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  1. There's your dinner! Thank you Roger...for sharing your knowledge.
  2. Both planes are gone...thanks for the memories!
  3. Lucy LightSport is sold! I still have her best friend "Ethel" the project plane for sale asking $19,000 OBO!
  4. The yellow is ChromaGLAST High Solids Primer Surfacer/Sealer 5060 I was experimenting. It went on white and was pale yellow when I came back! The seats photo is "Lucy" experimental light sport! The "Bondo" picture is "Ethel", Lucy's best friend! The engine without cowling picture is "Ethel" the project plane. Sorry for the confusion...
  5. P.S.S. I might be interested in parting out the project plane if it looks feasible! -chris
  6. Too sorry the $29,000 obo is for the ELSA that flies. The project plane is not included for that price! Make an offer for both or either one!! -chris
  7. I have two 2006 CTSWs for sale, one is registered as an airworthy ELSA and priced at $29,000 OBO. The other is a non-registered project (broken wings) engine runs good. Both have Dynon D-100s and D-120s Tru-track auto pilots and Garmin GTX327s. Their com radios both have failure errors and do not work SL30 and 40 respectively. Call or email me for more information 317-270-2930 Chris
  8. I have two in Shelbyville, IN Kgez
  9. I am still interested in your wheels and brakes...Let me know if I can send you a check! -Chris
  10. Lucy light sport, red prop! She loves to land!
  11. Greg, I have what you are looking for. I am starting a flying club/partnership for 4-5 people. I have a 2006 ctsw with 367 hours...glass panel. I would like to talk about the possibilities! I am based at MQJ. call me at (317) 258-9133 ( email: c.arvin@sbcglobal.net)
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