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  1. We're having bad weather here in Oklahoma too. 46 degrees and rain - Looking forward to next year. Rodney & Kathy Wren
  2. To answer your original question - No - a larger tube does not eliminate the need for a carb balance. I still balance my carbs at annual, and usually check it one other time during the year, if needed. I've had my rotax for three years now, and once I got it balanced, I really never have had an significant unbalance issue. Knock on wood I guess. The larger tube is acting like a dynamic absorber between the carbs at low rpm's. It is absorbing pressure pulses between the cylinders at low speed. As noted, above 3000 rpm, the larger crossover tube has no effect. The really nice part of the larger tube is that you can now idle your engine down to about 1350 or 1400 with no shake rattle, n roll. And, if you install the larger crossover tube, don't let anyone tell you it will tear your gearbox apart. I have measured the vibration coming from the gearbox at 1350 rpm and it is .08 inches/second velocity - which is excellent! My engine currently is balanced to .03 in/sec at 5350 rpm, which is where I cruise. As to the reason that Rotax doesn't change the crossover tube - who knows - believe it or not, that just may not be a significant issue for them. The simple fix is to tell all of us to idle at 1800-2000 rpm, and it kinda goes away. Problem solved. No cost to Rotax. I have sat in engineering meetings where a supposed expert convinced our lead engineer to perform a certain procedure . Several of us on the staff tried to convince him not to do this, but our lead engineer had a rather enlarged ego. It ended up costing our company in excess of $300,000.00. No kidding. Look, these engineers are just people like you and me. Some really are smart, but some are incredibly dumb too. They should have stayed at the university and taught. LOL How many automotive recalls have you read about in your life?? Hey - those vehicles were built by engineers. I'm not down on people who decide to become engineers. But, please, they are not infallible. And just because Rotax did not put a larger crossover tube on the engine does not mean that it coulld not benefit from one. Sorry for the long post - I really hope this does address your original question. Regards Rodney
  3. This is just for everyone's general information. I ran across these while looking for floats the other night. Now Available for Rotax® Engines Does your Bing™ carburetor float sink? Meet the new unsinkable float from Marvel Schebler! We march right past the status quo, which is why we are excited to extend our state of the art epoxy floats to the Bing carburetor line for Rotax engines. These solid, one-piece blue epoxy floats will not leak, absorb fuel or break apart like the micro-bubble foam float competitors. Our floats can withstand extreme temperature changes and are truly unsinkable when exposed to the elements! The Marvel Schebler MS80-430 blue floats are direct replacements for the existing Bing floats P/N 861-184. For more information, please view our video at Blue Epoxy Float Innovation. Marvel Schebler is offering our state-of-the-art blue epoxy float direct to you at a price of just $125.00. Click here to order online now. The cost is $125.00 for a PAIR of floats. I have verified this with MS. I have no connection with MS - just wanted to pass this on to fellow Rotax owners. Rodney
  4. Well if Garmin is the only one that can read the information from the transponder, doesn’t that make the FAA in violation of their patent ??
  5. Unfortunately, other events have caused us to have to cancel this years trip. Really hate to miss all the fun. Hopefully, we can attend next year. Regards Rodney
  6. Kathy and I will be there for the River Trip and hopefully some more great flying. We had a fantastic time last year and looking forward to meeting "old" friends.LOL And - maybe some new ones too. I will be re-posting this info on the Kitfox Forum. Rodney & Kathy Wren Hugo, Oklahoma Kitfox N357RW
  7. Rodney

    496 upgrade

    This might be a good time to consider an Ifly 740 with the Skyguard ADSB. Have been flying with the 720 and Skyguard for a little over a year and am really pleased. Think I will upgrade to the 740 soon - perhaps before the Page trip this year. I regularly fly around the Dallas Class B and it will almost scare you to see all the airplanes on the ADSB . LOL Yearly VFR updates are about $70 per year and the system is dead simple to use - very friendly. The 720-740 will bluetooth to the skyguard so mounting the skyguard is simple. There are a couple of extra antennas you need to go with the skyguard - just be aware of that. Regards Rodney
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