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  1. From my observations, most Flying Schools tie their planes down outside in all weathers. Many composite owners would not like this practice with their lease backs. So goes the desire for metal planes. Forget about finding a hanger within 50miles of me.
  2. I doubt this affects 912uls which most have. AD: BRP-Rotax GmbH & Co KG Engine AD NUMBER: 2019-10-04 PRODUCT: Certain BRP-Rotax GmbH & Co KG (Rotax) 912 and 914 model engines. ACTION: Final Rule. SUMMARY: This AD was prompted by power loss and engine revolutions per minute (RPM) drop on certain Rotax 912 and 914 model engines due to a quality control deficiency in the manufacturing process of certain valve push-rod assemblies resulting in partial wear on the rocker arm ball socket and possible malfunction of the valve. This AD requires one-time inspection and, depending on the findings, replacement of the affected parts with parts eligible for installation. DATES: This AD is effective July 10, 2019. COST: The FAA estimates that this AD affects 150 engines installed on airplanes of U.S. registry. Operators may incur the following costs in order to comply with this AD: Inspect the push-rod rocker arm ball sockets 1 work-hour × $85 per hour = $85 Replacement (if necessary): Replace the valve push-rod assembly and rocker arm ball sockets 0.5 work-hours × $85 per hour = $42.50. Parts: $3,000, Cost per engine: $3,042.50 FMI: AD Aero-News Network Propwash - Issue 234/07
  3. My CTSW was insured for $70,000 and totaled after being under water in Hurricane Florence. I am now 72. I guess those are two reasons why I have been getting such high quotes. No other claims. Thanks y’all for the responses.
  4. Been checking out purchasing a new CTLSi. The deal killer was $5,676 for insurance. I then checked insurance for a 2012 CTLSi. They wanted $3848 I was wandering if the loss of my CTSW in Hurricane Florence was causal. The agent said she could do a Cessna 172 for $1,000 Any ideas on what is going on here
  5. In the interest of safety You may want to consider a seaplane rather than some ugly after thought mounted on floats. i have been looking at the Seamax from Brazil. From a safety standpoint, should one forget to raise the gear when landing on water, it is not a killer and safe to do. You are sure going to slow down surprisingly fast. Its a simple matter of designing this safety feature in the first place. Do that in any other plane and it will bite you. Think Safety First and Good Luck with your search
  6. Been using FlyQ for years and am happy with it. when I delay renewing the price comes down. WingX is free if for VFR only.
  7. You may want to consider the Rotax 15 year TBO. There are two contradictory Letters from the FAA on the subject, because Flight Design defers to Rotax manuals on these time limiting issues. That was my take away on the subject. Hopefully I am wrong. They are a very good engine and super efficient.
  8. I replaced Parachute & Rocket Motor last July. It was straight forward following the Instructions. Rocket Motor Assy. Shipped Unassembled due to it being explosive. One must be home to sign for it. A bench vice is a must for assembly. You will need A&P or LSRM-A to do the installation. The instructions are good.
  9. Sorry for you inconvenience Roger. Her Insurance is totally responsible. All the Best in the New Year.
  10. I have used two 15watt solar panels screwed to my Hanger roof, feeding a regulator. Got at Harbor Freight Aviation. For cable I used about 20ft. of 12 ga. Landscaping lighting wire. Connected to planes battery. Never out of power even through a hurricane.
  11. Huricane Florence took care of my Airplane Tax problem here in NC. When you add the Towns take to the County’s it was over 1% of value per year. I was not aware of this tax before I moved to NC from NY. I am not replacing until I move to an Aviation Friendly State. Any suggestions? This sh%t really got under my skin.
  12. I put new Bruce wings and fuselage cover on my Dakota. They fell apart after 2 years. Sent fuselage cover back for repair, but it fell apart anyway also 3 months later. Then I bought from Planecovers Maryland, still in good condition after 5 years. They use Sumbrella. I believe he has retired from the business. They were the best.
  13. I have taken the Flight Design check flights with John Hurst and I must say he is a very capable instructor. He was a tremendous help to me. Thanks John
  14. Congratulations, keep the speed up, greasy side down. Altitude is your friend.
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