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  1. patrickwiering

    Fuel pressure question?

    On my last 3 hr cross country my fuel pressure went to 8.3 PSI for like 5-10 minutes. Than dropped back to normal. Also my first guess is that its an electrical problem. Anyone had the same experience?
  2. patrickwiering

    Anyone using the echoUAT - ADSB?

    Isn’t the sky beacon wired over the existing electrical system? Please explain why you experience bad reception as I am interested in this solution..
  3. patrickwiering

    Nose gear Problem

    If I would like to replace the suspension. Where can i buy it?
  4. patrickwiering

    Nose gear Problem

    Thanks CT, tom and Roger lee, For your quick response.
  5. patrickwiering

    Nose gear Problem

    Hi, I am new to this form and a recent owner of a CTLS. I have problem with lots of vibration on the nose gear. The tire is new, balanced the wheel but nothing has changed. The only thing I can see is that there aren't any washers on top. According the manual there should be 3. Where can I buy them and would that be the cause of pretty heavy vibration at 40kn? Thanks