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  1. Here in the UK I paid £400 but we find everything in USA is generally cheaper.
  2. Yes they don’t make it easy , looking at the photo it does look like there was silicon or something I had to dig out, I installed an new board and have had no problems since.
  3. On mine I disconnected each cable individually, I don’t remember anything covering the screw, it was a fairly straight forward process of just unscrew pull cable out and push cables into new board and tighten the screws
  4. I was flying C172s PA 28s and then a PA32 prior to purchasing CT and at first I thought I was never going be able to land it but after time it’s no problem and going in and out of strips a short as 750 feet, Basically it’s the advice from all the above posts that help and I find in particular the speed needs to be very close to book figures , you will get there and as suggested in the above posts try to practice on days when wind is light and not turbulent.
  5. In the UK I recently purchased one for £ 400.00 if that gives you an idea as everything over here seems to cost more the USA
  6. Yes the board on the firewall is where I had solder joint problems and other people on here have had same problems
  7. Hi Roger Thanks for that info, looking at the board it does look like a one of the solder points is bad so I will get it re soldered and see if that cures it. My problem here is my Strip is only 300 meters although I’m now just increasing it to 500 meters if the flaps don’t come down I doubt I could land without any flaps here so I purchased a new one to be safe.
  8. I had similar problems on my 2008 CTSW I’m sure it’s a crack on the flaps control board on the firewall but couldn’t find it so installed a new control board about a month ago and I’ve had no problems since, I will get the original board hopefully repaired and keep as a spare. Lawrence
  9. Rich: Never have a problem taking off we are 320ft amsl and even with little wind 2 adults and fuel the ground roll is usually around 500 to 650 feet, sometimes in winter when ground is wet I use 30 degrees of flap instead of 15. Lawrence
  10. My strip at the moment is only 300 meters of which in one direction on landing 50 meters is unusable due to trees so down to 250 Meters so I always land with 40 degrees of flap but you do need to follow Dicks advice above, Go around and 40 degrees of flap is no problem, I’ve just purchased the rest of the field my strip is in so I’m now able increase the length to 500 meters which will make landings easier.
  11. CTs in the UK aren't fitted with a Carb heat probably more to do with trying to keep the weight down to 450Kg rather than them not being required, In 15years of flying Cts over here I have never experienced Carb Icing, only once have I had a rough running engine on climb out and that we suspect was due to fuel line vapour locks caused by there being no fuel return line back to the fuel tanks.
  12. Snoopyeagle, I'm interested in getting another SL40 for my CTSW as a backup radio.  Not sure how much you want for the radio and then how much shipping would be to ship the U.S.  Let's see what the bottom line will be for me and I might buy this from you.  It is easiest for me to just use normal email over internet.   reh3335@yahoo.com

    Dick Harrison


  13. The Ex Uk importer of Cts has a template of some kind of door pockets and his airstrip is 1 mile from mine so I will obtain them and try to put some pictures on here of what they are as I want some mine as well
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