centered). I had this problem with my CTsw and the first step my mechanic took was to ensure that the ball was properly rigged (i.e., that the ball was centered when the wings were level). This was done on the ground and not in the air. My ball was not rigged correctly and after it was fixed I had equal fuel levels in the tanks at the end of long flights. There are dozens of posts on this issue on CTFlier that can be found with a search of the forum. There are other possibilities, e.g., a kink in a fuel line, a clogged strainer on the pick-up in a wing tank, poor tank venting, etc. Still, I suspect that many would agree that checking the rig of the ball is a smart start. I am not a mechanic and my comments are not intended to be maintenance recommendations or guidance. They re provided only for discussion purposes, only.
  10. ICON Fatal Accident

    Nobody is disputing that groundspeed is lower when landing into the wind. Nobody. The point I was making is that when airborne, the plane doesn't fly differently when making an upwind turn versus making a downwind turn. I was making that point in direct response to a statement made in a previous post.
  11. ICON Fatal Accident

    Buckaroo, different point than the one I was responding to.
  12. ICON Fatal Accident

    The wind has no effect on the turn, whether upwind or downwind in direction.
  13. Avoiding inadvertent spins

    From the FAA Airplane Flying Handbook: "A slip occurs when the bank angle of an airplane is too steep for the existing rate of turn." Hard to see how that can also be a skid. Aircraft Spruce will sell you an "Inclinometer" for $54. It is a curved glass tube filled with liquid in which a solid round sphere is free to move under the influence of gravity and inertial (centrifugal) forces. You are all very familiar with this instrument. Aircraft Spruce also calls these instruments "Bank Indicators" and "Slip Indicators".
  14. Replacement Seat Belts

    I've posted on this before. I replace the belts in my CTsw with a 5-point Crow system. The anti-sub strap allows the occupant to tighten the shoulder harness without pulling the lap belt upwards. My belts have the quick release rotary buckle. I am very pleased with the upgrade. Quality belts are also made by Hooker and probably by others, as well. BTW, my plane has experimental registration so I am permitted to modify without factory approval.