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  1. On my last 3 hr cross country my fuel pressure went to 8.3 PSI for like 5-10 minutes. Than dropped back to normal. Also my first guess is that its an electrical problem. Anyone had the same experience?
  2. Isn’t the sky beacon wired over the existing electrical system? Please explain why you experience bad reception as I am interested in this solution..
  3. If I would like to replace the suspension. Where can i buy it?
  4. Thanks CT, tom and Roger lee, For your quick response.
  5. Hi, I am new to this form and a recent owner of a CTLS. I have problem with lots of vibration on the nose gear. The tire is new, balanced the wheel but nothing has changed. The only thing I can see is that there aren't any washers on top. According the manual there should be 3. Where can I buy them and would that be the cause of pretty heavy vibration at 40kn? Thanks
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