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  1. If you get that done, post a pic please. You might post a pic of your mount now, also. TIA BTW, I just got back into my office after selling my 32' pontoon semi-house boat. I should qualify for a camera purchase now.
  2. I've had carb ice on 2 occasions; on cold days with lots of haze, and reduced throttle. The carb ice pull stops it immediately. When the plane was fairly new to me, I ran one tank out and unported the other one. The engine ran fine as soon as I leveled the wings. I've played with the vent tubes, but I've never got them to draw the same. My left tank always uses more if I don't fly left wing low.
  3. That is tempting. I might have to do it. After I ordered the supercharger for the Mustang, my wife frowned on my purchase. But, it is the first time in 31 years that she questioned something I bought.
  4. I've been thinking about a gopro for quite awhile. Your video's are really good. If I hadn't already made an insane purchase a month ago, I would have to buy the gopro.
  5. Most of these pics were took between Carrollton Mo and Brunswick Mo. Near where I use to farm. The pic with the airport in it is near Brookfield Mo North Mo Regional Airport. The lake by airport is mine and the siphon on my lake is flowing around 10,000 gallons a minute.
  6. I think I took these pics about 3 weeks ago. From St Joe to Omaha it pretty well all flooded. There is some flooding between St Joe and KCMO. There is also flooding from Lexington Mo To near Glasgow Mo on the Missouri River. Even where levees have held, deep water and internal drainage has flooded a lot of acres. The bottom 1/2 mile south of my business, is at least 50% covered with seep water. Over 50% of the farmers around here have not planted anything. Of what is planted, most will need replanted.
  7. On 5-13 I flew from just north of St Louis to Keokuk IA along the Mississippi. From a few miles south of Hannibal to St Louis, I only saw one levee on the Mo side that held. The Il side all survived. A few miles north of Quincy, I just saw one failed lever on the IA side. Flooding was not near as bad as I had expected. It’s not anywhere close to the an res flooded on the MO River, north of St Joe MO.
  8. Thanks guys. I think I'll order the 8's
  9. When I bought my 2006 CTSW 2.5 years ago, it had 8 ply Aero Classic 4.00 x 6 tires on it. The tires were good but had several hours of use on them. I replaced one last fall. I had flown with them (the old 8 plys) for almost 200 hours and I shoot A LOT of landings. I replaced that tire with a 6 ply Aero Classic. I replaced that tire after only 5 months and probably 30 hours of flying ( I don't fly much in the winter). I knew it was wearing fast, and after shooting 12 landings one day the cords were showing. I had another new 6 ply tire that I installed on it. The 6 ply tires look and feel like very cheap tires compared to the 8 ply tires. After reading on here, I see that Roger is suggesting the 6 ply tires, and balancing them before installation. No doubt, my 6 ply tires were out of balance, but they had a lot of tread wear around the whole circumference of the tire. I shoot a lot of landings. I value your opinion Roger, but I would like to know for sure why you suggest 6 ply's instead of 8. BTW Roger, thanks for the advice you gave to my mechanic and myself a couple weeks ago. After talking to you we found the bad ground very fast.
  10. I should have posted the following earlier. I've been up three times since the flight with the ruff running engine. Twice the temps were 10-15 F, once with the temp in the upper twenty's. The engine ran smooth on all three flights. So, I assume it was carb ice.
  11. Yosemite is on of my favorite places. I use to say it was my favorite, but this fall we did a couple weeks in southern Utah. Both are spectacular. I would love to have my plane for a couple of weeks in southern Utah.
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