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  1. Remos Gx crash with death

    Sorry Jim, I used farmer speak rather than lawyer. I don't have any information other than what is on that page. What I do know is Jammie is a top notch A&P at CSP and Helen added that page for a good reason or (hunch). They have a Remos GX at the school. PS that one does not have a parachute. I guess it's an option. I flew it once and went back to the Tecnams'. Too squirrly for me.
  2. Remos Gx crash with death

    http://us4.campaign-archive2.com/?u=466da542994d4c0210f505906&id=f8b11e5d94&e=78f5fdb2ba. Here is a probable cause of the incident. Folding wings add complexity to a LSA.
  3. Remos Gx crash with death

  4. 100LL fuel burn

    Just for clarity, E10 means 10% maximum ethanol, E85 means 85% maximum ethanol. 100% gas has about 114K BTU's. E100 has about 76K BTU's. On a recent trip to Brazil they had two grades of gas: E25 and E 100. E25 cost about 1/3 more than E100. All cars there can run on either one. The new agriculture spray planes there run on E100 because of avgas steep prices. Here is a picture of the tail of one.
  5. 4-place CT?

    How about twin 912's like the Technam 2006! http://www.tecnam.net/files/brochures/P2006T.pdf Steve
  6. CTLS down in Ohio - Engine quit

    What impresses me about the design is lack of fires from the incidents.
  7. 100LL question

    Good Stuff Roger. Thanks for the myth busting!
  8. CTLS down in Ohio - Engine quit

    http://theyeshivaworld.com/photos.php?albumid=5491618997218676529 CTLS integrity 1 for 2. In fairness, this guy flew into powerlines and destroyed his airplane. He survived the crash in Israel. Kind of a humpty dumpy look. Steve
  9. Petition for MoGas

    Sorry. I won't comment about it again. As for myself, I believe a "Jack of all Trades Master of None" rather than an expert of anything would suit me fine .
  10. Petition for MoGas

    Thank you Tim. I talked with a Stihl mechanic today and he echoed the same thoughts. Steve
  11. Petition for MoGas

    I' m a little confused about the need for "pure gas" in LSA aircraft. I have read in several posts by Roger Lee that E10 was OK and approved by Rotex. Is that not the case? As a student pilot watching CFI's filling Rotex equipped engines with avgas 100LL because 91 is not available, it seems like your fighting the wrong fuel. $4.70 vs $2.90. Are there too many airports selling E10 91? I don't see hardly any here on the East Coast. Full Disclosure: I am a farmer that growers corn and soybeans and support E10. I looked at the petition and several posts had misinformation about ethanol. I won't get into it here but Please don't believe it takes more energy to grow corn than you get in energy out of it for ethanol. Thanks Steve
  12. Technam Crash in Mason, Mi.

    Yes Sir, very sad. I thought it would be posted by now.
  13. Technam Crash in Mason, Mi.

    Here is the report. http://www.thekathrynreport.com/2010/09/tecnam-p2004-bravo-complete-engine.html