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  1. CT & LSA in China

    Thanks for your kind comments on AeroJones. Yes, we had a great time with Dan during his visit to China and Taiwan. You also can check the interview by CAACTV. Best Regards, Tai VP of AeroJones.
  2. Flight Design insolvency

    how familiar voice of this article is! I can smell someone still playing in. The content is interesting, partly true. I just want to say please be careful with someone who had tried every effort to take others' money and could not make his words. I do believe the normal business relies on decent behaviour, and believe the public is clever.
  3. Flight Design insolvency

    Thanks for your point that the debt should be taken into consideration.
  4. Flight Design insolvency

    Mr.Morden, thanks for your note, and what's why my boss is considering to take over Flight Design, becasue we hope to provide a stable support to CT owners, and don't want to see the CT downgrade to expermental cat. Tom is honest, and trustful. I like to work with him. He always take his customers on top priority, and I believe that is the way to do real business.
  5. Flight Design insolvency

    @IrishAl Many thanks for your positive views, and it sounds only good to AeroJones to take over Flight Design. But, I am wondering what will be bad points to take Flight Design. We have worked with Flight Design almost 3 years, and we really know how important to keep Flight Design alive. And that's why my boss has been trying to support Flight Design Germany. Right now, I am trying to contact the creditors as many as possible, and i know the first creditor meeting will be important. So I have to know if the majority of the creditors will support AeroJones to take over Flight Design. of course, AeroJones would like to support the CT owners.
  6. Flight Design insolvency

    AeroJones paid aircraft before we can produce by ourselves. Actually, AeroJones is thinking to take over Flight Design in order to support the CT fleet. Frankly speaking, the situation of Flight Design bankruptcy is still unclear, and we don't get too much information from Flight Design either. Since this will be an important decision, I need some advice. Tai
  7. Flight Design insolvency

    @adevw That's before Aerojones can produce CTLS, dated back to 2013, 2014 Aerojones got orders from customers, so paid to Flight Design. Tai
  8. Flight Design insolvency

    The deadline to claim the credits is May 10, hope every creditor has claimed. My boss, and I just came back from Germany, and met the reciever. We hired laywers to claim our credits including 6 aircraft fully paid and one downpayment. So if someone needs help, AeroJones may provide some support. We are thinking the future of Flight Desing, and try to save the brank of Flight Design in order to keep the CT owners life cycle support. As I posted before, AeroJones management level love the aviation industry, and really dedicated ourselved to the field. I know here are some experts or creditors andI need your advice. Maybe you can post your advice here or you can write to my email tai.hsieh@aerojones.com Tai
  9. Flight Design insolvency

    AeroJones is a Taiwan independent company, and we are victims too. AJ put a big amount of money to FDG to get the licence to produce CTLS, and help FDG to develop C4, and now the situation really makes AJ in dilemma. AJ definitely will claim our right in front of insolvency receiver to protect our investment, at this aspect AJ is on the same situation with other creditors. We love aviation industry and have done a lot of efforts to produce CTLS. I had to show up in Sun 'n Fun this year, because I want shows our determination to support the customers in the worldwide; however AJ is bonded with FDG due to our production in compliance with FDG type design data. Even thought this is a free discussion forum, I don't want to make a comment I don't know. What AJ can do is keeping delivering CTLS, This is a business for AJ, and I believe this is also good to the customers. Chi Tai Hsieh
  10. Flight Design insolvency

    AeroJones also invested money to develop C4 program, and we do hope the C4 program can continue. However at this right moment, AeroJones is trying to help Flight Design to keep his core capability in order to push C4 forwards. What in my mind is how to keep the CT fleet with AeroJones Logistics support, and producing CTLS which I thinks is the best LSA performer
  11. Flight Design insolvency

    Thanks for your suggestion, but I would prefer calling Flight Design CT's by AeroJones.
  12. Flight Design insolvency

    AeroJones is a financial independent company and still undergoing production..
  13. Flight Design insolvency

    Dear CT4ME, I am honored to be here to share my opinions with you. AeroJones, right now have full capability of producing CTLS aircraft, and we want to keep the CT fleet healthy in life cycle.
  14. Flight Design insolvency

    AEROJONES AVIATION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD With the recent news of Flight Design’s struggles, we would like to introduce you to our company, AeroJones Aviation Technology Co. LTD. Started in 2012, AeroJones Aviation is headquartered in Taichung, Taiwan centrally located in the Republic of China. Taichung is the “Silicon Valley” of Taiwan where many high tech companies are located. AeroJones Aviation is a well-funded company, privately owned and independent. Taiwan is a western oriented country with strong ties to the United States and Europe with whom it shares key values and a familiar way of life. AeroJones Aviation has to date been producing the CTLS series primarily for the Southeast Asian market and worked with Flight Design of Germany for more than two years in an exclusive agreement to license their products and the associated aerospace composite technology. The program included our own complete tooling, production worker training, quality management training and the gradual build up to finished airplanes which first occurred in 2014. The process has been managed and audited by engineering staff from Europe where Flight Design has the original production line for the their aircraft. So far the production facility has passed numerous audits including the awarding of a Production Certificate by the Chinese CAAC at the end of last year. As roughly 35% of a CTLS comes from the USA (Wheels, tires, Brakes, Radios, antennas, GPS, autopilot, EFIS and EMS systems, intercom, Whelen lights BRS parachute, ELT, headsets, miscellaneous parts like the gascolator. Meanwhile, the Austrian-made Rotax engine, propeller, composite materials, windshield and windows, paint, seats and numerous miscellaneous parts come from Europe. The planes made by AeroJones Aviation should correctly be called “world aircraft” (just like Boeing and Airbus) as only about 25% will be of non-western origin. The production facility located in Xiamen includes almost all of the production processes under one roof. In-house production equipment includes a CNC, TIG welding and of course, the composite layup and post cure ovens. A modern paint booth is on site as is assembly and test equipment for the electrical harnesses. Our belief is that the overall quality, fit and finish will be as good as anything you will see anywhere the Light Aircraft market, worldwide. Chi-Tai Hsieh Executive Vice President of AeroJones