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  1. Odowneyeng

    CTSW vs. Legend 600

    In the interest of safety You may want to consider a seaplane rather than some ugly after thought mounted on floats. i have been looking at the Seamax from Brazil. From a safety standpoint, should one forget to raise the gear when landing on water, it is not a killer and safe to do. You are sure going to slow down surprisingly fast. Its a simple matter of designing this safety feature in the first place. Do that in any other plane and it will bite you. Think Safety First and Good Luck with your search
  2. Odowneyeng

    Boeing Buys Foreflight

    Been using FlyQ for years and am happy with it. when I delay renewing the price comes down. WingX is free if for VFR only.
  3. You may want to consider the Rotax 15 year TBO. There are two contradictory Letters from the FAA on the subject, because Flight Design defers to Rotax manuals on these time limiting issues. That was my take away on the subject. Hopefully I am wrong. They are a very good engine and super efficient.
  4. Odowneyeng

    BRS Repack

    I replaced Parachute & Rocket Motor last July. It was straight forward following the Instructions. Rocket Motor Assy. Shipped Unassembled due to it being explosive. One must be home to sign for it. A bench vice is a must for assembly. You will need A&P or LSRM-A to do the installation. The instructions are good.
  5. Odowneyeng

    My wall and shop didn't make it through Christmas

    Sorry for you inconvenience Roger. Her Insurance is totally responsible. All the Best in the New Year.
  6. I have used two 15watt solar panels screwed to my Hanger roof, feeding a regulator. Got at Harbor Freight Aviation. For cable I used about 20ft. of 12 ga. Landscaping lighting wire. Connected to planes battery. Never out of power even through a hurricane.
  7. Odowneyeng

    Airplane Taxes

    Huricane Florence took care of my Airplane Tax problem here in NC. When you add the Towns take to the County’s it was over 1% of value per year. I was not aware of this tax before I moved to NC from NY. I am not replacing until I move to an Aviation Friendly State. Any suggestions? This sh%t really got under my skin.
  8. Odowneyeng

    Airplane Cover

    I put new Bruce wings and fuselage cover on my Dakota. They fell apart after 2 years. Sent fuselage cover back for repair, but it fell apart anyway also 3 months later. Then I bought from Planecovers Maryland, still in good condition after 5 years. They use Sumbrella. I believe he has retired from the business. They were the best.
  9. I have taken the Flight Design check flights with John Hurst and I must say he is a very capable instructor. He was a tremendous help to me. Thanks John
  10. Congratulations, keep the speed up, greasy side down. Altitude is your friend.
  11. Odowneyeng

    Hurricane Florence

    Insurance Adjuster checked a bunch of planes here. Verified my CTSW was a write off. Even the yoke was frozen. Water was 53”
  12. Odowneyeng

    Hurricane Florence

    Thanks y’all Heading up there in the morning to take a gander.interstate 40 closed so l plan on driving 3 hours to cover what is normally a 45min trip. The pond at the back of my house only went up an extra 12 in. Sun & Fun is just around the corner. Think of all those shining flying machines
  13. Odowneyeng

    Hurricane Florence

    My home fared out very good. No so good for my CTSW
  14. Odowneyeng

    Garmin files suit against uAvionix

    I have always held Garmin in hight esteem. I hope the CEO steps out of his Ivory Tower and have his a... kissing lawyers do something good to protect the companies image. Getting a patent is a matter of having high priced lawyers have their way with underpaid self serving people at the patent office. Garmin should be bigger than this. Just saying!
  15. Odowneyeng

    FAA Action Against Sensenich

    Think Flint Michigan and it’s water issues. The leaders and their managers told their customers “TRUST US” Let’s have faith in their nice Lawyers. Were Sesenich serious they would never have allowed even part of their name to be used after spinning off that station. Its like a backyard mechanic Calling himself Lycomming. Note,The CEO of Sensenich did not put his name to the NOTICE. Sorry how do I figure, which is the real Sensenich