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  1. twmatthias

    CTLS vs. Remos GX?

    Excellent feedback, folks! Thank you so much. Theo
  2. twmatthias

    CTLS vs. Remos GX?

    I was wondering if someone with time in both a CTLS and a Remos GX might compare the handling of these two aircraft for our flying club. We know about the fuel tank position and folding wing issues, but we would like to know how the handling of the GX compares with the CTLS. Is GX cockpit as roomy? Are there other important things we should be comparing? Thanks in advance for your responses. They will help us to narrow our evaluation of LSA aircraft. Theo
  3. twmatthias

    Planning LSA Club Formation - CTLS Lease Back?

    Thanks! You have a PM from me. Yeah, I've been following that thread. Perhaps this is another reason a lease-back might be preferred over an equity position. Fortunately, we are located very close to FD USA in CT and they have been absolutely terrific to our FBO. We'll see how this whole thing plays out... Theo
  4. twmatthias

    Planning LSA Club Formation - CTLS Lease Back?

    This was mentioned to the group but we haven't had any volunteers. If we go the equity route, we'd certainly take advantage of a small fleet of CTLSs that are for sale and hangared at the FBO. However, the seller does not want to leaseback as he is liquidating the assets.
  5. A group of folks at our FBO are thinking about starting an LSA Flying Club in western Massachusetts. We have all piloted the CTLS that the FBO has on lease-back and we would like to base the club on that airframe. Unfortunately, the FBO lease-back arrangement is terminating and won't be renewed. We have fewer that 10 pilots in our group. One is a student pilot and the others have their SPL or PPL. Most of us find the CTLS fits our needs admirably and would like stick with that model. Since this effort is in its early stages, we have not yet decided whether we want to structure the club on an equity or non-equity basis. A non-equity structure would require us to arrange some sort of lease-back agreement with a current CTLS owner. We have not yet found someone in our area who owns a CTLS. Can anyone connect us with a person/company who might entertain such a proposition? Again, we are in the beginning stages of the club formation and need to gather information to develop pro forma financials for each of the two structural options. Thanks in advance, Theo
  6. twmatthias

    Setting the Parking Brake One-Handed

    Folks, I contacted Flight Design about this issue to get their take on the procedure. Here's the email I sent to them: I received a response almost immediately from a Flight Design Technical Advisor: So, I will see what my CFI thinks about this at my flight lesson tomorrow afternoon! Theo
  7. twmatthias

    Setting the Parking Brake One-Handed

    Glad my newbie question didn't embarrass me in front of you pros! I will speak with my CFI about this before our next flight. After several lessons, my opinion of his knowledge and teaching style couldn't be more glowing. I'm hoping that he'll be open to these alternatives after he verifies their operation! Thank you all for the benefit of your wisdom and experience, Theo
  8. This question is an attempt to clarify the possible procedures for setting the parking brake. Yes, I know it seems obvious, but there is a slight wrinkle in my ability to do this with the lap/shoulder belts adjusted snugly. I have to have the seat in the fully forward position as I have shorter legs and arms. With the seat forward and shoulder harness adjusted snugly, it restricts the ability of my left arm to cross-over my (somewhat prodigious) body to simultaneously operate the off/on brake toggle as I pull back on the brake lever. It will be another week or so before my next lesson. In the meantime, I was wondering if one can successfully set the parking brake by rotating the toggle to the "on" position first, then pull the parking brake to to set it "on"? Will that (single handed) procedure successfully set the brake? If so, will doing it that way cause any damage or premature wear in the braking system controls? Also, I wonder if I can use this technique to stop and set the parking brake when arriving at the run-up area. That would mean one pull of the brake lever to stop at the run-up area, followed by a quick "release brake, set toggle to "on" then second brake pull to set". Of course, my other option is to keep my shoulder/lap belts somewhat slack until just before take-off. Somehow that feels less safe when taxiing! I will speak with my instructor about this before my next lesson, but I wanted to tap the experience of this forum before discussing it. Thanks in advance for your knowledge/advice for this humble newbie! Theo
  9. twmatthias

    X Plane and CTLS

    I'm about to begin my SPL training and have been flying the CTSL in X-Plane 10 for a number of months. I'm hoping this will help me acclimate to the CTLS, especially the landings. So far I've found that, in light winds (with no xwinds), the best landings have been ones in which less than expected flare has been used. Does this mimic what you all have experienced actually flying the aircraft? For those of you who regularly fly the CTLS and have flown the X-Plane 10 CTLS: is the sim's performance relatively accurate? Thanks in advance for your replies!