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  1. pointpergame

    Aerojones sets up shop in Florida

    I love the CT. But I've been reticent to think of buying one. If the fleet builds up, it will change my point of view completely.
  2. pointpergame

    Student pilot thinking about an FD

    This is off the wall and I know it's 2,000 miles from you, but the flying club where Anticept maintains the fleet is a great little outfit on a classy airport ( KOSU ) in a somewhat busy airspace. I rented an apartment in Columbus and made the move from primitive ( j-3 / grass strip / no radio / class G ) in 10 flights. Richard was a tremendous CFI. Not mentioned yet is that the CT wants moderately good stick and rudder skills, more like a J3 than a 150/172. It loves to slip, for instance. Only a guess, but I would think except for that, you could make the transition from a 172 in a handful of hours.
  3. I could have sworn the limitation was that an LSA --- the aircraft itself --- could NOT have a V-h in excess of 120 kts. If I'm not mistaken, that means at WOT, given Standard Temp and Pressure, the aircraft does not fly faster than 120kts. What am I missing here?
  4. pointpergame

    Warning do not enter - visible mountain wave clouds

    This is all so intimidating! I'm not sure how I'll ever fulfill my dream of flying coast to coast and back in a CT, let alone a Cub or a Champ. I guess that's a little dumb, since thousands and thousands of pilots have done it. I just haven't yet figured out how they figured it out. Thanks for the patient tutorial.
  5. pointpergame

    Warning do not enter - visible mountain wave clouds

    Tell those of us who haven't flown in the mountains yet, are you noting the left to right dark bluish waves clouds? How does the danger manifest itself?
  6. pointpergame

    Alternator Whine

    I know this isn't about the radio. But: Many of us fly with zero radio. It's good discipline. If you're at a towered airport you should be able to arrange light guns out and back into your home airport. Then you could at least fly.
  7. pointpergame

    Repairing a $1300 part for $15 + shipping

    I agree that the price is extremely high. Similar to the controllers in washing machines. Those sell by the tens of thousands and they still want a usurious $400 - $800 for a replacement. But...this isn't really the "back of an envelope" electronic design. More like a first year Electrical Engineer mid term project. There's conversion from CMOS logic levels to motor drivers in a very noisy electrical environment, plus at least some fail safe consideration. There's specifying the components after the conceptual design. An Arduino could reliably handle the logic, but there would still be the level conversions of the drivers and feedback circuits. These simple little designs can be pretty fiddly in reality. I guess I'm saying the replacement cost is crazy, but FD had to hire an engineering firm to design this board and have the boards built, then they have to stand behind the design legally.
  8. pointpergame

    New Non-Aviation Toy

    In the couple places I drive --- back home in Silicon Valley and here in Mid Ohio --- It's almost impossible to find a place to let a high-performance car go. But there are the interstate on-ramps. Some years ago at 2 am coming home from a hockey game I took my WRX up to 128, my personal Land Speed Record. A friend at work said for that kind of speed they take you to directly to jail. Who knew? I got frightened enough thinking about the expense and the time I'd spend in court I've had to let my record stand. Still, there are the narrow back-woods, 90-degree roller coaster farm roads in Ohio plus weaving through traffic on the freeways, where it is very handy to be able to blip up to 110 and back down to 75 within a few seconds to get around the occasional slow poke blocking our passing lane with an econobox.
  9. pointpergame

    "Submitted for your approval." Waxing philosophic.

    Well-played, Doug.
  10. pointpergame

    Has NASA lost its way?

    I agree with your sentiment, Andy. I even come from the same organization ( minor buddies with Howard Law, for instance ) but up at Ames RC. However! Human beings cling to their closely held beliefs no matter what the evidence. Obviously, this has been good for evolution. Or, rather, our evolution at the time. The chances of changing someone else's closely-held beliefs are extremely small. But it's hard to let it slide despite the futility. If you can change anyone's "scientific method" with a forum posting, that would be a miracle. Actually, upon reflection, that would be a dangerous miracle.
  11. pointpergame

    Sony Alpha 6000 in a CT - what I learned so far

    I believe the A6000 and the A6300 have the same feature set. Doing some testing downtown San Francisco, I found when I got home that some autofocus settings had ruined my day. I've switched to spot until I understand the speed-of-light-but-on-the-wrong-object autofocus a bit better. In my case, picking out a farmhouse from 2,000, I don't have the luxury of composing with the aircraft. I have to open up the right side of the J-3, bank to 30 degrees or so, and religiously avoid spinning it in while I snap off a few handheld telephoto shots to be cropped later. I'm shooting a needle in the haystack while you're shooting those beautiful haystacks themselves. Gotta love the gigantic sensor for what it allows you to do after the fact. Thanks for the tips.
  12. pointpergame

    Sony Alpha 6000 in a CT - what I learned so far

    But...at infinity focus, everything is in focus from 40-50 feet out to infinity. Isn't it? My thinking has been to take whatever F-stop the Alpha gives me so I can have the highest shutter speed. A range of ISO choices that go with these awesome modern Big Sensors is new to me, so the sense of "where things get grainy" that we've all gotten good at judging with film...looks like that's a new ball game. I just hauled my A6300 to Red Stewart field ( SW Ohio ) this morning but was too busy getting current and dodging clouds in the J-3 to worry about photos. Too bad, too, because after the serial thunder storms here and now winds of 1, gusting to 2, from Dayton you can see all the way to Cincinnati. Thanks again for sharing your findings. I was a little surprised to hear that equiv 50 mm was still too telephoto. My mission is trying to pick out the family farm and the farms of other friends in the Ky. hills from 2,000 AGL. Quite different from what you're doing. Hoping the G-series 18-105MM zoom ( which is OSS ) will work in my case.
  13. pointpergame

    Sony Alpha 6000 in a CT - what I learned so far

    Are you shooting raw and manipulating through LightRoom or LightRoom CC? I notice the compression artifacts are almost completely gone. Did you change image size for publication here to accomplish that or ... ?
  14. pointpergame

    Rotax Stator Rumor

    From the peanut gallery an innocent question: 35 lbs seems like a big switch for taking out a couple carbs and putting in a black box and some injectors. In a few words, where does the increase of weight come from in the change from ULS to iS ?