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  1. 2008 CTLS SOLD

    FOR SALE: 2008 CTLS, purchased new. 145 hrs total time with all available options at time of purchase in September 2008. New annual and unused, MATCO Brakes/wheels Bruce cover, with all new tires. Always in hangar. Currently at the Prineville, OR Airport (S39,) as shown in the pictures. Only flown by retired airline pilot. I'm selling to buy a 4 place. MY airplane is SOLD
  2. CTLSi available on the West Coast

    I have a completely equipped 4/2008 CTLC WITH 140 hrs and 2000 hr TBO
  3. Is it possible to trade my '08 CTLS with all options except Tundra, and has MATCO brakes with new tires all around, & new Bruce cover? Doug Gentzkow Redmond, WA
  4. Be the first to get an new CTLS-I

    Is there any interest in a trade of my 2008 CTLS with all options except Tundra tires w/ 130 hrs on 2000 hr TBO? Doug Gentzkow
  5. The 5th Annual 2011 Page, AZ Fly-In

    Roger, N665DG Pilot: Doug Gentzkow CP: Helmut Schwarz I have hotel reservations Cell: 425-503-3326 Thanks Doug
  6. The 5th Annual 2011 Page, AZ Fly-In

    Roger, I forgot to include: Doug Gentzkow N665DG Cell 425-503-3326 Redmond, WA I'll send CP info when I get it. Thanks again.
  7. The 5th Annual 2011 Page, AZ Fly-In

    Hi Roger, I'll be there for the first time. I am not sure who will be flying down with me, but I'll let you know for name tags. Doug Gentzkow 2008 CTLS Redmond, WA [
  8. Could someone please give an estimate for the cost of the retrofit of Matco Brakes on a CTLS? Also, where does one find the FD authorization letter and installation information? Thank you, Doug