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  1. I want a twin turbo one for my riding mower. Direct drive for hovering capabilities
  2. This is just my experience. I occasionally get calls from Rotax owners wanting conditional inspections. It seems to be an issue finding an A&P willing to take them on. A few colleagues in the business, tell me it is not worth the effort to take required Rotax courses and Recurring training for the smaller numbers. We keep busy with Lycomming and Continentals. At FRG on Long Island we have 238 single engine aircraft based and many A&Ps. Don’t break down here with a Rotax engine or you may have to trailer it out. Would not be the first time. I love the engine. Just too bad for expansion of Rotax use.
  3. At $17,500 for 100hp Air-K-Motor in France, I don’t consider it much of a bargain.
  4. A couple of decades ago, having seen an experimental Natural Gas powered Fuel Cell at a Con Edison Electric Plant, I thought it was the Holy Grail. Unfortunately it corroded badly and had to be dug out in pieces. Well it did allow the use of high density fuel. We just need that magic wand to get electrons to flow from petrol or diesel. The heat bypass can be a secondary power source. I believe it still has great promise. Momentarily cell too heavy to hang on that CT
  5. Well my ideal plane would be Fuel Cell / Battery combo. Other than The Electric Motor, No moving parts. Lets face it, the internal combustion engine is more than 100 years old and gas turbine 80 years old. God help us the best we have been capable of since is a little engine tweaking. Doesn’t say much for all those blow hards we see promoting their engines at shows. At least the medical guy’s came up with viagra and many other great products. Just my observation.
  6. Hi Odo.  I sent a mail to the email address you gave me.. Just checking you got it, could have gone to spam.     tmcholmes@yahoo.com


  7. Hi Tommy That was an eye opener post of yours. What part of Ireland are you from? I come originally from a farm near Castledermot, Co. Kildare. Ah a long time past. I go back occasionally for visits.
  8. I plan on being there now that I am getting second Covid-19 vaccine shot next week. I enjoy Sun n Fun, Hotels there are very reasonable.
  9. NTSB Prelim: Flight Design CTSW The Airplane Suddenly Yawed To The Right And Came Back Down To The Runway Location: Marion, NC Accident Number: ERA21LA073 Date & Time: December 13, 2020, 10:45 Local Registration: N138CT Aircraft: Flight Design CTSW Injuries: 2 Minor Flight Conducted Under: Part 91: General aviation - Personal On December 13, 2020, about 1045 eastern standard time, a Flight Design CTSW, N138CT, was substantially damaged when it was involved in an accident near Marion, North Carolina. The pilot and the passenger sustained minor injuries. The airplane was operated as a Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 personal flight. The pilot reported that all preflight operations were routine for the cross-country flight to Frankfort, Kentucky. Shortly after liftoff at an airspeed about 46 knots, the airplane suddenly yawed to the right and came back down to the runway. The pilot elected to reject the takeoff. The airplane continued to veer to the right and the airplane departed the runway and entered an area of soft terrain. The nose wheel collapsed and the airplane nosed over.
  10. Forgot: First and foremost clean the Battery Terminals. Can affect impedance seriously.
  11. Here is a link to an Article on AvWeb that is fun reading on the subject. Should give you a little insight into the various possible whining problems. Good luck, let’s hear how you make out. https://www.avweb.com/ownership/licking-alternator-whine/ Happy New Year Oliver Downey
  12. The 50mm White Mylar tape used on Hinge Gaps available online from Walmart at $14
  13. For years Detroit Automakers used Vaseline in bulb sockets. Put it in ship Navigation lights, lasted years in saltwater environment.
  14. Just the wire connecting points. You don’t want to have oxidation between wire connectors and Shunt
  15. ROGER IS ON HIS GAME I came across this same issue on a couple of occasions while working on LSAs. Each time it was the shunt. A visual check is useless. 1) Take pictures before disconnecting wires. 2) Mark wires before disconnecting. 3) Clean shunt and wire End rings with the brown scotchbrite. 4) Cover all parts with Vaseline. 5)Reassemble using new lock washers. Don’t use ACE AVIATION HARDWARE.and don’t forget your other instrument Senders connectors while at it. Vaseline was a priceless part of my electric toolkit in my Marine work. It keeps the oxygen out
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