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  1. KentWien: The turn-around for me was 1 month, but that included the Thanksgiving week. It is taking (I guess) another 2 weeks to get a replacement tube. For FlyingMonkey : http://flightdesignusa.com/support/sb-components/ has links to documents for SW and LS. Note there is an MRA to fill out and file with logs when removing the chute. (may not apply for E-LSA)
  2. KEEP THE LAUNCH TUBE. I'm doing my 12 year repack and rocket replacement now. The kits have changed. The igniter assembly must be detached from the bottom of the launch tube. (two screws), then replaced with a new one. Keep the tube. I had sent the rocket and igniter and tube out to bomb disposal before the new kit came back. I should have waited. As I have experience with exactly one aircraft, this detail was not obvious. I did ask Derek to update the removal manual to clearly state parts to be retained.
  3. I have installed the EchoUAT and Skyfyx. The interface was originally for Navworx. (yes, I can pick winners..). Transponder monitor was used for pressure altitude, the GTX327 set squawk and Ident serially. FAA reported Pressure Altitude as unreliable, about 9% error rate. I got the GTX327 tested, it passed 24 month tests. I contacted uavionix, then got a 'Navworx Multiplexer' cable. This cable has a small PCB that takes 9600 baud Pressure Alt (From Dynon D100) and 9600 baud Transponder info (from GTX327) and combines them into a 115,200 stream. Input is a 9 pin serial connector, output a flat molex. Thus the EchoUAT is no longer using the 1090 transponder monitor. I (not a lawyer) think my device is not infringing. It *could*, but now does not. Does this mean I can keep using it? I do find this transponder monitor an interesting problem, as the query on 1030 for Mode A or Mode C is different, but the response on 1090 looks the same. Seems the designers didn't allow for multiple queries in a radar environment. Somebody else (Freeflignt?) proposed having a small 1030 transmitter on the plane to make queries. I'm not sure how the FCC could approve that. The uAvionix patent proposes to pick up 1090 from power wires. I don't see how much that differs from using an antenna per the Garmin '301 patent. A wire acts as an antenna... a good or bad one depends upon geometry. Mode S is a different design, and has much more info in the response.
  4. One more update on EchoUAT installation. I had a cable which used GTX327 for control, but pressure altitude was by transponder RF monitor. The altitude result was unreliable, according to FAA test. . I got a new cable ECHOUATmux, which takes both control and serial altitude over hard wire. THis now works correctly. See appendix 12C in echo manual. I did not install a fireplace.
  5. I’ve installed the Echo UAT. It is in the mushroom , right side, behind breakers . I have a CTSW with analog engine gauges. There was plenty of room. I did finally use the EchoMux cable to connect serial data for altitude encoder, and control from GTX327. See uavionix manual appendix C12 for the wiring. earlier i’d tried the trans monitor, but FAA test results were intermittently falling . Submit for check at:https://adsbperformance.faa.gov/PAPRRequest.aspx Sorry can’tt find pix of antennas. I have the GPS up on the mushroom, near windshield with wire run through the air vent. I have the UAT antenna on the belly where the ELT used to be, near the static port. In previous work, I’d put in a 406 ElT, and the antenna is now on the top. A ground plane was built from copper tape. FD did grant MRA for the uavionix echo. see the ADS-B installation thread,. Has 3 pix.http://ctflier.com/topic/4438-ads-b-installation/?do=findComment&comment=68409
  6. I think Rotax says to turn by hand. See SI-912-010R10 para 3.1. Further, the battery is supposed to be disconnected while turning the prop. I usually spin the prop with lower spark plugs out for inspection, that is much easier. After reading this thread, I need to get a new filter wrench for the -016 filters I now have. Bill Mc.
  7. Back on topic - I've installed a uavionix Echo UAT, and SkyFyx GPS to feed it on 12/24. This was a retrofit kit from Dallas avionics for Navworx customers. The devices are behind the breaker panel on the right of the mushroom. I did get a revised cable from uavionix, the first one had the GTX327 control wired to the wrong pin 3(the serial altitude). Correct pin is 1 on the DB9. FAA report is now happy, and I've applied for the MRA from FD. uavionix is a supported device with Foreflight, so I'm using that not WingX. It is good to have a dual band receiver. I can get traffic while on the ground. When airborne at about 3000 ft I can see two towers, and also get TIS-B and FIS-B then. I've added 3 pictures. The mounted pair of radios is in the mushroom, behind the right breaker / instrument panel. The UAT antenna is on the belly behind the static port and OAT probe. (where ELT used to be). The small rectangular GPS antenna is on the glare shield, up front near the air vent. The white cable is for something else. The GPS396 antenna is to the right. Bill
  8. The fan had been hot-glued to the case, and wires soldered to board. Carefully cut away glue with xacto knife, slide fan off the pin. I cut the wires and spliced new fan in, rather than solder on a multi layer board. Sometimes the ground plane is not thermally relieved around the hole, and it is hard to solder. The fan came from Digikey : 259-1544-ND FAN AXIAL 20X8MM VAPO 5VDC WIRE I bought two. Seems to be a failure item. Bill McCandless
  9. Hello, My ADS600-EXP is p/n 200-8013. I've had it installed since 2016. I'm attaching the service bulletin from Navworx, and the Federal Register excerpt covering the AD. I'm one of the users who never had a GPS accuracy discrepancy reported by FAA, and my test flight passed w/o problems. I used the internal glareshield GPS antenna. Navworx had planned to make a new GPS module 200-8112 to piggy-back on top of the UAT. That is not available now. I'm currently looking at the various TSO transponder replacements. I'm no longer trusting of small avionics vendors.So looking at Garmin, Appareo, L3 . I know Freeflight UAT was proposed by Flight Design. I also have a Zaon XRX traffic receiver, Zaon is out of business. I've repaired the mini-fan in that once already, but it may die again. I wonder how uAvionix is working out, I'll read that thread now. Are they actually TSO 'performance' . Is the FAA reviewing their GPS chipset? Bill McCandless ServiceBulletinEXP060000.pdf 2017-11625.pdf NEWS-ADS-B-Solution-for-current-models-0416.pdf
  10. Navworx just went out of business. I'm the (not) proud owner of an ADS600-EXP. Now looking for alternatives. Dallas Avionics announced the new add-on module to comply with the service bulletin will not be shipped.
  11. The cloth pocket holder between the seats has the same type of snap. So, in a pinch in the field, you could just swap. I realized this *after* I got a new latch from FDusa.
  12. Check the latest from Germany. http://flightdesign.com/wordpress/?page_id=9 Aerojones takes over CT support. I'm surprised they got the C4 project. Not sure what Lindig gets out of the deal.
  13. Maryland Metric has a lot of quality parts. As a CTSW owner, I don't know the spec of the screws you need. http://mdmetric.com/
  14. Roger, Could you please tell me the size hole you drilled in the new shafts? My drill/tap table says 8.8mm for clearance, 8.4m for tight clearance for the M8 through bolt. I don't have a good machine shop, but a friend does. I want to buy the right (good) bits first. Oh, I'm trying to avoid "tagging a fence" at the Arlington fly-in. Thanks, Bill Mc.
  15. Hi Roger, Pushing the caliper piston manually was a debugging technique. I expected to pump after that. The surprise was that just taxiing was causing that problem. Thought maybe disk was seized and wobbling, but not the case. This has been slowly getting worse (that's why I replaced the master.) Time has just come to get over the problem. I've seen others are much happier with Matco. I also didn't know a source of rebuild parts for Marc calipers.
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