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  1. Mounting of GPS antenna for ADSB in.

    That worked. Thanks
  2. 912 AD

    Some may find this important. [Docket No. FAA-2017-1078; Product Identifier 2017-CE-038-AD; Amendment 39-19178; AD 2018-03-05]

    Powerdown everything for 30secs. always carry iPhone for backup. If that fails try small hammer first. good Luck
  4. Rotax 912iS versus the 914 Turbo - Which One?

    I prefer a supercharger over a turbocharger anyday . Turbo exhaust failure makes for a great blow torch. I have seen some scary holes burned through fancy tight cowls. In my opinion as an engineer the supercharger is safer and for that reason even with the parasitic power draw. We have been conned into the cheap bolt on turbo extra power. Just my 5cents worth. Keep the greasy side down
  5. Welcome!

    Thanks for this site. It is a treasure chest of information. Live long and die Happy Oliver
  6. Good catch Roger. Looks like a bloody hedgehog died in the system.
  7. High current alarms

    I had same problem. Went blue in the face trying many suggestions to no avail. Replaced puny little Capacitor with a proper 100,000 micro Capacitor. Problem solved. They are cheap enough.
  8. What I learned after my first LSRM course session

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. I live in Wilmington, NC and would like to take an LSRM course that allowes me to do condition inspections. Alass I can not find course being offered. I have worked many years with repair shops under their licenses. I will travel if need be. Again thanks for suggestions. Oliver
  9. Charging system & Dynon questions

    I found three 1 amp fuses behind EFIS on the electric Shunt. One had a cracked glass. Replaced and Rewired big new Capacitor. I then went flying and bingo no Alarms. So now ATC does not see my Altitude. I guess that will be a visit to the Avionics Shop. Regards keep the blue side up
  10. Charging system & Dynon questions

    Thanks Roger, I am now waiting for parts needed to satisfy Annual Inspection
  11. Charging system & Dynon questions

    I have also been having the Hi Currant Alarm on 2006 CTSW. I Installed 100,000 mkf. Capacitor, New Battery and checked all connectors to no avail. So here is the low down, the problem also occurred with Engine off and Avionics On. I tapped the screen with finger and Amps returned to correct readings with various connected loads, verified with AmpMeter. This I replicated many times. I removed the D120, cleaned rear connector blocks. This tells me the problem lies in the D120 itself. I started doing the Annual inspection and will post flight results next week. I will be specific with my report in order that it may be helpful to my fellow Pilots Thanks Oliver
  12. I tested my LED landing light both forward and reverse polarity. Worked each way. I still get low voltage alarm as I clear the runway. My solution is to keep the rpm a tad high. The original reason for the LED landing light was to resolve this problem. Before I used to get the alarm on final. Wondering if there is a regulator problem?
  13. Desser 10350-4 6 PLY

    Thank you all for your responses. They were very helpful. By the way, I installed the Freeflight ADS-B out-in system. I am pleased with the setup.
  14. Desser 10350-4 6 PLY

    I am waiting on a new heavier nose wheel from Matco. Using 4.00-4-8ply from Dresser. 6ply could not be found. Is there any way to use a tow bar on my 2006 CTSW? The fairing screws to axle are about 1/4". Not suitable for tow bar. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks Oliver