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  1. I should have posted the following earlier. I've been up three times since the flight with the ruff running engine. Twice the temps were 10-15 F, once with the temp in the upper twenty's. The engine ran smooth on all three flights. So, I assume it was carb ice.
  2. Stacy

    Convict Canyon - CT heaven - or hell

    Yosemite is on of my favorite places. I use to say it was my favorite, but this fall we did a couple weeks in southern Utah. Both are spectacular. I would love to have my plane for a couple of weeks in southern Utah.
  3. Stacy

    30° flaperon landings - can be fun - or not

    Today I used 30 for the first time, with a passenger on board. I’ve landed many times with flaps at 30, by myself. Part of the reason I wanted to try it, was I thought with the xtra drag, I would be able to keep a little power in it and have more rudder authority. I made 3 landings, and was please with all 3. The one thing I have not like about the CTSW, is the way it hangs in ground effect. Every plane I’ve owned or flew in the past, I’ve been able to kiss them on at speeds much higher than the stall speed. With the CTSW, I have a hard time getting the plane to stay on the ground with excess speed.
  4. On the ground, the air temp was 16 F today. I have a couple of strips of tape; after 15 minutes of warm up, the engine temp was 134. I flew 25 miles to another airport, temp stayed 140 plus. As soon as I cut power, the engine started running rough. i pulled the carb heat on, and it imedietly ran smooth. I picked up a passenger and took off again. We idled back a couple of times and it ran rough until I pulled the carb heat. There was no water in the fuel. There was haze in the air. So,,,, was there enough moisture in the air to make it run rough, or do you think it was something else? In the year and a few months that I have owned the plane, today was the only time it’s ran rough and it’s the only time I’ve used carb heat.
  5. Thanks guys and thank you Roger for further instructions over the phone on Saturday. it was the sending unit. They sent the wrong one to me, but Roger told me how to make it work.
  6. Stacy

    How many hours on your CT?

    Brookfield MO 64628 I adjoin the airport for 1/2 mile on the east side of the airport.
  7. Thanks guys, I'll check it out
  8. After flying for 45 minutes, I added full power to climb higher. The high oil pressure warning light came on. I reduced RPM's and the light went off. The pressure on the Dynon peaked at around 100 lbs. I flew for maybe two hours, at 5200 RPM's, and the pressure was fine. But, before reaching home, I had to continue to reduce power to keep the oil pressure down. The last thirty minutes of the flight, I had to keep the RPM's down to 4,600. I didn't check the log, but I think I have less than 25 hours on the oil and filter change. During that time, I had one flight that required me to put in 10 gallons of 100LL. On the flight where the problem started, I had added 21 gallons of 100 LL. I'm going to change the oil and filter when I get time, as well as cut the filter open. During my previous oil and filter change, I had flown 43 hours, without out the need to add oil, and filter looked good. I had probably used about 30 gallons of 100 LL, but like the week ends flight, it was mixed with 91 octane. What are your thoughts on what is going on?
  9. It was 4 degrees, when I started the plane today. It took a while for it to get to 124. On climb out the temp started dropping fast. I put flaps at 30 and reduced power. Temp started rising slowing but would not reach 124 until I went flaps 40. In level flight, I had to keep it at 45 knots to keep it warm. After an hour and a half of local flying we landed with the temp going down to 105 on final. The Cherokee that I use to have, had plates that attached on the front of the engine to keep it warm in the winter. Is there something that I need to install, to keep the engine at operating temp. Thanks in advance !
  10. I put a gen3 spot in my mothers car. I leave it turned on all the time. When I pull it up on my iPad, it shows very many of her daily trips. So many that I have a very hard time finding the newest trip. I would like to erase trips so the clutter of previous trips is not displayed.
  11. Stacy

    New GoPro products...

    My wife is picking up a Phantom 3 for me while I hunt this afternoon. Is there a mount that would let me use the drone's GoPro?p
  12. Stacy

    Airport Photos

    Yosemite is one of my favorite places. Great pics!
  13. Stacy

    CT photos

    Great pics CT
  14. Guys, thanks for your help. My plane is a 2006 CTSW. I had already blown on both fuel camps, and they seemed fine. The plane was flown ball centered, except while we were looking for my mother's car. While looking for the car, I flew right wing low, so two of us could see out the right side. But, I had commented to my wife, on the trip from Dallas, that the ball didn't seem right to me. In the past, I've always paid close attention to fuel levels in flight. The site tubes on this plane are fairly dark, dark enough that I have not been able to read them. I mentioned this fact to a guy; he said I didn't need to worry about it, since the tanks always drained the same. He also said that the plane would fly with an empty tank. When I heard the second statement, I wondered how it could continue to run if it was sucking air. Well, dumb on my part, because I should have got the book out. I had also wondered if a small flashlight would help when trying to read the tubes. I tried it today with a flashlight and I could read them easily.