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  1. ausctls

    Low Fuel Pressure

    A 12v boost pump similar to what is used on low wing aircraft would solve the problem. Older cars also got around the vaporization issue by putting an electric fuel pump closer to the fuel tank (pushing) rather than just having a mechanical pump on the motor. I've got no idea what paper work different countries would require to do this.
  2. Is it really against the law to taxi your into your own hangar?
  3. Whilst not recommended, I have observed a few pilots just carefully taxi/fly it in..
  4. ausctls

    CTLS landing for beginners

    50kts@30' 60kts@15' 70kts@0' Works for me on finals (maybe add a few kts if its gusty). Probably not a good idea to be checking ASI on the flare/touchdown, just keep holding off & aligned until you touchdown.. Ed makes good points though about landing at minimum speeds. I prefer 30' now if conditions are light & glad to have practiced them before I went landing at short strips.
  5. ausctls

    I've been asked for a race! I need advice!

    -12 on the flaps & it could be interesting.
  6. ausctls

    Doors Unlatched in Emergency?

    Sorry ct9000,You are right. I have deleted the offending post. Apologies to JLang also, if it derailed his good question in any way.
  7. ausctls

    Engine failure today and forced landing.

    I wonder what may of happened if you left the fuel valve open and just activated the choke lever during your restart procedure?
  8. ausctls

    Engine failure today and forced landing.

    Good work landing it safely, did you attempt to restart it before landing?
  9. ausctls

    Engine failure today and forced landing.

  10. ausctls

    Engine failure today and forced landing.

    http://ctflier.com/index.php?/topic/3780-fuel-exhaustion-with-45-gallons-in-one-wing/ This forum is an invaluable resource
  11. For anyone replacing the 6 polyurethane spacers in the front strut, a small ratchet strap works well to compress & hold it all together whilst securing the locking nut at the end.
  12. ausctls

    Spinning the CT

    Do you have that on video?
  13. ausctls

    Landing flaps cross post

    When landing with 30deg flap, if it's windy or gusty, the first thing I do during rollout is lift the flaps back up. This just feels safer to me.